Coaches Corner, Football | August 20, 2020

Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Canyon Lake will see how much was learned when they have their only scrimmage in Boerne.


Canyon Lake Football will have their first and last scrimmage on Friday when they travel to Boerne with a scrimmage to a former district opponent.

Yes, this was not a planned scrimmage but the China Virus has caused many changes these last few months.

This Greyhound team is picked to win their district according to the Texas Football Magazine and does have several returning skill players that should be a good test for CL’s young squad.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Head Football Coach Charley Drum to get an update on practices and the upcoming season.

On how this pre-season practices have evolved.

“We are actually practicing and been doing well,” Coach Drum beat. “It is all of those things outside of those practices that have been different and made this season a challenge.”

Coach Drum continued, “We know what is at stake we have to deal with it whether we like it or not,” Drum said while talking bout the protocols needed to combat this virus. “But we have been doing as well as expected under the circumstances.”

What are your impressions of the Freshman up to this point compared to previous first year players, “They are a smaller class than usual as we usually have 40-50 come out and this freshman class has 35 that we will take to Boerne, We hope to have some more when school starts.”

                   Let’s Go Hawks

Can you give us your thoughts on the Junior Varsity team? “Our Sophomores and Juniors are our strongest number wise now they will have to step up and they will have plenty of time to show what they can do.”

CL will have a tough scrimmage on Friday, what are your thoughts on this Varsity group of players? “Our offense is stronger than our defense as we have had to replace more on that side of the ball. We have eight new faces and they have had a good camp. We will have mistakes and we will want to see how they react when that happens.”

Coach Drum finished, “We will be more nuts and bolts on offense and our defense will be more vanilla.”

This will certainly be a good first team for the Hawks coaches to get a good read as Canyon Lake will have their first test on the road in Wimberley which will be toughest first contests since that first ball was snapped back in 2008.

Thanks Coach and Go Hawks!!