Game Article, Track & Field | February 26, 2020

CL Hawks Boys Track Start Season Out of the Blocks With Good Showing

Nic Rivera works on hurdles in first Meet after Basketball.      [Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Boys Track & Field finished their first track meet 2nd on Varsity while the Junior Varsity had a 4th place finish in a very crowded field this past Saturday.

“Last week the Hawk Relays was a huge success and is slowly becoming one of the premier Track Meets in Central Texas,” Head Boys Track & Field Troy Moses said excitedly. “We had 15 teams and over 800+ student athletes competing. I’d like to thank all the volunteers that helped out to make this a Huge event run off as smoothly as it did. Our High School Coaches and our Coaches at Mountain Valley School are some of the best people around, they do a wonderful job.”

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Moses talked bout the Meet, “Our team is starting to take shape into the 2020 season. It’s looking like we are going to have a well-balanced team this year. We could score points all over the field, of course, we are going to be strong in the hurdles again with the return of Nic Rivera and Nash Young, and other strong areas well be the Pole Vault, with Will Hillenbrand and Freshman Coby Mickey. It’s going to be a fun season because right now I feel there are several other places we are going to emerge and be really good. We’ll just have to wait to see what those areas are going to be.”

In this Hawk Relay Meet, Colin Baker ended up as the high point Varsity Athlete in the long distance runs. Let The ReSporter repeat that last part….Long Distance.

Baker had Hawk Best in the 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs as he finished top of the heap for both events.

Here is the Top 10 All-Time for The Lake in these two events:


       Top 10 for the 1600 Meter Run                  Top 10 for the 3200 Meter Run
    1) Colin Baker        4:51.92   2020           1) Colin Baker        10:37.75   2020
    2) Luke Mendez        4:52.39   2019           2) Luke Mendez        10:51.15   2019
    3) Mike Russell       4:55.73   2013           3) Chris Neiland      10:51.63   2012
    4) Adam Wiewel        4:57.00   2016           4) Peter Schultz      11:00.15   2019
    5) Chris Neiland      4:57.01   2013           5) Adam Wiewel        11:00.90   2016
    6) Matt Bell          4:59.34   2018           6) John Mauricio      11:04.04   2010
    7) Bennie Brownlee    5:01.68   2017           7) Jaren Marmolejo    11:06.78   2017
    8) Nolan Davila       5:04.30   2016           8) Nash Operman       11:14.49   2015
    9) Isaac Mendez       5:04.76   2013           9) Andrew Liebl       11:33.92   2010
   10) Garrett Hawkins    5:04.81   2011          10) Luis Juarez        11:34.01   2016

Being able to get those points will have Coach Moses excited as is mentioned above.

“Colin Baker broke the School record in the 3200 meter in exciting fashion by running two final laps,” Coach Moses parted. “The gun lap was fired one lap too soon and Colin took off to win the race, then crossed the line thinking the race was over and he had won, to only be told you have one more lap to go. Most kids wouldn’t have the strength to keep going but he fought threw and had to come from behind again to win the race.”

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

That type of win can instill a ton of confidence for a runner in having that type of finish. That win had Baker with a 14 second improvement than Luke Mendez finished with last year when he took the record from Chris Neiland from the 2012 track season.

Patrick Almond started his season well with the 3rd fastest 100 meter dash in Hawk history finishing this event at, 11.02 just a tad faster breaking the 11 second barrier. Lester Boehm (10.95) and Jordan Anderson (10.81) being next on the hit list for this track year.

On the Junior Varsity side, Connor Windham had throws in the Discus that was better than the Varsity as this athlete had a 2nd place finish in the Shot Put for 18 points garnered.

“Connor Windham is really excelling in the throws but that’s not what has impressed me,” Coach Moses recalled. “He asked on Wednesday, if he could run the 400 meter, and if you know me….if someone ask to run the 400 meter you just became my favorite person. So I put him in it and he ran the fastest 400 meter of the season thus far fo the Hawks!!”

Fun happenings and a good day at the Cinders as this edition of the Hawks will be in Navarro this Saturday when they run in the Panther Relays with a 9am start time.

Congrats and Go…Go…Go Hawks!!


                         Hawk Relays 2020 Division II
      Varsity                                     Junior Varsity
      Wimberley      145                          Brandeis          129
      CL Hawks        99                          Del Rio           111
      Smithville      93                          SA Reagan          99
      Cuero           92                          CL Hawks           88
      Navarro         81                          Wimberley          60
      FEAST           57                          Austin Akins       35
      Hays Johnson    40                          Kerrville          23
      Uvalde           1                          Smithville         20
                                                  Lockhart           19
                                                  Cuero              18
                                                  Hays Johnson       12
                                                  FEAST               2
                                                  Hays                2
                                                  Navarro             2

      100 meter dash                              100 meter dash
      Patrick Almond     11.02   3rd              Derek Wiatrek       12.59    5th
      Ryan Rivali        11.64   9th              Connor Windham      12.73   14th
                                                  Gunnar Walker       12.75   15th
      200 meter dash                              Helijah Johnson     12.80   21st
      Jesse Horner       24.64   8th              Wyatt Windham       14.23   41st
      Stephen Sharp      25.12  14th
                                                  200 meter dash
      400 meter dash                              Shayne Moss         24.48    2nd
      Bryce Vincent      56.47  10th              Cameron Valigura    25.62   15th
      Patrick McAuliffe  58.50  13th              Reid Simpson        26.09   21st
                                                  Wyatt Windham       28.18   33rd
      800 meter run
      Seth Titzman     2:10.07   2nd              400 meter dash
                                                  Connor Windham      54.89    3rd
      1600 meter run                              Cayden Iles         57.84   15th
      Colin Baker      4:51.92   2nd              Josue Sarmiento     59.81   21st
      Austin Alvarez     63.50  35th              Chevy Standifer     60.24   24th

      3200 meter run                              800 meter run
      Colin Baker     10:37.75   1st              Joshua Babic       2:29.23  15th

      110 meter hurdles                           1600 meter run
      Nic Rivera         15.34   2nd              Kane Reyes         5:10.74   5th
      Nash Young         16.48   5th              Caleb Price        5:35.94  12th
      Logan Cruz         17.28   7th 
                                                       3200 meter run
      300 meter hurdles                           Kane Reyes        11:26.46   4th
      Nash Young         42.28   2nd 
      Nic Rivera         43.18   5th              110 meter hurdles
      Logan Cruz         45.08   9th              River Hand           19.72   9th
                                                  Tyler Balderas       20.48  13th
      4x100 meter relay  45.31   5th 
      Stephen Sharp     Ryan Rivali               300 meter hurdles
      Bryce Vincent     Patrick Almond            Cole Cason           46.91   7th
                                                  Tyler Balderas       47.12  10th
      4x200 meter relay 1:34.37  4th               Edward Santos        47.63  12th
      Stephen Sharp     Ryan Rivali 
      Jesse Horner      Patrick Almond            4x100 meter relays   46.50   3rd
                                                  Devyn Placeres      Shayne Moss
      Long Jump                                   Matthew Soza        Helijah Johnson
      Troy Eyster      18-03.75  4th 
                                                       4x100 meter relays    49.82  12th
      Shot Put                                    River Hand          Reid Simpson
      Hudson Duke      40-03.50  4th              Cayden Iles         Cameron Valigura
      Eric Teutsch     36-10.00  6th        
      Shawn Pendelton  32-09.00 13th              4x200 meter relays  1:41.87   9th
                                                       Shayne Moss         Helijah Johnson
      Discus                                      Devyn Placeres      Reid Simpson               Ben Crisp       109-04.00  4th                  
      Shawn Pendleton  101-01.00  7th              4x200 meter relays  1:43.17  12th
       Hudson Duke     100-03.00  8th              Cameron Valigura   Derek Wiatrek
                                                   Gunnar Walker      Matthew Soza
      High Jump
     Patrick McAuliffe     5-06  3rd              4x400 meter relays.  3:49.81   8th
                                                   Gunnar Walker      Edward Santos
     Pole Vault                                   Josue Sarmiento     Cayden Iles
      Will Hillenbrand     12-00  1st
                                                  4x400 meter relays   3:54.24  10th
                                                  Chevy Standifer     Hunter Anderson
                                                  Chance Anderson     Ty Sellers

                                                  Long Jump
                                                  Shayne Moss         18-07.00   2nd
                                                  River Hand          16-04.50  14th
                                                  Austin Alvarez      15-05.00  17th

                                                  Shot Put
                                                  Connor Windham      39-06.50   1st
                                                  Helijah Johnson     39-02.00   2nd
                                                  Quinton Pearn       27-06.00  23rd
                                                  Brett Harwell       25-07.00  25th

                                                  Connor Windham     124-10.00   2nd
                                                  James Ensign        93-06.00  13th
                                                  Helijah Johnson     90-08.00  15th
                                                  Brett Harwell       63-02.00  28th
                                                  Quinton Pearn       58-10.00  29th

                                                  Triple Jump
                                                  Shayne Moss            36-08  10th

                                                  High Jump
                                                  Chevy Standifer         5-06   1st

                                                  Pole Vault
                                                  Coby Mickey         11-00.00   1st