2018 Boys Track & Field Top of the Heap!               (photo by Karen Holmes)


TOP 10 ALL-DECADE SPORTING EVENTS for #4, #3, #2 Countdown

              Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter’s 10th thru 5th Best Games are in print now with 4 more to go for your enjoyment.

We will continue to give you a thought process on why each game has been inserted or pigeon holed in their places and would love your feed back if any on that spot on the list.

There will be two more articles with the No. 1 event having the luxury of standing alone while this next group of three starts to get to what, The ReSporter, has below.


Track & Field has a different set of rules than most other sports as these athletes do not compete against just one school during the season.

               Way to Go Hawks!!

Yes, there are a lot of individual competitiveness and each of those events are combined for a team to accumulate to see if that school can out point all the other schools that were invited to that particular meet.

When district meets commence, this will take part during two consecutive days where that first day will consist of athletes qualifying for 8 spots while all of the finals will be finished on that slate before that second outing that will finish with one of the most exciting events in the 1600 meter relay.

Canyon Lake had been playing 2nd fiddle or worse ever since that first Hawk track year to the Fredericksburg Billies. The Billies have such a tradition in this sport that they seem to have everyone in their school competing.

That is the reason for their success with this sport….you do not have to finish 1st or 2nd in each event but if you consistency have students entered for that last day of competition then those lower place events can add up to scoring many points for what had been a monopoly on winning a district championship.

                   Hawk Proud!!!

During the 2018 season CL did not have more athletes than Fredericksburg they just had enough that would off-set all their athletes on a day that came down to that last 1600 meter relay for a Hawk win.

After that first day of competition, Fredericksburg seemed to have everything working in their favor once again as they would enter their 2nd day with a lead after all the Field Events.

This night would come down to that final relay with the Billies having a 2 point lead that would compel CL to finish ahead of Fredericksburg and that would leave this Hawk team with a District Championship in a sport dominated by the team dressed in red.

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#3 GIRL’S BASKETBALL Win over Wimberley that helped Qualify for first Playoff Spot.

This event will be one of those that will have to be taken on faith as there will not be many people in the Hawk Nation that would recall this game.

                Way to Go Hawks!!

The Tschoepe’s will have to be cornered in the stands as they watch their final edition of Student Athletes that have played for Canyon Lake. As Chelsea (their final entrant) continues her final year playing basketball for the Hawks.

Yes, it was before The ReSporter started and not being able to supply a link to read about how this year was able to put CL on the map.

During this time frame, making the playoffs, would be a tougher gig as the Top 3 would qualify a team for a post-season berth as the top 4 teams qualifying has been entrenched for the past 7 years.

This Hawk team had players you will see on the All-Time Top 10 for Basketball and one of those players was a Senior and had just one year for her 2009-10 school season.

Ashley Pfaff was one, if not the best, all-round player for Ladies Basketball.

If you needed points, then she would get her adding machine and pour in 20 or more points. Pfaff averaged 21 points during district play that season.

For Season Best Records the Hawks had a slew of players to etch their name on this All-Time List.


                             ALL-TIME SEASON STATS 2010 LADY HAWKS BASKETBALL

Season Points                     Rebounds                      Field Goals
Ashley Pfaff          493   2nd   Tiffany Tschoepe   282  2nd   Ashley Pfaff       151  2nd
Jessica McMurray      266   9th   Ashley Pfaff       199 10th   Jessica McMurray   114  6th
Tiffany Arredondo     240  11th

3 Point Goals                     Made Free Throws              Assists
Ashley Pfaff           39   4th   Ashley Pfaff       153  2nd   Tiffany Arredondo   92  2nd
                                  Tiffany Arredondo   79  5th   Ashley Pfaff        89  3rd
                                  Tiffany Tschoepe    67  7th   Jessica McMurray    59  6th
                                                                Megan Browning      49  8th

                                  Ashley Pfaff        96  2nd
                                  Tiffany Arredondo   67 11th

The Texans were not a slouch in this sport as they had dominated in Volleyball and those same dominated players would put their skills on the basketball court as they would be not just a ,one sport phenom, but an accomplished athlete. That had Wimberley winning district even with a loss to the Hawks in this final district game.

         Go Hawks!!

If you need more proof, then have a conversation with Coach Kim Clemons who was one of those players that had helped her school win consistently in both sports when she played for Wimberley before these games were played.

In this game with Wimberley, the Hawks, needed a win that would give them a chance to buy those play-off T-shirts.

The Lake had come into this final district affair with an undefeated home record. This team was nick-named the Maalox Hawks after having a bevy of games coming down to the wire for a win or loss.

“We knew the players that would shoot the three,” Head Coach Steve Dement said. “We decided to bring in our tall girls to front Watson (Lea Watson finished 2nd in scoring behind CL’s Ashley Pfaff in district play) and have our back player slide over and guard her from the back.”

Watson got in foul trouble with 6 minutes remaining in that final period with the Texans up, 37-33. When she returned, the game was tied at 41 all with 2:11 left on the clock.

With Wimberley up, 43-42, the Texan’s would miss both free throws with the Hawks getting the rebound with :45 seconds left on the clock.

Enter Junior Megan Browning with a three pointer and a 45-43 Hawk lead with :15 seconds remaining.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

But the Texans would tie the score with one second on the clock putting this game into overtime.

Jessica McMurray’s short jumper with 1:31 left in overtime was the first points in the extra period for both teams and a, 47-45 Hawk Lead.

The Texan’s scored the next four points on a 3-pointer and from the foul line to lead, 49-47 with :38 seconds left.

Enter Tiffany Arredondo with a bank shot 3-pointer from the corner with 4.8 seconds left on the clock and a Hawk, 50-49 lead and win.

Notes this Season for the Lady Hawks.
√   Canyon Lake averaged win at home was 11 points per game.
√   Tiffany Arredondo averaged 14.5 points during her last 5 games.
√   Canyon Lake was 3-0 in Overtime games during this season.
√   Tiffany Tschoepe averaged 9 rebounds in her last 5 games.
√   Canyon Lake finished the Regular Season Home Record Undefeated: 11-0.
√   Jessica McMurray for the season had 13 games scoring double digits.
√   Canyon Lake had won 18 more games than they had their last season (1-20).
√   Megan Browning averaged 8 points per game in District wins.
√   Canyon Lake had won 4 of their last 5 games.
√   Ashley Pfaff made 43 free throws during her last 5 games.


Game Stats   1  2  3  4  OT   Final
Wimberley   11  5 18 11  4    49
CL Hawks    10 10 11 14  5    50

                            3pt           tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Tiffany Arredondo   3-7     2-7     3-3   15   1-1   2  4  1  0  4
Jessica McMurray    4-13    0-0     0-0    8   1-5   6  0  1  0  5
Tiffany Tschoepe    1-4     0-0     2-3    4   4-5   9  0  1  0  3
Megan Browning      1-2     2-2     0-1    8   1-4   5  1  3  3  5
Ashley Pfaff        3-7     0-0     9-12  15   2-5   7  1  2  1  1
Johnna Lasater      0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-3   3  0  0  1  0
Amber West          0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-1   1  1  0  0  1
Sara Wozniak        0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-1   1  0  0  0  0
Totals             12-33    4-9    14-19  50   9-25 34  7  8  5 19
Percentages         36%     44%     74%





                    Go Hawks!!

For pure excitement this had to be one of Canyon Lake’s most entertaining games.

It had a back and forth atmosphere and a great comeback…great comeback…and great comeback.

Did The ReSporte rmention that the Hawks came back in this win?

There has been a lot of great wins in the short history of Hawk Football but this win was great based on how early the the Genesis lf Canyon Lake sports but being the cowbell sport this game has to rank high.

The link below will let you go back in time and read about a game where clutch plays were piled on one after another for what The ReSporter has as #2 on the list.

Hope you enjoy the recount of the game for best in the Decade Count Down!!

Go Hawks!!

Link to Football Game: CL HAWKS VS. SEALY