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Hawk’s Dual Boys Athletes Next Three

                                                          Trenton Lorett & Hawks Take Down Freddie, 5-1.
                                                          (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Those next three dual athletes are below, but The ReSporter wanted to heap some praise for another Hawk that was the best in one sport, Jordan Anderson.

Anderson had a brief stay for Hawk Basketball but after his one year, decided to devote his full time to running around the Cinders.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

That is what Anderson did in spades, in fact after an average freshman year, this young man made a scene quickly for his Sophomore season by qualifying for Regions in all 5 events he competed in throughout that season.

The ReSporter asked Anderson why his first Region Meet did not produce results that were performed during the season….’it was inexperience, as his first night before that next day he was up most of the night with friends not realizing he had some early races that next morning’. To say the least, he was a sophomore and learning would come to be his benefit after reaching Austin for his Junior and Senior seasons.

Of the 5 events that Anderson competed, only one has been topped by a Hawk since his graduation. The Long Jump was that event and Gerrit Wilkins beat Anderson’s jump by 4 inches.


                                    FIVE EVENTS
Jordan Anderson    Time/Distance    Ranked    When    Next Hawk
100 meter dash      10.81            1st      2012    Shayne Moss     10.84   2020
200 meter dash      22.47            1st      2012    Cody Kline      22.60   2019
400 meter dash      48.92            1st     *2012    Chance Martelli 50.20   2019
High Jump            6’06            1st     *2013    Albert Edington  6-06   2011
Long Jump           21-04            2nd      2012    Gerrit Wilkins  21-08   2017
*Placed in State Meet

It was a common occurrence that Anderson would score 50 points for Canyon Lake in a meet which has given this Hawk the best Track & Field Athlete in the eyes of The ReSporter.


               Way to Go Hawks!!

Next up for the next three Hawk Athletes to be recognized in this Top 10 of Dual Sports will be Heath McDonough. This is the 2nd McDonough to make this list as the older brother to Caimen McDonough started his CL quest playing Football and Track & Field while Heath was able to make his mark in basketball as well.

Using 3 major sports as one of the criteria for inclusion played a major role as well as making a difference in those sports.

Heath McDonough’s Track & Field sport would be considered his major contribution after finishing on top in several events which can be seen below.


    Event            Rank     Time/Distance     When
100 meter dash       7th        11.36           2016
200 meter dash       7th        23.37           2016
400 meter dash       7th        52.94           2016
High Jump            3rd         6-04           2016
Long Jump            9th     19-10.50           2017
Triple Jump          7th     40-03.00           2017
4x200 meter relay    2nd.     1:31.23           2017
4x400 meter relay    2nd      3:25.75           2016

Such an all-round athlete that Track Coaches could use Heath in several events to get the maximum points for any meet. The most an athlete can compete in, for a meet, is five.

          Go Hawks!!

Football had Heath primarily playing as a receiver and his 378 yards per receing has him as one of 6th slot-t receivers in yardage. When adding in those earlier passing players, McDonough’s ranking is 15th in that category.

Only two touchdowns via a punt return has been recorded and Heath was one of those two players shared with Richard Howell. While ranking 29th in scoring with 24 points in football.

A successful basketball tenure helped put this well deserved athlete in the top 10. Playing on a Hawk team with several scorers allowed Heath to excel defensively with rebounds and blocks.


               Basketball        Career         Season           Year
               Rebounds           5th   338     5th       211    2017
               Steals            15th    49
               Blocks             9th    25    12th        18    2016

A McDonough twofer as this will be the only brothers to make this list….Congrats!!


Doug Hubnik was another 3 sport athlete who excelled in all three of his sports.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

Football as a receiver and special team player….dishing the basketball as the all-time assist leader….and track had Hubnik spending most of his time on the cinders running all three relays.

Starting with football, Hubnik scored by rushing, receiving, by interception and returning a kick-off. He finished his career by scoring 60 points and that has an 18th place on that list. There is only one Hawk that has scored in more ways than Hubnik, Trenton Lorett.

Hubnik is ranked 5th in receiving yards with 645 and scored one TD  while playing quarterback and gives a good idea that this athlete never took a snap off.

His best season, 517 yards in 2012, gives Hubnik a 6th place finish in the category and his 8 receiving TD’s ranks 4th for receivers. Add being placed in 3rd place with 4 interceptions gives you an indication on why this player was put on this list.

But there is more….

In Basketball dishing out 151 assists in one season is still 56 more than any other Hawk. Tyler Pauly had 95 last season and that is the closest player to Hubnik.


       Basketball            Career             Season          Year
       Made Free Throws       11th     80       11th      65    2013
       Steals                  9th     62       14th      38    2012
       Assists                 1st    187        1st     151    2013


Track & Field had a foursome that included Hubnik during those early stages and those relays on many occasions would help CL Hawks with 40-60 points during meets.

That foursome was a given with Daniel Camarillo, Eduardo Covarrubias, and Zach Henshaw teaming with Hubnik that had those honors each week. These 4 athletes worked together for 3 years in helping with those important, passing the baton moments, where mistakes were kept to a minimum.


          Relay       Time      Place     Year
          4x100       43.73     1st       2012
          4x100       43.88     3rd       2014 
          4x200     1:31.23     3rd       2012
          4x400     3:26.55     3rd       2012

Pretty good career!!


          Go Hawks and Get a Hit!!

Next up is a recent graduate that excelled in a different venue with football….yes the original name for real football….Soccer.

Trenton Lorett was one of the main weapons on that talented Soccer team that reached the Final Four two years ago.

Lorett (23) finished tied with Matt Bell for 3rd on the Hawk Scoring list behind, Grayson Rohrbacher (42) and Mike Thorpe (36). This team was a first in going this far in the post-season that had a magical ride two years ago with close wins against several top teams.

The playoff run had Canyon Lake beating 4 teams that won their district which speaks volumes considering the Hawks finished 2nd that year in their district.

Lorett was like many soccer players that season, after the game, you could see bruises and blood from a hard night of work.

Lorett topped Hubnik above in scoring for the Hawk Football team as he followed Mike Thorpe as the kicker and finished his career 3rd in scoring with 213 points.


            Touchdowns Scored          Extra Points
            Run  Rec  Int  Kick-Off    2 Point  Kick    Field Goals
Lorett       6    1    1      1           1    130/135     9/10

        Go Hawks!!


That looks like a fine resume for an all round athlete. Lorett is tied with Austin Brennan for 2nd Place for the longest rushing touchdown (87 yards) in a win over Austin Reagan…note that Brennan also has the longest of 90 yards.

On the defensive side, Lorett has the 2nd most interceptions with 5 trailing Eric Nelson’s 9 during his 2009 season.

Congrats to these players and we are now down to the final 4 CL Boy Athletes in this Best Dual Sport players and as always Go Hawks!!