Baseball, Stats | March 20, 2020

Bad News & Good News for CL’s Junior Varsity Baseball

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity waits patiently for more playing time. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity Baseball team has had a special season so far after starting District 28-4A in beating Fredericksburg and Boerne in their double header contests before a stop in action.

           Way to Go JV Hawks!!

For this week the good news is seeing rain not being a bother for postponement of any games and in looking at this year’s JV Squad you can surmise even more good news for future Hawk Baseball teams.

The Lake’s three losses this season were against two 6A and one 5A schools and a tie with Smithson Valley.

A wealth of players in seeing 30 athletes suit up for the Junior Varsity thus far, which is a sight not seen ever for this sport, this tells the Hawk Nation that something special is starting to take hold at The Lake.

The ReSporter has the top 5 statistical leaders below this article so the Hawk Nation can see that this sport is well represented for future conquests.

A team batting average of .316 and an on base percentage at .495 will go a long way in scoring and winning. Add a stout pitching staff with an era (earned run average) of 2.49 shows how potent this club has been this year.

Fifteen players have a .300 or above average and there are 4 Freshman getting playing time with the Varsity to top it all off. Those players have had some cameo performances for the JV so far but for the most part have not played a ton of innings for this JV squad.

When it comes to a team that has played over 30 players and can only have 9-10 involved at one time, would dictate a chance for positive action and looking at those performances to see if more players can get noticed.

              Let’s Go JV Hawks!!

Having those 4 varsity freshman players full time on this JV team would no doubt improve that already impressive record.

Sophomore Gunnar Walker would be one of many of those headliners on those names below, as this young man, is making a good case for a move to that next level in his future. Add more impressive pitching will show how this Junior Varsity team is being groomed for varsity play as next year will certainly present itself soon enough.

CL has never been undefeated against the combo of Freddie-Boerne and hopefully the season can get going again for more chances of repeating that same District Championship in line with how the Sub-Varsity football teams pulled off.

Bad News, this is a time of no action but seeing how bright CL’s future looks will and can give happy thoughts during this down time.

Way to Go Hawks!!


            TOP 5 For CL Hawks Junior Varsity Baseball (10 or more plate appearances)

            at bats                  runs                     hits
            Brayden Welch     37     Brayden Welch     16     Gunnar Walker      18
            Gunnar Walker     34     Gunnar Walker     12     Brayden Welch      14
            Cody Jones        29     Travis Parma      12     Andrew Miller       9
            Andrew Miller     27     Bade Holland      11     Zach Elson          7
            Zach Elson        23     Zach Elson        10     Bade Holland        6
                                                              Austin Bowers       6

            rbi’s                    ebh (extra base hits)    base on balls
            Gunnar Walker     15     Gunnar Walker      5     Bade Holland       11
            Brayden Welch     11     Austin Bowers      3     Brandon Monk       11
            Andrew Miller     10     Andrew Miller      3     Zach Elson          9
            Austin Bowers      9     Zach Elson         2     Gunnar Walker       8
            Bade Holland       9     Brayden Welch      2     Austin Bowers       7

            batting average          on base percentage       slugging percentage
            Truitt Cutre    .667     Truitt Cutre    .818     Truitt Cutre     .833
            Gunnar Walker   .529     Gunnar Walker   .619     Gunnar Walker    .706
            Travis Parma    .385     Brandon Monk    .565     Austin Bowers    .579
            Brayden Welch   .378     Bade Holland    .563     Andrew Miller    .519
            Andrew Miller   .333     Travis Parma    .556     Brayden Welch    .459

            innings pitched          earned run ave.          strikeouts
            Austin Bowers   18.0     Hunter Anderson 0.00     Bade Holland       25
            Cody Jones      17.1     Hayden Baker    1.50     Hunter Anderson    21
            Bade Holland    17.0     Bade Holland    2.47     Cody Jones         20
            Hunter Anderson  9.2     Cody Jones      2.87     Austin Bowers      20
            Hayden Baker     9.1     Austin Bowers   4.28     Hayden Baker       17

            wins                     saves                    stolen bases
            Bade Holland       3     Austin Bowers      1     Brayden Welch      10
            Hunter Anderson    2     Bade Holland       1     Travis Parma        4
            Hayden Baker       2                              Bade Holland        3
            Cody Jones         2                              Gunnar Walker       3
            Austin Bowers      1                              Jeremy Greene       3
            Baylor Vickers     1                              Thomas Dorman       3
            Brayden Welch      1
                                     walks allowed per inning
                                     Cody Jones       0.351
                                     Hunter Anderson  0.652
                                     Hayden Baker     0.659
                                     Bade Holland     1.117
                                     Austin Bowers    1.444