Game Article, Volleyball | September 19, 2019

Volleyball’s Sub-Varsity Keep’s Improving after Games with Johnson

Hawk Freshman learn from Coach Tosha Ridgeway after Johnson game.

Hawk’s Junior Varsity wait for Word’s of Wisdom from Coach Helmey.









Canyon Lake’s Sub-Varsity Volleyball continue to improve as season moves into district mode next week.

Freshman Katelynn Fields continues to be part of a group of improving players

The Freshman and Junior Varsity contests are not always based on being the better team on any given night and by playing a 6A team, will usually give that school an advantage having more players to choose from in the greater scheme of competition.

On this night, Canyon Lake lost both of their matches against Johnson Jags but seeing some great play was certainly a big part of this night’s outcome.

For the Freshman, the Hawks went into that first set with a 3 point lead only to lose on that last serve that gave the Jags a lead and eventual win, 25-23.

“We have been staying positive and supporting each other,” Katelynn Fields said. “We have been talking more an listening to each other and that has been spot on.”

The Hawk’s Freshman saw improvement in their receive game but having a legit opportunity to get a first set win was seeing those good signs.

For the Junior Varsity, their first set took on a different tone. Johnson started by rushing to a 9-1 lead over the Hawks that would look like a quick loss.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

That would change through the course of this battle as the Canyon Lake’s JV would outscore Johnson, 19-16 and showed that giving in would not be an option for this group of ladies.

“We fought so hard,” Head JV Coach Megan Helmey stated. “Our communication was good, but we just could not recover well after those two starts.”

Canyon Lake has certainly improved from starting this season and now being prepared for District 28-4A play will need to see that consistency from start to finish that will help get some wins.

Madison De Leon and Ava Calloway don’t give up in a great comeback.

“We started to get loud and started covering to court,” Madison De Leon said with resolve. “We wanted to fight for every point and we wanted to get some aces….our back row defense showed that we are growing.”

That was obvious in this contest as having an 8 point deficit to start a game can play into the head of most teams…which was not the case on this night with that comeback.

“We realized if we are louder it helps us play better and helps build each other up,” Libero Ava Callaway stated. “Our front row was keeping us in the game with some good blocks.”

Now the Hawks will have one more non-district bout with Marion at the Hawk Nest next Wednesday before the start of district play in Boerne on Friday.

Way to Go Hawks!!