Player Profile, Softball | January 19, 2020

Marley Carrizales Will Be Fielding Next at Schreiner University!

Marley Carrizales surrounded by Family and Coaches after signing to play Softball at Schreiner University.


Marley Carrizales said yes to Scheiner and will continue her prowess on a Softball Diamond at the College level.

Carrizales has had a great 3 years running with a batting average that is higher than most rockets can achieve as she prepares for her Senior year.

Last year a .600 batting average gave a good indication of what this young lady can do on the diamond, that of course, is a girls best friend…or so they say. If that is true then this relationship will be bound forever as each campaign has shown an improvement for Carrizales up to this point.


Marley Carrizales  ab   r  h   bi  2b 3b hr bb so  sb   ave  obp  slg
2019               85  33  51  17  3  0  1   8  4  16  .600 .642 .671
2018               59  29  32   4  0  0  0  13  4  11  .542 .640 .542
2017               64  30  34   5  1  0  0  11  4  17  .531 .600 .547
Totals            208  92 117  26  4  0  1  32 12  44  .563 .629 .596

                Hawk Proud

Those numbers will have many a softball team wanting a player that can lead-off with that type of consistency.

Michael Carrizales (Dad) recalled on how Marley started Softball, “She started when she was 6 years old and we took her to a Baseball T-Ball game that had all boys and in her first practice she was the best on the field….we could tell that she had skills.”

“She was their best hitter and was the 3rd batter at the plate,” Dad Carrizales continued. “She is always practicing her hitting no matter when….it could be 30 degrees outside and we will be inside our garage, that has no insulation, and be hitting balls into a net.”

On how Dad views his daughter playing in college, “She is a hard worker and she will go at it with all she has….she will continue to work and she is a good person and sports has helped her get better and Softball has made her accountable and that should help with how she proceeds in life as well.”

Carisa Carrizales (Mom) shared her impression as well, “She has always impressed me on her will to work and I have been impressed on how she has managed everything from grades to her skills.”

Those attributes are certainly seen in how this ‘Young’ Lady has held herself on the field even as a Freshman finishing with a batting average over .500 in a season that had this player striking out only 4 times while garnering 11 walks which has continued for her 3 years as a Hawk. She will go into her Senior campaign with 32 walks compared to a miniscue 12 strikeouts.

She has been at the plate 245 times giving you an idea that a ball will be put into play for her chance to reach first, if not further.

Marley Carrizales is all smiles while signing to play more Softball after high school.

Former Coach Gallagher heaped praise on Marley, “She was a key player in our lineup that put pressure on the defense which would give our team a lot of confidence.”

Coach Gallagher continued, “Marley had some of the quickest lateral movement more than players that I have  coached at that stage… she could go deep in the hole and make a play to get an out.”

“She was a quick learner and a student of the game and she will make an impact at the next level.”

Marley batted clean-up for this article with her thoughts on how she picked Schreiner for her next softball audition, “I had visited TLU (Texas Lutheran University) but when I went to Schreiner it felt like home with that hill-country feel. I really enjoyed the Coaches and I am excited to have a chance of playing as a middle infielder…it was just the place to go and I will continue to work hard.”

Working hard would be the central theme with Marley and how she will go into her next education phase in life.

Hard workers in athletics as well as life will always go through life as giving their best effort regardless of any outcome.

Just don’t forget to have fun and The ReSporter and Hawk Nation will watch in anticipation as this year unfolds to see what records you will be able to conquer.

Congrats Marley and Let’s Go Hawks this year and as a Mountaineer next!!