Baseball | May 10, 2019

14U & 16U Baseball Teams are Forming, Info Below

                                       St. Edward’s Baseball Team, Coached by David Wood.


Keith Doerfler is putting together 14U and 16U Summer League Teams.

I (Doerfler) went through the “select baseball” system with my son and soon became frustrated. After paying the select team high fees, the apparel and equipment that is required by their sponsors, it would start with good training/coaching but then it start to deteriorate.

   Coach David Wood

I was then asking myself, “how can I get some quality coaching around here?” The cost of professional coaching is something that is outrageous!

Mike Thomas, a well known baseball coach in the New Braunfels area for many years got tired of my complaining and introduced me to Coach Dave Wood, Assistant Coach at St. Edward’s University in Austin. Coach Wood and I put together a Team Workout/Practice in the fall of 2017 to keep players in shape and continue to train in the off season. It was the best bargain in local baseball! The players got quality, one-on-one coaching, team coaching and the parents liked the price. We had a good turnout and everyone loved it!

It was at this time that Canyon Lake High School got a new head baseball coach, Victor Escamilla. This was a program to put in place to continue the rebuilding of Canyon Lake’s High School baseball program.

In talking to Coach Escamilla, he emphasized that he wanted the high school players to be more involved in baseball during the off season.

Coach Escamilla said, “I would like to see the guys playing in summer.” It is my opinion that to improve the baseball program at Canyon Lake, there needs to me more opportunity for boys at the middle school level.

There is a lot to learn on many levels to be competitive in baseball and it has to start sooner. Driving home the fundamentals in middle school will get your son ready for Coach Escamilla at the high school level and then a District Championship! Yes, District Champions is my goal.

Under Coach Escamilla, Canyon Lake High School has been in the playoffs for the first time since the 2009 season. The team win-to-loss percentage has gone up in the past two years. Let’s all help build Canyon Lake High School baseball program with Coach Escamilla.

Canyon City Grill says sign-up Hawks!!

Mike Thomas is the coach of the 18U “Hawks” summer league team that was recently put together and supported by Coach Escamilla. This is a team of CLHS varsity players put together to keep the team playing together over the summer.

Let me tell you about Coach Wood. Dave Wood begins his seventh season as assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the St. Edward’s University baseball team in Austin. He leads the Hilltoppers’ recruiting efforts after previously overseeing the pitching staff. In 2014, under Wood’s guidance, the pitching staff produced a 2.57 ERA, which broke the school record set in 2013 and advanced the Hilltoppers to sixth in the nation. In the four years Wood led the Hilltopper staff, they have produced four of the lowest five ERAs in school history.

Coach Wood spent three years in the Kansas City Royals minor league organization where he won Player of the Year, split time between the Wilmington Royals and the Burlington (N.C.) Royals and team captain. He played for the Class A Burlington (Iowa) Royals, whom he helped lead to the championship series of the Midwest League.

Bunk-Haus says Go Hawks Baseball!

Coach Wood began his collegiate career at Stony Brook University, where he was named to the Freshman All-America East Team. After transferring to Temple (Texas) College, he was named second-team all-region as both a pitcher and first baseman. His final two seasons, Wood played at Texas State University, where he was second-team all-conference on the 2007 Southland Conference Champion Bobcats.

St. Edwards Baseball team, with help of Coach Wood, clinched a spot in the 2019 Heartland Conference Championship.

**The ReSporter Note: Keith Doerfler will be at the MVMS games and will have material for sign-ups. Or you can all: 210-744-5375 for more information.

Go Hawks!!