Sport News | July 18, 2020

Canyon Lake’s Next 3 Boys All-Time Dual Athletes

Tyler Pauly takes the mound in win over Gonzales, 6-0.     [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Now the last 3 Hawk Dual Athletes before unveiling The ReSporter’s top choice. A previous article has the top 2 football players all-time that did not make the dual list. Don’t miss reading bout Bobby Flint and Josh DeVries.

               Way To Go Hawks!!

This next Dual Athlete will be going into his Senior year and has a chance to move up on this list if his last two years are realized with one more year of competition.

TYLER PAULY gets the nod for this honor and this athlete has excelled on the baseball diamond while playing football and basketball to a high degree. During Pauly’s sophomore year (his first after transferring to CL from Lorena) he was moved up to Varsity at the end of the season for football which was repeated during basketball’s season too.

That gave Pauly a junior year to start piling up stats and getting noticed. In football, starting in the defensive backfield had a decent season, stats. Then near the end of the campaign Pauly saw more action on the offensive side as a receiver. You will probably start seeing Pauly more on offense this coming season that will compliment his defensive accolades.

Two receptions for 64 yards and two pass break ups has Pauly with a chance to increase those numbers to the nth degree.

Basketball moved this young man up to start his Junior season and the ball handler was able to dish out 95 assists,  if repeated, then a new leader as the Hawk’s all-time assist leader passing Doug Hubnik.

Basketball was another sport that Pauly got very defensive….by doubling those numbers acquired his Junior season, Pauly will have a chance to be in the top-5 for steals and leading the way with assists as mentioned above.

Pauly is not a shoot first player but when called upon after Rico Griffin was injured before the final contest, Pauly responded by matching Rylee Spaulding scoring 13 points on 50% shooting. Pauly was voted All-District 2nd Team for District 28-4A.

Head Basketball Coach Chapman had this to say bout Pauly, “Tyler is a young man with a ton of ability. He is able to see the floor and game in a way that you cannot really coach or teach. In our closing games, he played extremely well and made some big plays for our team. I was very proud and pleased with his maturity over the course of the season. He really matured and got to a point where he was leading our team on the offensive end of the floor. I am really excited that we get to have him around for another year. He will certainly be the engine that drives our team next year.”

Hard to add to those remarks….so having an idea of what sport might qualify for his 2nd sport is still in the debating stage. But having 3 major sports is a heavy weight in giving these athletes their due.

Now to baseball and before starting his sophomore season, The ReSporter, asked Coach Lancaster for his thoughts entering the 2019 season and with a smile quipped that this sport was Tyler’s first love.

That has been seen these last two years as baseball has Pauly coming in as a starter instead of having to work his way up the supply chain.

Look at these 2 year numbers and also realize that the Wuhan year was cut short.


                                  All-Time Stats
               Batting Average (60 at bats)    .343       ranks   5th
               Runs Batted In                    25       ranks  11th
               Base on Balls                     22       ranks  14th
               Innings Pitched                   72       ranks   8th
               Earned Run Average              2.43       ranks   1st
               Strikeouts                        97       ranks   5th
               Walks Given Up (30 innings)       15  21%  ranks   2nd
               (This stat let’s you know that Pauly is around the plate.)
               Wins                               7       ranks   5th

Tanner Schultz & Tyler Pauly make All-Tourney Team in Marion.

Pauly will be battling Tanner Schultz another year as both pitchers continue to amaze….Pauly had a 0.20 era and won 5 games in the Wuhan shorted season and those are numbers that will give Coaches a soft pillow to sleep on for any night. In laymen terms, Pauly gave up just 1 earned run in 35 innings of work….wow!!

For his 2019 season Pauly had 26 hits which ranks 4th, 18 rbi’s ranking 1st, a .377 batting average that ranks 7th, on-base percentage .500 for 2020….it continues, 5 wins in 2020 for 3rd and this does not even get into this players defensive skills.

Pauly played 2nd base when he is not pitching and can be moved to short stop, which might be a move Coach Escamilla might install giving James LaLonde the lock down 2nd base chore.

Hope this gives the Hawk Nation a taste of a player that will be going into his Senior season as a player to keep an eye on for more accomplishments  and hopefully helping the Hawks to higher realms in their sporting venue.

The best stat? How bout being on the All-Academic Team letting you know this young man excels in many of his endeavors. Congrats and look forward to covering more of Pauly this school year.

The ReSporter went long on this introduction to show why, The ReSporter, thinks Pauly is worth all the accolades mentioned above.


Next up will be ROSS WAGLIARDO, the first quarterback for Canyon Lake and coupled with a very good baseball resume.

Football first: As a two year starter, Wagliardo finished with 3896 yards passing, while reaching 308 completions with a solid .571 passing percentage.


                                Top Passing Pct.
                             1. Ross Wagliardo      .551
                             2. Branson Belcher     .507
                             3. Jeff Nabors         .496
                             4. Skyler Tschoepe     .488
                             5. Ben Fulton          .483

Wagliardo was instrumental in helping CL make the playoffs during their 2nd year of playing varsity as this 2009 team had good results on defense as well and finishing that first campaign with a 6-4 regular season record with a huge win over Liberty Hill.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

After scoring 72 points in that blood bath of a first season, the Hawks, turned the tables and surprised several teams that had scheduled Canyon Lake as their Homecoming game thinking it would be an easy win. That resulted in some sad dances as CL headed home on their bus with the winning ball.

Baseball might be Wagliardo’s best sport as he pitched and batted on a team that was the first Canyon Lake team to get past the Bi-District series and then was just one out away in taking down a solid Valley team, Hidago that sported a 28-3 record entering post season in a best of three series.


                        All-Time Baseball Stats
                 Ave   Rank     Runs  Rank     Hits   Rank     Walks    Rank
Ross Wagliardo  .339   5th       33   10th      41   10th       33      7th

Take into account that during games Wagliardo pitched, he had a courtesy runner substituted for him taking away runs for a higher rating for that category.

Wagliardo pitched right at 100 innings and won 7 games and recording 2 saves and joined just 3 other Hawks to reach 100 strikeouts during their career.


                              100 Strikeout Pitchers
                           1. Cody Powell          128
                           2. Ross Wagliardo       109
                           3. Avery Montgomery     108
                           4. Cale Claycomb        105

Coach Drum said, “Wagliardo along with (Eric) Nelson and (Bobby) Flint were instrumental in putting Canyon Lake on the map.”

Congrats Mr. Wagliardo.


This next Hawk was mentioned above with Coach Drum’s comment on Wagliardo….ERIC NELSON.

WOW wants CL to WOW their Opponents Next Year!!

Nelson’s major sport will go down in Football but playing sports was in his blood…if there was any competitive contest going on, then Nelson would certainly be there competing for the Hawk Nation.

Those other sports? Baseball, Basketball and Track & Field. The ReSporter remembers seeing Nelson running over from a track work-out to play in a baseball game.

The ReSporter will just combine the sports that was not played with an oblong ball and give the highlights.

Baseball? A decent .270 batting average and the first Hawk to hit a home-run.

Basketball? Finished with 29 blocks which ranks 7th All-Time.

Track & Field? Ranks 3rd All-Time with a 20-07 long jump.

In football, Eric Nelson, never left the field. Never!!

Played and still ranks as the all-time receiver with yards (1527) and catches (97). If CL needed to punt, then Nelson would be the punter.

Staying on the field, Nelson would finish his Senior season with 9 interceptions (in that one year). He was first team All-State as a defensive back.

Having the ability to read an opposing quarterback had Nelson with an interception in 9 of the contests. In his game against Liberty Hill, being able to intercept a team that threw the ball 3 times helped in pulling off an upset while on the offensive side Nelson snagged a pass from Wagliardo for 77 yards that helped secure the win over this Panther team that had handed CL a resounding, 56-0 loss in that first year of games.

                   Hawk Proud

Canyon Lake won 14-7 over the LH and had given up that one score on their first possession but then played errorless football defensively for this huge win.

With Nelson’s ability in having great hands left him on the field for kick-offs and punts underlining how important a player that elevated, The ReSporter, to place Nelson 2nd place on the Dual Athlete list.

Nelson had a 4 year career at Mary Hardin Baylor and has set up shop with a business  called WOW here at The Lake which helps people keep in shape.

Go Hawks and congrats Eric Nelson!!