Football | April 10, 2020

CL Hawk’s FreshMan are a Special Group

                                                                                  District 28-4A Champions!
                                                                                             Enough Said!


As the one month of no sports approaches, The ReSporter would like to accent an event that had transpired this season that had not been done to this height before.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

Below you will notice the season stats for this year’s Freshman Football team and you will notice some lofty numbers for this District 14-4A Division I Champion. Canyon Lake has had some special Freshman classes with two recent classes back during the 2014 and 2015 seasons that had a group of boys that would trend CL’s fortune with a string of winning seasons.

Those winning years started to transpire when those players entered their Sophomore and Junior years. In 2016, CL had their first winning record after a run of 4 campaigns that had The Lake with an all-time record of 37-51 and garnering 16 wins during that stretch or an average of just 4 wins.

For that 2016 season, which started this winning streak, Canyon Lake was just one game away from winning a district championship that was realized that next year and a 10 win season which was a first.

The Hawks now find themselves with a 67-67 all-time record and a chance to stretch that winning record streak to 5 years.

This past Freshman team had just one player advance to the Varsity (Helijah Johnson) and that did not transpire until the Fredericksburg game.

So Mr. Johnson’s numbers are minus three regular season games on those stats below but a glimpse of future players and their stature will be on the horizon in these coming years.

                      Go Hawks!!

That move did not stop this Freshman team from winning district after facing Liberty Hill on the road for that last game of the season on a blustery cold and windy night.

Some of the numbers to enjoy would be the points scored and allowed by The Lake. Giving up 51 points and having 27 of those being posted during the 4th quarter when the game had been long decided after the end of the first stanza.

There are many numbers below and The ReSporter would draw your attention to the number of punts that this CL Freshman team had last year.

Yes, that number was one punt and that play resulted in a touchdown for the other team on their return in the only contest that resulted in a loss. In fact, that game had a kick-off return for a touchdown with both special team plays adding up to this loss.

This Freshman team had 51 points scored on them and 26 points was in that one loss. Showing how dominant this Hawk Defense was in taking care of opponents chance for a score.

In that loss, Canyon Lake had given up just one offensive touchdown and those other 3 scores came from these differing varieties.

1) Punt Return 70 yards
2) Kick-Off Return 75 yards
3) Fumble Return 75 yards

Put those together and you would still have a dominant team game in giving up yardage and gaining yardage for your Home Team. CL finished with 353 yards while giving up 96 to Weiss.

              Way To Go Hawks!!

That loss pivoted into a strong motivator on how their season would end….how bout a running clock in all but one contest and with a final game against Liberty Hill that had CL clinching their District 28-4A Championship on the road.

Another note to read into those stat numbers below has almost all of the 2nd half battles had a running clock and those quarters are just 9 minutes long compared to 12 minutes for Varsity games.

That will magnify those marks below and help in understanding how much this group of players excelled as they made their mark in starting what could be their special high school careers.

This group of players have set themselves apart from previous teams in how they are not just a one-sport group and seeing how the Track & Field, Basketball, and Baseball sports have increased participation to the max.

                      Hawk Proud

In Baseball, Canyon Lake has enough players, that having two Junior Varsity teams would be a good way of allowing more students being able to play as there are more players in this talent rich sport that has the Hawk Nation waiting with bated breath as this crew works their way up the ladder and competing at the Varsity level.

Canyon Lake has a chance of making great strides in the coming years as these boys mature and work their skills as a team and rising all the ships on The Lake.

Don’t be a stranger when CL sports start back up as there will be an influx of several sports going on in a short period of time and that will have a good chance to witness a group of athletes that prepare for finishing out a solid Freshman campaign. Whether it is on the Track or Baseball diamond.

Way to Go Hawks!!


              1    2    3    4   Final
Opposition    6   12    6   27    51
CL Hawks    130  118   97   44   389

Scoring Summary:    Rush   Rec  Returns  2pt  1pt   Total
Shayne Moss          11     0     1 ko    5    0     82
Cole Casen            8     0             9    0     66
Ty Sellers            6     0             6    0     48
Helijah Johnson       7     0             2    0     46
River Hand            6     0             1    0     38
Chase Anderson        1     4             3    0     36
Hunter Anderson       2     0     1 ko    4    0     26
Hayden Baker          0     2             2    0     16
Ethan Schedlbauer     2     0             1    0     14
Tyler Balderas        1     0             2    0     10
Marshall McConnell    0     0     1 int   0    0     06
Quinten Pearn         0     0             0   1/2    01
                     44     6     3      35   1/2   389

Team Stats          Opposition      CL Hawks
Total Yards            891            3098
First Downs             48             113
Rush/Yards           187/418        181/2832
Comp/Att/Int         38/83/8         9/13/1
Passing Yards          463             266
Punts/Average        26/30.8         1/31.0
Fumbles-Lost           7/5             7/4
Penalties-Yards      22-173          30-218

Passing              Comp   Att    Pct    Yds   Int  TD
Hunter Anderson      9      13    .692    266   1    6

Rushing              Att    Yds    Ave    Lg    TD
Shayne Moss          59     701   11.9    89    11
Helijah Johnson      28     592   21.1    73     7
Cole Casen           23     456   19.8    49     8
Ty Sellers           22     378   17.2    56     6
River Hand           10     258   25.8    64     6
Tyler Balderas        6     135   22.5    86     1
Hunter Anderson      15     118    7.9    52     2
Ethan Schedlbauer    17     117    6.9    15     2
Chase Anderson        1      65   65.0    65     1
Peyton McCormick      1      12   12.0    12     0
Totals              181    2832   15.6    89    44

Receiving           No      Yds    Ave    Lg    TD
Hunter Anderson      5      179   35.8    43     4
Hayden Baker         3       49   16.3    21     2
Ty Sellers           1       38   38.0    38     0
Totals               9      266   29.5    43     6