Baseball | April 18, 2020

What Happens Now? & Baseball’s All-Time Top 10

            Tyler Pauly picking cotton in win over Robstown Cotton Pickers.     rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

What happens now?

All of the Spring Sports have officially finished because of China and now Canyon Lake will end promising seasons for several Senior Students that did not have an opportunity to finish what they started.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

A sport that was hit the hardest would be CL’s Baseball program that was enjoying a solid regular season and had a good mixture of grades and talent to go far in district and post-season.

Several students on the Cinders will not have an opportunity to finish their careers at a State Meet after honing their skill set.

The ReSporter will continue till the end of May in focusing on some sports and all-time Hawk Athletes as well as looking back on this year of accomplishments.

A Virtual Track Meet will be forthcoming as The ReSporter has compiled the best track results from this year’s meets and CL can see where they might have finished when compared to the District 28-4A Brethren.

This down time has led The ReSporter with time to dissect other Baseball angles and how this season might have ended based on those Stats all the district teams had before the district season had a chance to get started.

Canyon Lake Broadcasting will continue their 10 game game to game schools series on this years Hawk’s schedule.

The ReSporter will look to have some rankings for Hawk Students since the school started back in 2008 as we are in the process of canvassing people that have been watching sports from the beginning to give an All-Time players from across the field.

Below you will see an All-Time Baseball Top 10 and since the China-Virus stopped this year’s games way too early, The ReSporter added the 5 exhibition game stats to the regular season to help fill some of those times these Student-Athletes might had a chance of achieving some milestones.

So all of the stats have been updated to show those results.

The ReSporter is truly sorry for all of the Athletes that did not have an opportunity to finish but especially those Seniors who were left without a chance to see what they might have done to finish their great high school careers.

Hope you enjoy the Stats Below and this year’s athletes are bolded in Hawk Green.

Go Hawks!!


                           ALL-TIME TOP 10 BASEBALL STATS

Average                    At Bats                     Runs
Brandon Robinson   .397    Travis Walker        272    Travis Walker         65
Michael Brady      .364    Caleb Williams       271    Caleb Williams        54
Tyler Pauly        .351    Cody Powell          208    Garrett Winters       52
James LaLonde      .349    Garrett Winters      192    Brandon Robinson      38
Ross Wagliardo     .339    JJ Nance             187    Kyler Huff            38
Zach Jenkins       .336    Michael Brady        184    Corey Shedrock        38
Drew Riccio        .318    Logan Felch          184    Joe Shone             37
Jeff Nabors        .318    Mason Lee            184    Daniel Camarillo      37
Ty Sellers         .311    Brandon Robinson     181    JJ Nance              37
Joe Shone          .306    Daniel Camarillo     178    Drew Riccio           36
                                                       Logan Felch           36

Hits                       Extra Base Hits             Run's Batted In (rbi)
Travis Walker        80    Travis Walker         26    Caleb Williams        44
Caleb Williams       77    Logan Felch           21    Travis Walker         44
Brandon Robinson     72    Kyler Huff            19    Logan Felch           43
Michael Brady        67    Corey Shedrock        17    Brandon Robinson      40
Cody Powell          52    Caleb Williams        17    Michael Brady         38
Daniel Camarillo     52    Brandon Robinson      15    Cody Powell           30
Jeff Nabors          49    Michael Brady         14    Zach Jenkins          29
Logan Felch          49    Jeff Nabors           13    Nick Cahill           27
Corey Shedrock       48    Joe Shone             13    Drew Riccio           27
Mason Lee            47    Nick Cahill           11    Jeff Nabors           27

Base on Balls              Hit by Pitch                Stolen Bases
Matt Anderson        53    Matt Anderson         14    Daniel Camarillo      29
Michael Brady        48    CJ Parrish            12    Joe Shone             23
Travis Walker        39    Tanner Sellers        10    Caleb Williams        23
Caleb Williams       38    Brandon Robinson      10    Brandon Robinson      17
Daulton Winters      37    Travis Walker          9    Mason Lee             16
JJ Nance             31    Tyler Pauly            9    Tanner Sellers        13
Kyler Huff           30    Caleb Williams         9    Ethan Slater          13
Ross Wagliardo       28    Drew Riccio            8    Zach Jenkins          12
Logan Felch          28    Michael Brady          7    Eric Nelson           11
Tyler Pauly          26    Nick Cahill            7    Cody Breest           10
Zach Jenkins         26    Kolten Ramey           7    William Gore          10

Pitching                                               (Need 20 or more Innings)
Innings Pitched            Strikeouts                  Earned Run Average (era)
Avery Montgomery  142.0    Cody Powell          128    Tanner Schultz      2.07
Cody Powell       114.1    Ross Wagliardo       109    Tyler Pauly         2.27
Matt Anderson      99.0    Avery Montgomery     108    Cody Breest         2.48
Ross Wagliardo     96.1    Cale Claycomb        105    Zach Jenkins        3.03
Logan Felch        93.2    Tyler Pauly           96    Cale Claycomb       3.17
Gavin Dietrich     81.2    Matt Anderson         89    Cody Powell         3.62
Tanner Schultz     81.0    Cody Breest           87    Nick Kissen         3.63
Cody Breest        79.1    Tanner Schultz        74    Tanner McGill       3.93
Tyler Pauly        77.0    Logan Felch           64    Travis Walker       3.98
Cale Claycomb      75.1    Jeff Nabors           56    Avery Montgomery    4.14

Wins                       Walks per Inning            Strikeouts per Inning
Tanner Schultz       12    Tanner Schultz      0.23    Cale Claycomb       1.40
Cody Breest          11    Jeff Nabors         0.25    Jeff Nabors         1.29
Cody Powell           9    Tyler Pauly         0.27    Tyler Pauly         1.25
Ross Wagliardo        7    Logan Felch         0.27    Ross Wagliardo      1.13
Tyler Pauly           7    Avery Montgomery    0.34    Cody Powell         1.12
Avery Montgomery      7    Travis Walker       0.35    Cody Breest         1.10
Matt Anderson         6    Michael Brady       0.36    Zach Jenkins        1.09
Cale Claycomb         5    Cody Breest         0.37    Drew Tyra           0.97
Nick Kissell          4    Zach Jenkins        0.41    Tanner Schultz      0.91
Logan Feldh           4    Gavin Dietrich      0.43    Matt Anderson       0.90
Ryan Hutcheson        4