Game Article, Track & Field | March 9, 2020

CL’s Lady Hawks Continue to Show Improvement in Track & Field

       Senior Madison Churbe racks up points for her final year.

Canyon Lake’s recent Track Meet in Kerrville Tivy did show more improvement for many Hawk athletes as this meet had some large schools in attendance that many times did not result in points.

Many times in Meets of this kind, an event might have a lower than 6th place finish but it could also produce a personal best for those lower finishes.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

This would be the case on this day as the Girls Varsity finished with 70 points while CL’s Junior Varsity would reach 71 points.

One of those surprise results came when Senior Madison Churbe had her best high jump result reaching 5-02 and that jump placed her in first place.

Churbe has been a regular for all 4 years on the varsity and continues to be a top notch athlete in the sprints and high-jump. She was high point garnering 17 points in this competitive Tivy Meet and Churbe scored in 4 different events.

“I was like….Wow!!, I just cleared the bat!!,” Churbe said when recollecting that event. “I just did not want to land on the bar.”

Churbe continued on on her technique, “Many times I will be too forward and hit the bar going up but I hit 5 foot on the first try and by then I was in first place and when I cleared 5 feet 2, I was finished.”

In events like these, an athlete can come to the event at a higher range before starting their competition. The High Jump started at 4 feet 4 inches and Churbe started at this height.

“Jumping more makes me feel more comfortable,” Churbe said calmly. “I do six pre-jumps and I number my steps and sometimes that interferes with other events I am involved in like the long jump. So, I told Coach (Barthels) that if I could clear 5-02 then I wanted to retire in the long jump and focus on the high jump.”

Churbe is now has good company as this is the one and only event that has produced a State Champion when Marisa Ellis cleared 5-06 in Austin.


                               Top 10 High Jump
                        1)     Marisa Ellis          5-06
                        2)     Madison Churbe        5-02
                        2)     Mariah Ellis          5-02
                        2)     Anna Bettersworth     5-02
                        5)     Skylar Hurst          5-01
                        6)     Emma Gray             5-00
                        6)     Landry Brown          5-00
                        8)     Heather Arcediano     4-10
                        8)     Hayley Melon          4-10
                        8)     Bailey Drim           4-10

For the Junior Varsity, Caitlin Mott had a good day totaling 23 points and finishing 1st in the 200 meter (28.16) and placed in four other events. A second place finish in the long jump was another good showing reaching, 14-08.50.

            Let’s Go Hawks!!

Shelby Porter had a 2nd place discus throw as another highlight for the Girl’s JV.

Alyssa Strickland had a 2nd place finish in the 100 meter hurdles with a 14.81 time. Strickland finished in double figure scoring 12 points.

A Freshman that has been competing with the Varsity continues a strong showing as Maddie Pipkin finish 6th in that same event as Strickland and had a 5th place finish in the 300 meter hurdle event. This young lady broke the 50 second barrier and should be fun to watch as this season continues.

Canyon Lake has their Spring Break and will hit the cinders on the 19th of March in the Ro-Hawks Relays starting at 9am in Randolph.

Keep it up and Go Hawks!!


                             KERRVILLE TIVY MEET

        Varsity                                Junior Varsity
        100 meter                              100 meter
        Madison Johnson       13.27  10th      Autumn Rush          13.86   5th
        Elyssa Holman         13.82  12th      Kaylee Tripp         13.96   8th
                                               Elena Guajardo       14.66  17th
       200 meter                               Sophia Hamilton      15.28  22nd
       Madison Churbe         27.82   6th      Gwenyth McCutchen    15.66  23rd
       Elyssa Holman          30.73  12th      Aimee Smith          18.88  25th

       400 meter                               200 meter
       Danielle Carty          68.02   6th     Caitlin Mott         28.16   1st
                                               Kaylee Tripp         30.51   7th
       100 meter hurdle                        Autumn Rush          30.53   8th
       Alyssa Strickland       14.81   2nd     Madison Self         30.83   9th
       Maddie Pipkin           16.73   6th     Elena Guajardo       32.09  16th

       300 meter hurdles                       400 meter
       Maddie Pipkin           49.90   5th     Autumn Westinghouse  68.73   8th
       Alyssa Strickland       53.01   9th     Emily Pena           73.41  11th

       4x100 relay 51.94 4th                   800 meter
       Madison Johnson     Riley Shear         Autumn Westinghouse 2:38.53  4th
       Madison Churbe      Lainee Moses
                                                100 meter hurdles
       4x200 relay           1:47.98   2nd      Trinity Bailey      17.56   5th
       Madison Churbe      Alyssa Strickland    Shelby Palmer       19.39  12th
       Lainee Moses        Riley Shear
                                                300 meter hurdles
       4x400 relay           4:21.63   3rd      Trinity Bailey      56.40   9th
       Lainee Moses        Madison Johnson      Shelby Palmer       57.98  12th
       Maddie Pipkin       Riley Shear
                                                4x100 meter relay   54.27   4th
       high jump                                Hannah Gallagher    Caitlin Mott
       Madison Churbe           5-02   1st      Kyndall Murphy      Kaylee Tripp
       Landry Brown             4-10   3rd
                                                4x200 meter relay  1:58.73  3rd
       long jump                                Madison Self        Kyndall Murphy
       Amber Leach          13-08.00   6th      Emily Pena          Caitlin Mott

       triple jump                              4x400 meter relay  4:48.76  5th
       Elyssa Holman        31-08.00   5th      Emily Pena          Autumn Westinghouse
                                                Kyndall Murphy      Hannah Gallagher
       shot put
       Chelsea Tschoepe     27-00.50  10th      high jump
                                                Madison Self       4-06.00  5th
       discus                                   Shelby Palmer      4-04.00  7th
       Jade Lawless            99-00   5th
                                                long jump
                                                Caitlin Mott      14-08.50  2nd
                                                Hannah Gallagher  14-08.00  3rd
                                                Autumn Rush       12-11.50 13th
                                                Sophia Hamilton   12-07.00 17th
                                                Kaylee Tripp      12-05.00 18th
                                                Savannah Crider   11-05.50 22nd

                                                triple jump
                                                Madison Self      29-05.50  6th
                                                Emily Pena        28-00.50  9th

                                                shot put
                                                Shelby Porter     28-06.00  4th
                                                Laney Marmolejo   26-01.00  7th

                                                Shelby Porter     78-11.00  2nd