Chance Martelli Signed his Letter of Intent for Track at West Texas A&M

                                         Chance Martelli surrounded by family, friends & Coaches.


Chance Martelli will be running to West Texas A&M when school starts after Summer after signing his letter of intent to run like a Buffalo.

Cory Martelli (Dad) said when asked bout his thoughts for Chance, “He has drive and will work hard to be on a team…he is a product of family—school—and friends and it truly takes a community to raise a kid.”

                   Go Chance!!

Mom (Robin) was in unison, “He has the sweetest heart and his is so strong on his conviction, decisions, and spirit that he will do really well and will work hard…he will make us proud.”

Head Track Coach Troy Moses commented, “I think Chance is really going to excel at West Texas. With his work ethic and desire to improve, I can see Chance becoming a key contributor to their track team.”

Chance Martelli was a dual athlete for CL as he used his speed for the Football team and was able to be a part of two district championships with both sports last year.

Being fast played a roll in being part of the longest play in Hawk history when he hauled in a 93 yard pass from Peyton McMullen in the Wimberley win last year.

“This was weird being on the other side and having that feeling signing for another school,” Martelli said when asked the difference between being in the crowd vs. being the one actually signing. “It was a nervous excitement….They have a good business school and it is not a big school and not too small.”

Apparently, this School was ‘Just Right’, as a fairy tale would entail.

Chance Martelli signing to be a Buffalo.

On what he hopes to study in College, “Supply Management but it might change.”

That seemed to be a business model that had a lot of thought go into it, “Yeah my Dad is around that and my Uncle was on that side of business and he showed me around when I visited him.”

Martelli seems to be taking life like he took his Track Career with his solid start and knowing exactly where that finish line is. The hope now is having the stamina to finish his race with style.

“When I was visiting the school and the Track Coach they invited me to their track meet the next day,” Martelli recounted. “Then he (the Track Coach) told me that they would give me a spot on the team right now!!”

That was quick, but you would expect that for a track scholarship….everything would need to be fast unless you are a distance runner.

On what events Martelli will be concentrating on? “I would really like to continue the 400 & 200 but I might be working on the 800 run.”

North Shore UMC says way to Go Chance!!

That would be different for an athlete that never competed in that event before. “I want to compete and do it for fun!”

Martelli continued in recalling his past few years, “I was raised in Canyon Lake and the people were amazing and their support was amazing!….to the younger guys, keep working for yourself and get in the pool.”

When asked bout his funny moment, “My Dad and I were in New Mexico and in the country when we encountered a mountain lion and at first I thought, this is cool…and then it took a minute before it kicked in that I might need to seek shelter.”

Chance said, “I was scared a little bit, but I had been working on my starts!”

That might be the reason Chance had one of his better track seasons, since that would be a great way to improve on your speed.

Congrats young man and know that the Canyon Lake Community will be hoping the best, on your next stop, as you ready yourself for the race of your life!!

Go Fast Chance & Go Buffaloes!!