Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | January 10, 2020

Boys Soccer: Coaches Corner with Ryan Tierney

                          Joshua Sczech looks to help with an assist in Soccer this season.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)


The ReSporter: Canyon Lake’s first Final Four Team has started their season, what can the Hawk Nation expect when they venture out to see this year’s edition?

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Tierney: “I think fans will see a new side to the squad that is very different from past seasons. We have several juniors that have stepped into starting roles as first time varsity players. Those individuals will grow into themselves and thus the team will grow with more confidence as well. We are still a skilled team and we have a lot of guys who are fighting for playing time.”

The ReSporter: You still have some talented returners and CL has started developing a Junior Varsity, how will these players be used?

Coach Tierney: “The returners on this team will even be stepping into roles they have not had to fulfill because of the class that was in front of them. Josh Sczech is used to playing on big stages and he will be a major part of our team going forward. Nash Young will move to striker and will have to step up and be a leader on this squad. Guys like Josh Nelson and our Goalkeeper Shawn Bell will need to step into major roles and they will be relied heavily upon on and off the field.”

The ReSporter: Tell us bout this year’s schedule and what you were thinking?

Coach Tierney: “This years schedule is very active and full of quality opponents. I wanted a schedule that was tougher than those in the past. I think its a tough schedule making rest and recovery a vital part of staying fresh and preventing injury.”

The ReSporter: Last year, that team, was good from the start but seemed to up their game or peak during their last district game with Fredericksburg. Is that something that was planned or does that take some special variables to have that come about?

Coach Tierney: “I think as a coach you always want to be hitting on all cylinders all the time, but it never works out that way. As a coach, you try to have your team playing their best soccer and peaking around district.”

The ReSporter: What did you learn in last year’s run that you would like to implement as this season starts to mature?

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Tierney: “I went back and watched film on last years team, looking at some of the players we had coming back. From the beginning of the season to the end, we became a completely different team. From the style of play, to the ability levels, to the various positions in which athletes played we became a very different team from start to finish. So, I think I have learned that each team has its own ability to progress and get better as the season progresses. We just have to come to work every day and make sure we are doing what we need to do to get better very day.”

The ReSporter: Based on the games played, the Gonzales Tournament had a loss to the Host school. Are you where you would like to be at this time?

Coach Tierney: “We lost a game with Giddings to an errand goal. So we walked out of there with a 2-2 record. We are no where close to where we would like to be as a squad. We do have the desire to get better and to improve. Right now, we are just missing the consistency and the willingness to win games. But that goes back to the growth of a team throughout the season and we will be looking to grow into a better team.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck while we look to see great things this year.