Baseball, Standings | March 15, 2020

District 28-4A Baseball Standings & This Week’s Results


Seniors Cale Claycomb, Ethan Slater, Caleb Williams, Mason Lee, Brandon Robinson, and Matt Anderson celebrate after another win in the CL Tournament. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake continued with the best overall record thus far during the baseball season after finishing this past week with a, 3-0 mark.

Five of the schools have a .500 or above record and Fredericksburg is not far with being just two games under that break even number.

No need to get to haughty with this placement as you will be able to see some of the competition that teams are playing and know that when district play begins, those games will be much tougher.

District has a way of not needing as many pitchers and tournaments will tend to have those teams with the best pitching having better results. When that district slate begins, then those schools can make it through district needing two good pitchers instead of needing more when you have 3 or more games in a 2-3 day period.

The ReSporter has done some research on the opposing records from all the District 28-4A schools which will help in some manner but it would still be an indicator at best when you look at a Boerne Greyhound team that has played a majority of larger schools in crafting their present record.

Canyon Lake has played 14 contests and those teams have a combined, 86-60-5 record going into this break which comes to a .586 percentage.

Here is how District 28-4A presently looks with their competition records to date.


                  School          Wins       Losses       Ties       Pct.
                  CL Hawks         86          60           5       .586
                  Bandera          76          69           2       .524
                  Llano            61          62           9       .496
                  Boerne           89          94           5       .487
                  Fredericksburg   90         103          18       .469
                  Wimberley        73          87          11       .459

To get a little more technical, Canyon Lake has given their opposition 12 losses and 2 wins. That tidbit would give more credence to a better percentage to those opposing schools.

The percentages would change to the following by removing the Host team’s record from the marks above.


                  School           Wins       Losses      Ties       Pct.
                  CL Hawks          84          48          5       .631
                  Bandera           71          64          1       .526
                  Llano             57          54          7       .513
                  Boerne            83          88          3       .486
                  Wimberley         68          79          9       .465
                  Fredericksburg    81          96         17       .461

If you are confused then look up one of The ReSporter’s Staff members for an explanation.

This simple math is just another way of having an idea of how well each team is doing and helps with comparing the myriad of schedules that have transpired up to this point.

The ReSporter will continue with articles to fill in these next few days of bye dates but one thing is certainly a truism for The Hawk Nation. This is by far one of the best teams assembled on the diamond and when play begins again a visit to the Hawk Nest might be a good time to catch this team in action.

Go Hawks!!


                   DISTRICT 28-4A STANDINGS & Last Week’s Results

                   School           W   L   T     Pct.
                   CL Hawks        12   2   0    .857
                   Llano            8   4   2    .643
                   Wimberley        8   5   2    .600
                   Boerne           6   6   2    .500
                   Bandera          5   5   1    .500
                   Fredericksburg   7   9   1    .441

        CL Hawks   3  Carrizo Springs  1       Llano    3  San Angelo Lake View   4
        CL Hawks   7  SA Burbank       2       Llano    4  Houston Lutheran South 3
        CL Hawks  10  Robstown         1       Llano   10  Stephenville           0

        Wimberley  6  Stephenville     4       Boerne  10  Hondo                  5
        Wimberley  6  St. Michael’s    3       Boerne   8  SA East Central        5
        Wimberley  6  Hou Lutheran So 15       Boerne   2  San Antonio Lee        2
        Wimberley  6  Stephenville     8

        Bandera   10  SA Memorial      0       Billies  4  Houston Lutheran So.   5
        Bandera    6  SA Edison        5       Billies  9  Austin St. Michael’s   8
        Bandera    1  Devine           1       Billies  5  Burnet                 2
                                               Billies 10  Stephenville          11