CL Boy’s All-Time Dual Sport Athletes

                                               Jacob Foster showing off his signing papers in choosing his next stop in The Air Force!!


Passing the time, has The ReSporter, taking a look at who might be the top dual boys athletes in these early stages of Canyon Lake Hawk history.

Taking some variables on what would be considered as qualifying for the best in this category has some eliminating hurdles to whittle a long list down to a Top 10.

             Way to Go Hawks!!

One of the first hurdles would have this group being comprised in having major sports counting heavily. This athlete would need to be on the upper echelon in those sports….not necessarily the best, but certainly on top of their game to garner a chance in making this list.

The ReSporter whittled the list down to 31 after taking the best marks to see what or who would qualify for this honor.

There were 10 Hawks who were actively involved in 3 or more sports which would be one of those attributes to give weight in qualifying for making the Top-10.

Another hurdle that would help in getting down to the best were records amassed by these young men in Canyon Lake as well as how those accomplishments played on how far the team went in playoffs, etc.

The ReSporter also gave credence to Hawks that are presently in their Green and Gold uniforms as Seniors this year.

Give your thoughts if you think other’s might have been at a higher level. One thought was how well those players in the trenches for football would be scored. Those players do not have the luxury of rushing/receiving/etc. stats to help put them in the bright lights.

A Jacob Foster would be a player who excelled by being named the District MVP after playing in those trenches and that type of mark certainly helped in jettisoning into contention for mention in this small fraternity of players.

So, looking at this exclusive group, there are several ‘hurdles’ needed to be cleared to rise into a conversation of being mentioned.

The ReSporter will have run this through the month of July with 4 articles with reasons and stats to bolster a ranking counting down with 3 players and then a final issue for what would be the top person for this group.


              Let’s Go Hawks!!

In starting off this count-down, The ReSporter, will mention 5 Honorable Mention players that were just outside the selection but certainly had several skins on their wall that garnered recognition during their time roaming the halls on the CL campus.

These 5 Hawk players, just missing the top-ten list, still needed to be mentioned as the title to that, ‘Honorable Mention’, statement.

In no particular order, Brandon Robinson, Cody Powell, Skyler Tschoepe, Peyton McMullen, and Nic Rivera were those players.

Robinson finished his Hawk career holding the top batting percentage, .397 and was the main cog in this year’s team that might have catapulted his status if not for the Wuhan Virus. CL’s Baseball club was on a tear with a 12-2 record, when play was halted and Robinson had reached base in each game this season while anchoring centerfield.

Robinson was a back-up QB and a key to CL’s Defense during those Fall games…finishing with 55 tackles and three pass breakups this year.

Powell main sport was Baseball and he finished his career with several wins as a southpaw and a decent bat. Powell’s football accolades were on the defensive side as a defensive back and ranks 4th with 3 interceptions. With a highlight coming in a Bi-District win over Waco La Vega on an interception returned for a touchdown.

Powell finished 5th on pass break ups in a season finishing with six during his Senior year (2014).

Tschoepe had 3 sports that he excelled in as he continued his golf game in college after playing Quarterback for the Hawks and in Basketball finished 12th in made 3-pointers with (34), 8th in rebounds (249), 6th place with 69 steals and 7th place finishing with 29 blocks.

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

McMullen has a chance, with another year, to move up the charts. This all around player has been active in 4 sports. Track & Field and Baseball have been alternating and he could continue his impressive resume with either or both sports during his Senior campaign.

Football and Basketball have been those major two sports for McMullen. Starting his 3rd year as the starting Quarterback with 1552 yards passing and 13 touchdowns. With a decent year, McMullen could pass Jeff Nabors and Ben Fulton for a 3rd place standing behind Ross Waglardo and Branson Belcher on the passing charts.

On the Basketball court, McMullen has a 9th place spot with blocks (25) and if he can score the same amount as his Junior year would be able to crack into the top 15 in points scored.

A break out year could give McMullen a chance to surpass that top-10 barrier for multiple sports list.

Nic Rivera started his Hawk career on the injured list and missed his freshman year in football while starting his high school sports playing basketball.

Rivera made his mark in football and track while accumulating some good basketball marks. A shortened track season (Wuhan Virus) hurt his chances of moving up as his hurdle times were excellent having a chance of qualifying for Region and State.


      Basketball                  Football                       Track & Field        
      Ranked                      Ranked                         Ranked
      20th Points scored   194    15th Rushing Yds        575    1st   14.93 110 m hurdles
      14th Three Point      33     4th Rush Ave Game     14.7    2nd   39.59 300 m hurdles
      14th in Steals        53     9th Yds longest play    79 
      21st in Assists       39    20th Points Scored       48

If these 5 athletes did not make the Top-Ten List then this should be a fun time to find out which athletes were able to get to that next round. (According to The ReSporter)

Way to Go Hawks!!