Football, Game Article | October 10, 2019

Hawks Freshman Have New Scoring Record in Rout over Taylor, 70-6

                                                      Hawks Freshman start District 28-4A with win over Taylor, 70-6.

The CL Hawks Freshman team continued their madness win streak after a total annihilation of the Ducks, 70-6.

      Let’s Go Hawks & Stay Cool!!

Since losing their 2nd game to the Weiss Wolves, 21-23, this group of Freshman are making mince meat of the remainder of those next schools that have gotten in their way. To put it bluntly, this group of players are mad for losing that contest.  

This Taylor game had Canyon Lake being able to take 21 offensive snaps and scoring on 9 of those plays. *not counting their victory formation.

Running back, Cole Cason had the first two carries covering 62 yards and scoring on a 49 yard jaunt to the end zone, scoring from 49 yards.

CL’s next drive was a carbon copy two play drive that had a pass play by Hunter Anderson finding Hayden Baker for this score. 

Not to be outdone, Ty Sellers decided to score on a one-play 55 yarder to pay-dirt. 

In fact, the Dirt would be paying a lot before this game would be over…as this blood letting would continue well into the final quarter as the second half would last a total of 18 minutes with a running clock.

This Freshman Hawk team would still be able to score 3 times in the 2nd Half with two of those scores coming on one snap a piece before settling down with a 6 play drive covering the last 41 yards with a steady dose of Shayne Moss (2 snaps) and Ethan Schedlbauer (6 snaps) that would have #33 taking runs up the middle for those final 32 yards in scoring the Hawk’s 9th time for this game.

The Taylor Ducks would have 10 of their 12 yards rushing on their final play, of this Hawk dominated game.


                 Total  Yardage  For This Year
        662 opponents    vs.     2309    Hawks Freshman

Those 70 points becoming an all-time record for a mad team that wants nothing more than district win with a continuation of those wins by a stalwart defensive effort wtht defensive lineman Brett Harwell.

Brett Harwell and Ethan Schedlbauer take a breather after running all over the Ducks!

“I am really just putting in the work with this being our first district game and others to come,” Harwell said succinctly. “We are wanting to keep a level head and keep our streak going in district play.” 

That is certainly the case as all this points being scored by the offense comes a lot easier when the defense keeps the opposing offense in check. 

“I’m just thinking play to play,” Schedlbauer said in response to his scoring run that had opposing players holding on for their life. “We knew this will be a slugfest especially as these district games continue.”

This Hawk team has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and defensively will come in handy and make this Freshman crew even better by keeping opponents in check.

Good Game and Go Hawks!!


                     1  2  3  4   Final
Taylor Freshman      6  0  0  0   06
CL Hawks Freshman   32 16 16  6   70

Scoring Summary:
CL-Cole Cason 49 yard run (Cason pass from Hunter Anderson), 7:11, 1st
CL-Hayden Baker 12 yard pass from Hunter Anderson (Shayne Moss run), 3:44, 1st
CL-Ty Sellers 55 yard run (Shayne Moss run), 2:28, 1st
TD-Conner Cobb 85 yard pass from Trevor Wuensche (run failed), 1:18, 1st
CL-Chase Anderson 28 yard pass from Hunter Anderson (Helijah Johnson run), 0:23, 1st
CL-Hunter Anderson 52 yard run (Sellers pass from Hunter Anderson), 7:30, 2nd
CL-River Hand 29 yard run (Tyler Balderas pass from Chase Anderson), 1:01, 2nd
CL-Shayne Moss 40 yard run (Sellers run), 7:50, 3rd
CL-Tyler Balderas 86 yard run (Ethan Schedlbauer run), 2:22, 3rd
CL-Ethan Schedlbauer 6 yard run (run failed), 2:22, 4th

Team Stats            Ducks       Hawks
Total Yards           104         485
First Downs           2           17
Rush/Yards            18/12.      19/445
Comp/Att/Int          2/9/1       2/2/0
Passing Yards         92          40
Punts/Average         6/33.5      0/0
Fumbles/Lost          0/0         0/0
Penalties-Yards       4-40        2-10

Passing Comp          Att   Comp   Yards     Pct    Int  TD
Hunter Anderson       2     2      40      1.000    0    2

Rushing               Att   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
Tyler Balderas        1     86    86.0   86   1
Cole Cason            3     80    26.7   49   1
Shayne Moss           4     74    18.5   40   1
Ty Sellers            1     55    55.0   55   1
Hunter Anderson       1     52    52.0   52   1
Ethan Schedlbauer     6     51     8.5   11   1
River Hand            1     29    29.0   29   1
Helijah Johnson       2     18     9.0    9   0
Totals               19    445    23.4   86   7

Receiving            No    Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
Chase Anderson        1    28   28.0   28   1
Hayden Baker          1    12   12.0   12   1
Totals                2    40   20.0   28   2