Volleyball | September 15, 2019

Volleyball’s Sub-Varsity is All About Communication



Freshman Maddie Pipkin and Madison Hartman are starting to settle in as District 28-4A comes calling.

Lily Sanders and Macie Goodson prepare for District as pre-district games start to come to a close.

       Go Hawks!!









Canyon Lake’s Sub-Varsity Volleyball Team’s continue to improve as this season starts to mature after seeing both squads with wins after the Hawks swept Manor last Friday.

               Way to Go Hawks

Both Coaches responded after their teams completed last week’s games.

I am really proud of how the girls have stepped up on their roles on the team and are playing with confidence,” Head Junior Varsity Coach Megan Helmey stated. “We are really growing together and are excited to challenge ourselves to get to the next level of play!”

Freshman Coach Tosha Ridgeway responded after a two set sweep of Manor, “I’m glad the game did not go to three, but sometimes we beat ourselves more than teams have beaten us. This (Freshman) team has improved 180 degrees from where we started this year, but we are still not where we want to be.”

Especially for most Freshman teams, this group of ladies have to be able to communicate receive and return well. If that can be accomplished, then in most circumstances that team will win. Points are not scored off of kills as much giving a greater emphasis on keeping a rally going and having good players on the serving line.

“I am just hoping I can get them (serves) over,”Maddie Pipkin said when responding on how well the Hawks did on her service points. “I try to keep everyone up and in their right position, so no one gets their heads down.”

Pipkin was commenting on how important it is to keep the whole team positive. There will be mistakes at this level but Pipkin was proficient with her serves that in each set the Hawks rushed out to a large lead by serving aces and the team keeping the volley active.”

“I want to give everyone some good points and I know we can learn from our mistakes,” Madison Hartman stated on her roll on this team. “At the beginning of the year we were terrible with our communication and now we are communicating really well and we are getting our act together.”

                    Go Hawks!!

“When the Manor team was coming back, I knew we could do it (win),” Pipkin said. “But I was scared a little.”

That second set did become a nail biter for the Freshman Team as the Freshman Hawks rushed out to a 14-5 lead only to see that separation whittled down to a one point, 23-22 advantage before Katlyn Davis was able to serve the Hawks to a win.

For the Junior Varsity, communication is a major issue too, and for that matter….even the Varsity will fall into old habits in those communication woes and need to be reminded of that being an important aspect of any Volleyball team and their success.

“I try to keep Coach updated on each of our players,” Lily Sanders said. “We are always listening and wanting to encourage each other so we can reach our goals. During practice we work hard and take constructive criticism.”

“We try to keep talking while keeping our energy up and good things will happen,” Macie Goodson was quick to jump in. “We are not going to be doing well on every play but everybody just keeps motivating each other and that goes the same even in our practices.”

Canyon Lake’s Sub-Varsity will be in action this Tuesday in the Hawk Nest as both teams will be in action on the Main Gym when the Freshman will get the games going at 5pm and then the Junior Varsity will follow.

Good things are happening and now improving throughout the season will be paramount in staging some momentum going into District 28-4A play.


                 Freshman Roster             Junior Varsity Roster
              #1 Katelyn Davis            #1 Jodi Glenn-Millhouse
              #2 Kenzie Malish            #2 Lily Sanders
              #3 Maddie Pipkin            #3 Ava Callaway
              #4 Gracie Villarreal        #4 Kaitlyn Johannessen
              #5 Madison Hartman          #5 McKenzi Ahlman
              #6 Shelby Rasor             #7 Riley Glenn Millhouse
              #7 Katelynn Fields          #8 Cassie Wheat-Gourgeois
              #8 Elena Guajardo           #9 Madison De Leon
              #9 Kyndall Murphy          #10 Madison Johnson
             #10 Clarissa Forehand       #11 Macie Goodson
             #11 Sophia Cortez           #12 Emily Pena
             #12 Mia Galvan              #13 Madelynn Row
             #14 Makenzy Parada

Way to Go Hawks!!