Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball, Stats | December 20, 2019

CL Hawks Mid-Season Report for Ladies Basketball & Top 4 and All-Time Stats

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: Where is this team, based on where you started, to last Tuesday’s game?

Coach Burleson: “We are still trying a couple of different things defensively. So we have a lot of games over the break to try and get to where we need to be.”

The ReSporter: How do you assess this year’s district teams and who would be the teams with the highest hurdles to clear?

Coach Burleson: “It’s going to be a real tough district. Boerne and Fredericksburg are loaded. Llano returns everyone, Wimberley returns almost the whole team and Bandera is going to be a tough matchup athletically.”

The ReSporter: What is your process in regards to practice when you only have 9 players on Varsity?

Coach Burleson: “It is not easy, we have to try a get creative to foster some game like situations. We have to use our JV a lot (which helps them). Our girls are all involved in other sports and activities-so we haven’t had a lot of time as far as a full group goes.”

The ReSporter: You have hit 11 wins already…what would be a successful season win wise for this group?

Coach Burleson: “For us, we just need to focus on getting better. We just need to try to find a way to get into the playoff picture by late January and win a couple road games late. It will be difficult, but anything worth doing is.

The ReSporter: You have mentioned on how many games these Seniors have won which has put the team over the .500 win percentage. Put those stats in perspective for the Hawk Nation.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

Coach Burleson: “They’ve been a part of a lot of wins for sure. They are a great group to be around. Feel like I am lucky to have been able to be a part of their team. Love coaching them. I am proud of what they have accomplished but mostly how they interact with each other. That is what is most important.”

The ReSporter: What are you wanting to accomplish (not record) after the Christmas break in playing back-to-back tournaments?

Coach Burleson: “Game situations. In basketball, those breaks(Thanksgiving and Christmas) can take awhile to get over. Hopefully, with more games sandwiched in there, it will speed us up as far as getting back and going forward.”

The ReSporter:   Thanks Coach and good luck as you draw nearer to district play…


      MID SEASON TOP 4 Lady Hawks Basketball Stats & ALL-TIME HAWKS TOP 10

Points                    3 Point Makes              Free Throws
Chelsea Tscoepe    122    Chelsea Tschoepe     22    Lainee Moses         15
Marley Carrizales   98    Sophia Barber        18    Marley Carrizales    14
Sophia Barber       92    Marley Carrizales     8    Kaitlyn Cox           9
Lainee Moses        52    Kaitlyn Cox           4    Chelsea Tschoepe      8

Offensive Rebounds        Defensive Rebounds         Total Rebounds
Jessie Melendez     29    Chelsea Tschoepe     48    Chelsea Tschoepe     66
Marley Carrizales   21    Kaitlyn Cox          36    Jessie Melendez      60
Chelsea Tschoepe    18    Jessie Melendez      31    Kaitlyn Cox          51
Kaitlyn Cox         15    Sophia Barber        29    Marley Carrizales    49

Assists                   Steals                     Blocks
Lainee Moses        35    Lainee Moses         40    Chelsea Tschoepe      7
Marley Carrizlaes   31    Marley Carrizlaes    36    Kaitlyn Cox           4
Chelsea Tschoepe    23    Sophia Barber        22    Marley Carrizales     3
Sophia Barber       11    Chelsea Tschoepe     20    Jessie Melendez       3



Points                    Field Goals                Blocks
Reagan Heun       1348    Reagan Heun         388    Caroline Kullberg   141
Alexa Ramos        767    Katie Williams      315    Amber Ramsey        129
Katie Williams     755    Alexa Ramos         283    Katie Williams       73
Chelsea Tschoepe   755    Chelsea Tschoepe    261    Sarah Schneider      71
Tiffany Tschoepe   515    Jessie Melendez     194    Jessie Melendez      65
Ashley Pfaff       493    Amber Ramsey        190    Tiffany Tschoepe     48
Jessie Melendez    474    Tiffany Tschoepe    188    Alexis Fullen        40
Amber Ramsey       443    Lainee Moses        155    Reagan Heun          39
Lainee Moses       432    Ashley Pfaff        151    Ashley Pfaff         29
Megan Browning     428    Caroline Kullberg   150    Emma Gray            28

Assists                   Rebounds                   Free Throws
Lainee Moses       174    Jessie Melendez     696    Reagan Heun         404
Alexa Ramos        152    Tiffany Tschoepe    579    Alexa Ramos         185
Reagan Heun        145    Katie Williams      559    Ashley Pfaff        152
Marley Carrizales  145    Amber Ramsey        558    Tiffany Tschoepe    139
Tiffany Arredondo  125    Reagan Heun         544    Chelsea Tschoepe    139
Chelsea Tschoepe   120    Chelsea Tscheope    515    Megan Browning      133
Ashley Pfaff        89    Caroline Kullberg   381    Katie Williams      119
Megan Browning      83    Kyndall Drum        377    Tiffany Arredondo    96
Jessie Melendez     75    Mia Riali           305    Mia Riali            89
Amber West          74    Alexa Ramos         263    Kyndall Drum         82

3-Point Makes                                        Steals
Reagan Heun        133                               Alexa Ramos         301
Chelsea Tschoepe   113                               Chelsea Tschoepe    216
Sarah Russell       62                               Lainee Moses        214
Sophia Barber       56                               Marley Carrizales   208
Olivia Flores       42                               Amber Ramsey        201
Ashley Pfaff        39                               Reagan Heun         171
Marley Carrizales   30                               Mia Riali           148
Char Hutson         30                               Katie Williams      139
Megan Browning      23                               Amber West          127
Alexa Ramos         23                               Ashley Pfaff         96