Baseball, Coaches Corner, Stats | March 23, 2020

CL Hawks Baseball’s, Coaches Corner & Top 5 Stats

Matt Anderson going for a hit instead of a walk at this at bat.       [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake ended their non-district slate with a 3 game winning streak and have amassed their best record ever with 12 wins when the district season gets going.

The ReSporter has seen some play-off brackets stretching to the middle of late June as we wait for a respite from this virus and a chance to complete the season.

Looking at the Top 5 Hawks on the list below shows a deep roster with 12 different players making one of the lists.

That translates to one of the deepest rosters that CL has had the ability to reaching the bottom of the batting order, hence having Caleb Williams leading The Lake with 10 runs batted in as the lead-off hitter and knocking in runs.

The ReSporter has found that there is one word that is consistent with every coach in assessing their team….’Consistency’.

“Consistency is one of the pillars of a successful program,” Head Coach Victor Escamilla stated. “We divide drills to keep a good flow during our practices. If things are going well we do not deviate from our practice schedule. If we hit a funk it may require a shake up in our routine.”

So far, Canyon Lake’s season has had consistency in all 3 areas and that most important area from the pitcher’s mound. A consistent pitching staff will lower those inconsistency moments in the area of batting and fielding in many games.

Looking at The ReSporter’s previous (or last varsity) article you could see how the Hawks schedule ranked in comparison with other District 28-4A schools. CL was, by far, the school that played teams with better records. That is not an automatic stamp to the playoffs, but just an observation since each game is based on different players pitching or line-ups, especially based on most of the contests coming during a tournament.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

That will always benefit the team with a deeper pitching staff…..you will notice that multiple games being played in a two-three day period and that will result in schools scoring more runs during those 2nd-3rd games, as each team goes deeper into their roster, searching for a player to pitch and that would not be an occurrence during the district time of the campaign.

CL has dealt with just two losses and Coach Escamilla responded when asked for the team’s most important win to date, “I think the most important win so far was beating Medina Valley in their own back yard after the last game in Marion.”

That was a game that the Hawks lost during the final innings and then CL was scheduled to play MV in their game in during Medina Valley’s tournament.

Coach Escamilla continued with his thoughts on this year’s district and how the schedule might look like.

“It depends on how the district expects to make up games,” Coach said. “We could possibly play district games on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.”

  Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

On Escamilla’s thoughts on the district schools, “I thought our district was weak last year as that was evident of being swept from the play-offs during the first round.” This year school’s have several skins on the wall for District 28-4A as pre-district came to a close last week. District battles would have begun during this upcoming week.

The ReSporter asked Coach Escamilla for his grade and reason for the trifecta with baseball: Bats, Pitching, and Fielding.

“The Bats are a C+. The plus is due to scoring with 2 outs.”

“Pitching is an A. We need to find ways to develop our depth.”

“Fielding has been a B. We had made most of the routine plays and a few special ones.”

The waiting game continues but hope is still possible of having a chance to complete district play. Who knows how this will end as there could be a one-time through with the games and a tournament at the end. That could declare a winner and seeding but is just a part of this sojourn that is not known, based on when the games can get going again.

In the meantime. Enjoy the players below and also notice a District 28-4A average runs per game, after the Top 5, that shows another way of looking at this year’s district schools.

Be Safe and Go Hawks!!


                             CANYON LAKE VARSITY TOP 5

    at bats                  runs                     hits
    Caleb Williams      41   James LaLonde       10   Brandon Robinson    16
    Brandon Robinson    39   Caleb Williams      10   James LaLonde       13
    Tanner Schultz      37   Ty Sellers          10   Tyler Pauly         11
    Tyler Pauly         37   Brandon Robinson     9   Caleb Williams      11
    Ty Sellers          33   Ethan Slater         8   Ty Sellers          10
    James LaLonde       31

    runs batted in           ebh (extra base hits)    base on balls
    Caleb Williams      11   Caleb Williams       4   Tyler Pauly         14
    Brandon Robinson    11   Brandon Robinson     2   Matt Anderson       10
    James LaLonde        9   Ty Sellers           2   Mason Lee            5
    Tyler Pauly          7   Tanner Shultz        2   Five tied with       4
    Ty Sellers           7   Seven tied with      1

                            *ten or more at bats to qualify
    batting average          on base percentage       slugging percentage
    James LaLonde     .419   Matt Anderson     .586   Brandon Robinson  .564
    Brandon Robinson  .410   Ethan Slater      .571   Ethan Slater      .500
    Ethan Slater      .400   Brandon Robinson  .521   Caleb Williams    .488
    Ty Sellers        .303   Tyler Pauly       .500   James LaLonde     .484
    Tyler Pauly       .297   James LaLonde     .486   Ty Sellers        .364

    innings pitched          strikeouts               base on balls (per inning)
    Tyler Pauly       30.0   Tyler Pauly         33   Tanner Schultz    0.17
    Tanner Schultz    23.0   Tanner Schultz      26   Tyler Pauly       0.23
    Matt Anderson     18.1   Matt Anderson       14   Matt Anderson     0.33
    Cale Claycomb      7.2   Cale Claycomb       13   Hunter Anderson   0.48
    Hunter Anderson    4.2   Peyton McMullen      4   Peyton McMullen   1.22

    earned run average       wins                     saves
    Cale Claycomb     0.00   Tyler Pauly          5   Hunter Anderson      1
    Tyler Pauly       0.23   Tanner Schultz       3
    Tanner Schultz    0.30   Cale Claycombe       2
    Matt Anderson     0.77   Matt Anderson        1
    Hunter Anderson   1.67   Hunter Anderson      1

                                         District 28-4A average runs per game
          runs scored                    runs allowed                   difference
          Fredericksburg      6.53       Canyon Lake Hawks    1.57      Canyon Lake Hawks   +4.29
          Llano               6.21       Bandera              3.64      Llano Yellowjackets +2.21
          Canyon Lake Hawks   5.86       Llano                4.00      Wimberley Texans    +0.80 
          Wimberley           5.60       Wimberley            4.80      Bandera Bulldogs    +0.45
          Boerne              5.07       Boerne               5.21      Boerne Greyhounds   -0.14
          Bandera             4.09       Fredericksburg       7.53      Fredericksburg      -1.00