Football, Stats | September 30, 2019

Football Mid-Season Defensive Top 5

Canyon Lake High School Quarterback / Linebacker Brandon Robinson (#4) lunges over a defender for the Blanco running back.  rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

CL Hawks Top 5 Defensive Leaders

Canyon Lake is at their midseason stop and have compiled a 4-1 record going into District 28-4A next week.

            Go Hawk’s Defense!!

Thus far, The Lake’s defense, is giving up 2 yards per rushing attempt and 259 total yardage per game. Those numbers will go a long way in setting up a team for a win.

CL was leaking like a sieve up through that first drive in the 2nd half to Smithville but since that time this Hawk defense has clamped down in allowing 310 yards or 51 yards per quarter.

Forcing turnovers has been helping in these last two contests as well as pressure on the opposing quarterback.

All of those ingredients will make for a sweet smell when a game comes to completion and that same type of effort will be needed to give Canyon Lake a chance for qualifying for the playoffs for their 7th year in a row.

The Hawk’s Defense has had more ups than downs this season with two shut-outs up to this point and The ReSporter has the top defenders going into the opening game for district on the road in Taylor.

Go Hawks!!


      Tackles               Tackles for Loss       Sacks
      Stephen Sharp    32   Kolten Ramey     7     Kolten Ramey     3
      Daniel Neel      31   Patrick Almond   6     Patrick Almond   2
      Kyle Wharton     27   Hudson Duke      5     Jeremy Greene    1
      Kolten Ramey     23   Kyle Yuill       3     Ethan Maxson     1
      Shawn Pendleton  21   Daniel Neel      3     Hudson Duke      1

      Fumble Caused         Fumble Recovered       Pass Breakup
      Kolten Ramey      2   Alex Hardin      4     Stephen Sharp    2
      Daniel Neel       2   Jeremy Greene    2     Brandon Robinson 2
      Ethan Maxson      1   Daniel Neel      1     Tyler Pauly      2
      Cody Kline        1   Bryce Vincent    1     Cody Kline       2
      Kyle Wharton      1                          Jeremy Greene    1
      Alex Hardin       1                          Kolten Ramey     1
      Ian Royer         1

      Interceptions         Blocked Kicks          Defensive Touchdown
      Stephen Sharp     1   Patrick Almond   1     Cody Kline       1
      Jeremy Greene     1