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Final Edition of the Best Dual Boys Sports Athletes


                               One of 252 yards against the Austin-Travis Rebels.


Now it is time to introduce the best Dual Boys Athlete for Canyon Lake.

Zach Henshaw get’s The ReSporter’s nod for this spot as Henshaw participated in Track & Field along with Football.

      Zach Henshaw

It has been 9 years since Henshaw entered his final season on the gridiron with a rushing onslaught and had 2,070 yards rushing in 10 games and finished with 4324 in his career. Henshaw averaged 207 yards per game in 2011 and that has Henshaw at the top of almost all of CL’s rushing records.

When The ReSporter started covering Canyon Lake High School during the 2009 season, Head Coach Matt Monzingo stated that the Hawks did not have a good rushing game during that first season and that would soon change as Henshaw started as a Sophomore and rushed for over 1000 yards in those next three campaigns.

“Zach Henshaw exemplified on how we wanted to build our program and he (Henshaw) helped us overcome obstacles and became the face of Canyon Lake Football,” Head Coach Charley Drum recalled. “He was hardworking and he was what high school football is all about. He was not the fastest or biggest but he was hardworking and he had the will and determination.”

Henshaw is perched in those first 7 spots for rushing in a game and with those 15 games that had a Hawk running for 200 yards or over, Henshaw’s name has 9 of those spots.


                          200 YARD RUSHING GAMES (Individuals)
                 Name               Yards    Game             Year
              1) Zach Henshaw        300     Fredericksburg   2011
              2) Zach Henshaw        297     Sealy            2011
              3) Zach Henshaw        287     Navarro          2011
              4) Zach Henshaw        266     Somerset         2010
              5) Zach Henshaw        252     Austin-Travis    2011
              6) Zach Henshaw        243     Burnet           2010 (playoff)
              7) Zach Henshaw        227     Bandera          2011
              8) James Bates         223     Smithville       2019
              9) Jacob Ruff          222     Wimberley        2018
             10) Josh DeVries        213     Rockport         2014 (playoff)
             11) Austin Brennan      211     Fredericksburg   2016
             12) Zach Henshaw        209     Gonzales         2009
             13) Tanner Faris        205     Boerne           2016
             14) Tanner Faris        204     Boerne           2017
             15) Zach Henshaw        200     Blanco           2011


Henshaw passed the 100 yard rushing plateau 18 times during his time at Canyon Lake which is one of many highlights in football.

For that 297 rushing game above for Henshaw, it was his game against Sealy which has been a mainstay for these many years and in this particular contest, there was another athlete on the field who would be recruited by Texas A&M, Ricky Seals-Jones.

Zach Henshaw and Jeremy Fulton Celebrating another Touchdown.

“He (Henshaw) beat Sealy and outplayed Ricky Seals-Jones,” Coach Drum said. This Hawk win was the first for CL against a ranked opponent and had 370 rushing helping off-set the Sealy rushing attack which had been instrumental in a loss to Sealy a year earlier.

In that 33-6 loss the year before, The Lake, had one of their worst offensive nights not counting that first year of games. What Henshaw, with help from Branson Belcher and Eduardo Covarrubias, did in this game jettisoned the Hawks to their best win up to that point.

Henshaw scoring 4 touchdowns in this contest would be repeated throughout this season for a team that finished with an 8-2 record.

It would be debatable from the Hawk Nation that this still might be the best win for Canyon Lake.

“Henshaw was unselfish and he praised everyone and he made our defense better,” Coach Drum closed. “With his rushing, he allowed our defense to stay on the sideline, he was about team and he was a great teammate and everyone liked him.”

Henshaw took his running game to Tarleton for 4 years from 2012-15, finished his career ranking 5th All-Time in rushing games over 100 yards for the Texans.

Zach Henshaw first Leg of 4×100 Relay

Henshaw’s 2nd sport would still be a team sport as he ran with 3 other athletes in all three relays each week.

Eduardo Covarrubias, Daniel Camarillo and Doug Hubnik was the team that would help in scoring 40-60 points in each Hawk Track-Meet and that was a given. By having these 4 athletes running in just relay events allowed fewer mistakes when that important passing the baton moment presented itself.

This quartet of athletes still hold the best 4×100 meter relay of 43.73 during the 2012 season.

For those other two Relays, Henshaw and the trio, still are holding down the 3rd best relay times in Hawk history.


Time                    Best Time
   4x200 Relay   1:31.23   2012       2018 1:30.29 Cardosa, Greyson Lee, Rose, Boehm
   4x400 Relay   3:26.55   2012       2018 3:24.18 Martelli, Boehm, Sarmiento, McDonough

These times and yardage let’s you know that The ReSporter has Zach Henshaw as the best dual athlete

Congrats to all of those Hawks that were mentioned as the Best Dual Athletes in Hawk history according to The ReSporter.

Go Hawks!!