Boys Basketball, Stats | November 28, 2019

Boys Basketball: All-Time Top Ten Best Leaders

Tyler Williams finished his Hawk Career #3 in Rebounds and #1 Blocks!

The ReSporter loves numbers and now those numbers will tell a story of the best Basketball players in the short history for the Canyon Lake Hawks Basketball teams.

The ReSporter will have the top players as well as the Hawk Players that can enter the top 10 this season in those selective categories that they start this season with after the first 4 games.

An (*) by a number will tell you that player had just one year of stats. Indicating on how much higher this player might have placed. This will be by Tanner Jones and Christian Pena who did not have their Junior Year recorded as that was the first season competing with Varsity teams.

Take a gander and see how many of these players you might remember you could see out in the work place.

Canyon Lake would like to encourage the Hawk Nation to come out to the school and watch these athletes and help fill a void during these winter nights.

And as always: GO HAWKS!!


                             CL HAWKS ALL-TIME TOP 10

Total Points                 3 Point Goals              Made Free Throws
Parker Mott        929       Parker Mott        160     Parker Mott        205
Rory Preiss        760       Andrew Riali       122     Rory Preiss        154
Andrew Riali       594       Chris Green         77     Andrew Riali       121
Matt Magness       555       Jacob Ramirez       76     Matt Magness       120
Brandon Ward       498       Garrett Winters     71     Tyler Williams     104
Rico Griffin       423       Sam Schimank        61     Christian Pena    *102
Sam Schimank       409       Matt Magness        52     Brandon Berger      90
Stuart Lowry       407       Brandon Ward        49     Gerrit Wilkins      82
Caleb Kreiger     *406       Will Gray           37     Doug Hubnik         80
Jacob Ramirez      363       Rory Preiss         35     Brandon Ward        74

Trent MacRoberts   202       Rico Griffin        22     Rico Griffin        71
                             Ben Rowe            15
                             Trent MacRoberts    12

Total Rebounds               Steals                     Assists
Rory Preiss        499       Parker Mott        169     Doug Hubnik        187
Sean Nolan         368       Rory Preiss        123     Matt Magness       136
Tyler Williams     357       Rico Griffin        83     Parker Mott        123
Rico Griffin       356       Neal Whitehead      78     Rory Preiss        113
Heath McDonough    338       Tanner Jones       *76     Gerritt Wilkins    113
Andrew Riali       296       Skyler Tschoepe     69     Zack Taliaferro   *103
Caimen McDonough   247       Matt Magness        69     Rico Griffin        94
Jarred Rollins     237       Doug Hubnik         62     Tanner Jones        90
Caleb Kreiger     *218       Sam Schimank        59     Brandon Ward        87
Neal Whitehead    *203       Brandon Ward        58     Brandon Berger      78
Trent MacRoberts   203       Javier Mendez       58

                             Trent MacRoberts    47     Trent MacRoberts    42
                                                        Ben Rowe            30

                             Tyler Williams      96
                             Sean Nolan          85
                             Caleb Kreiger      *59
                             Neal Whitehead     *47
                             Rory Preiss         35
                             Trent MacRoberts    34
                             Skyler Tschoepe     29
                             Eric Nelson        *29
                             Heath McDonough     25
                             Jarred Rollins      23

                             Rico Griffin        13