CL Boy’s Soccer at the Final Four Last Year Receiving awards, will start their district this week!     (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 THIS WEEK        @     CANYON LAKE             February 10th-14th

Mon Feb. 10th    CL Hawks         @     Llano                   800a Girls Golf
                 CL Hawks         @     Blanco                  500p       Softball
                 CL Hawks JV      @     Hondo JV                430p       Baseball
                 CL Hawks         @     Hondo                   630p       Baseball

Tue Feb. 11th    CL Hawks         @     San Marcos              800a       Tennis
                 Boerne           @     CL Hawks                500p Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks         @     Boerne                  500p Boys  Soccer
                 Llano Freshman   @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p Boys  Basketball
                 Llano JV         @     CL Hawks JV             500p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks Fresh   @     Llano Freshman          500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV      @     Llano JV                500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks         @     Llano                   615p Girls Basketball
                 Llano            @     CL Hawks                630p Boys  Basketball
                 Boerne           @     CL Hawks                700p Girls Soccer 
                 CL Hawks         @     Boerne                  700p Boys  Soccer

Thu Feb. 13th    CL Hawks         @     Llano                   800a Boys  Golf
                 CL Hawks         @     Wimberley TBA Track & Field Relays Only

Fri Feb 14th     Billies Fresh    @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p Boys  Basketball
                 Billies JV       @     CL Hawks JV             500p Boys  Basketball
                 Lampasas JV      @     CL Hawks JV             500p       Baseball
                 Billies          @     CL Hawks                630p Boys  Basketball
                 Lampasas         @     CL Hawks                700p       Baseball
                 CL Hawks         @     Who Knows Where         700p Girls Basketball


North Shore UMC says Go Hawks!

FUN FUN FUN Until your Daddy takes you T-Bird Away time of the year….

The ReSporter hopes to have all their fingers this time of year as sports start getting out of hand. There will be mistakes to the above schedule since so many sports that are not given to this publication to do it justice.

Basketball is coming to a close but maybe not. The ladies will be playing but we do not know where since the games are not known based on those Tuesday finishessss…just come back and we will see what happens and can have the results for the Hawk Nation,

Should be some fun times as senior nights and start up sports and ending sports and scrimmage sports and just starting district sports..ect.ect.ect.

So much to do and not enough time during this time of an Athletic Year.

We have a Girls Basketball team that will need a win on Tuesday which will give them a 4th Seed finish and a date with either Liberty Hill or Salado from the 27-4A District. That game would be known on Tuesday night or if a loss then a play-in game with Bandera would be in the cards. That date would be determined on Tuesday night.

Either way, the Lady Hawks will have an extra game that could be classified as a playoff contest since the results would be win and play again or lose and go home.

                 Let’s Go Hawks!!

For the Boys Basketball season, the district has 3 remaining games that will have two schools that could be winnable. That on battle that would be an extremely tough to win has an undefeated Fredericksburg coming to the Hawk Nest this Friday.

A TABC Poll has the Billies ranked 16th in their latest computation. For your information, Boerne has the 25th spot on that list of schools and that would give a casual fan an indication of how high of a climb The Lake’s Boys would need to go for realizing an upset.

Soccer for both Boys and Girls will start their district battles this week while Softball and Baseball will finish scrimmages this week and begin for real contest soon.

Track & Field will have their first competition on Thursday with a short drive to Wimberley for a Relay Only Meet. A good warm-up for this sport that will conjure up a more team atmosphere for this night in Texanville.

Tennis and Golf are starting up this week and well…you get the idea. Look at all the Hawk teams in play this week and get out for a gander in supporting these well deserving Hawk Students.

And as Always, Go Hawks!!