Coaches Corner, Football | August 16, 2020

Football: Freshman Team is Like a Box of Popcorn & Varsity Offensive Line

                            Coach Greene working with the Varsity Offensive Lineman.


The ReSporter had a chance to talk with Freshman & the Offensive Line Coach, Bill Greene as the upcoming season fast approaches.

Hello Coach Greene, lets start with this years freshman squad. This can be the hardest group to assess as many players are not known for the most part unless they graced the Strength and Conditioning during the Summer. What can you tell us on what is known at this writing?

                    Go Hawks!!

Coach Greene: “We are still waiting for more to show up as we had 45 signed up but only 30 have been coming to start practices.”

Why the no-shows?

Coach Greene: “The Covid has many parents and students just waiting to see how these practices starts before bringing there kids. This group needs transportation and for the most part their parents are just waiting for the start of the school season because of all the unknowns.”

The ReSporter knows after talking with the Coaches at Mountain Valley on how this group of players struggled during their 7th grade year but last year made a dramatic uptick that resulted in a much better record and stature.

Coach Greene: “During those middle school years you never know when that corn is going to pop and this group started popping last year and hopefully they are not finished and we will have a full bag of popcorn by the time their freshman season is over.”

You know you just gave me a good title for this article and now waiting for the movie theaters to open again next week is anticipated much like football season as well.

Hit Man is all Bout Got’em Get’em

Coach Greene: “The group we have right now have come a long way because not everyone has returned yet, we are just one deep for each position so these kids are playing changing positions and that will make us better. It is really to early to know who to block so we are working on how to block.”

Coach Greene: “The line is coming along and as a whole we cannot give up on them.”

In the trenches will let Hawk fans know just how good this year’s Varsity team can be this season. If an offensive line is not able to forge holes and be successful with blocks then those running backs and quarterbacks can be in for a long evening.

Tell us your thoughts on this Varsity’s lineman.

Coach Greene: “Our first group is good as we have 4 out of the 5 as seniors. Eric Teutsch, Ben Crisp, Daniel Garcia and Tyler Atencio.”

Coach Greene continued in talking about injuries and how they have hit CL’s lineman more than usual.

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Greene: “Every down is a collision and we plan to be more versatile where an injury doesn’t cost us two positions.”

Coach Greene was talking bout how many times an injury for an offensive lineman can also hit the defensive side of the ball as well.

Coach Greene: “By the end of each game we want to try and mash them.”

That will be the key for this season as the offensive line goes so goes Canyon Lake’s offense in scoring touchdowns.

Thanks Coach Greene and stay safe!

Go Hawks!!