THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE January 21st-24th

Marisa Ellis #1 in State High Jump Competition!!


                   THIS WEEK       @      CANYON LAKE        January 21-24

Tue. Jan 21st      CL Hawks        @      La Vernia          500p Girls Soccer
                   CL Hawks Fresh  @      Boerne Freshman    500p Girls Basketball
                   CL Hawks JV     @      Boerne JV          500p Girls Basketball
                   Boerne Freshman @      CL Hawks Freshman  500p Boys  Basketball
                   Boerne JV       @      CL Hawks JV        500p Boys  Basketball
                   CL Hawks        @      Boerne             615p Girls Basketball
                   Boerne          @      CL Hawks           615p Boys  Basketball

Fri. Jan 24th      CL Hawks Fresh  @      Llano Freshman     500p Boys  Basketball
                   CL Hawks JV     @      Llano JV           500p Boys  Basketball
                   Llano Freshman  @      CL Hawks Freshman  500p Girls Basketball
                   Llano JV        @      CL Hawks JV        500p Girls Basketball
                   CL Hawks        @      Llano              615p Boys  Basketball
                   Llano           @      CL Hawks           615p Girls Basketball
                   CL Hawks        @      Gonzales           700p Boys  Soccer


The calm before the storm this week with Basketball and Soccer as those Spring Sports keep getting closer as February draws near.

This past week was a bummer for CL’s Girls Basketball as they lost both home games and will now need to rebound as this week will complete their first round of games. A home game on Friday will need to have a win for the Hawks for realizing a chance for the post-season.

A road game to Boerne on Tuesday would be an ideal time for a win as that would get that elusive momentum back in the flow for these gals.

On the Boys side, a win against Bandera will help but Boerne will be at the Hawk Nest this Tuesday and having the gym field with Hawk fans will be a must.

A good team that has the potential of getting two wins this week. One thing is for certain….Fredericksburg is still undefeated and has the inside track for a championship. Those Sub-Varsity teams can energize you if you are feeling down….so come early and see what the Varsity has in store in the coming years.

The Lady Soccer team tied Burnet this past week and will pay a visit to La Vernia on Tuesday while the Boys have one game against Gonzales on Friday.

Boy’s Soccer split their Canyon Lake Classic games as they continue to work on consistency as this season continues.

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Go Hawks!!