Sport News | August 25, 2020

Canyon Lake’s Booster Shot!

The Canyon Lake Booster club started over a decade ago with many super caring parents as this organization strived to offer the best services for all the sports throughout the years.

There is a new President this year in LJ Anderson taking the reigns with some big syringes to help continue this arduous sojourn.

    Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Mr. Anderson to see what might be on the docket for this upcoming school year.

What is on the horizon? “We have some major goals,” Anderson started. “We want to continue what has been started as far as giving scholarships that benefit the athletes and also have a focus on athletes.”

Anderson continued on more goals, “Be more visible than just football even though we are football centric we want to help in those other sports. We also want to be more visible in the community, that will bring a favorable light for our high school and being a catalyst in helping more people coming to those minor sports.”

Canyon Lake has had some good success with those ‘other’ sports like volleyball, track and field, softball, soccer and last year what could have been a special year when the baseball team had their season ended after a 13-2 start. (This is a sport to keep an eye on for this season, as there were some good players lost to graduation but a very strong Junior Varsity and having several good players to take the baton at other positions might be a year for this sport).

“We want to raise the bar for our athletics and want to create an outreach to our athletes,” Anderson continued. “We are not like small communities and we believe within a year being able to double or triple more into our budget.”

       Go Hawks!!

That extra money would be a welcome sight especially since many of those money raisers in the past not being an option due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Yes, that would help with more meals for other sports and scholarships,” Anderson assessed. “We could fill more requests for our athletes and more funds would give us a better impact to put us on par with other schools in our district.”

“I quit believing that we are a small community and that Canyon Lake is here so we can make an impact and find a way to make it happen,” Anderson closed. “We want to create a relationship with our coaches and a unity on where sponsors can go for sources so we can be a facilitator.”

With the UIL allowing each school to stream this season due to the virus has brought a way for this year in having football games broadcasted visually which will start this Friday when the Hawks go to Wimberley for their season opener. Having the corona virus still prevalent has helped in making each game available so more at risk people to still have a chance of seeing the games in real time.

Below you will see that chance of catching all the action. Thanks LJ for your dedication and The ReSporter hopes your team of volunteers will have a successful year of Hawk Sports.

Go Hawks!!