Sport News, Volleyball | August 17, 2020

Hawk Senior Volleyball Players Talk bout Season and Pandemic

Seniors Kylie Morgan, Kaylee Moore and Kaitlyn Cox talk bout pandemic and last go around. (photo by Gerald Castillo gerald_castillo@grandecom.net)


Canyon Lake’s Volleyball squad is composed of 3 Seniors and they shared their thoughts on the Covid 19 pandemic and senior year as everything continues to have a magnifying glass on this first sport to start this year.

Kylie Morgan plays the right side and one of the Young Life leaders at the school.

                  Let’s Go Hawks!!

“Entering my senior year, I did not expect our seven juniors to turn into 3 seniors,” Morgan started talking about some of last year’s juniors opting out of playing this year. “I also was not expecting the many changes we have encountered and the fact we were able to have a season at all.”

Morgan continued, “Even though I am excited to have a senior volleyball season and I am still fearful that this year, our season, will be cut short. All of the seniors this year just have to take it one game at a time and play like every game could be our last.”

Kaylee Moore is a defensive specialist and libero. She is a two year captain as a three year starter in volleyball.
Moore will be playing in her fourth year of softball and has played two years with the track & field team. Moore is a National Honor Society member and is one of the Young Life leaders.

“My senior year, I did not picture it like this,” Moore recapped. “We have fewer games and so many rules. This global pandemic has made me work my hardest and treat every practice and game as my last.”

Moore continued, “The masks are a real struggle but they are a new addition to our uniforms, so everyone makes it work.”

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

Kaitlyn Cox plays the back row and is a defensive specialist and has also played softball.

“When I thought of my senior year, I never thought it would have so many restrictions and extra precautions,” Cox said with poise. “This global pandemic has changed our season and the way the game are played. I am still looking forward to this season but unfortunately we have to be prepared for anything. Luckily we take as much precautions as possible.”

Cox closed, “This 2020 season is my last and I have to make it my best.”

Canyon Lake Volleyball will be taking each game, week, and month as they come where no other sport has gone before, with so many hurdles, to the season that makes many unknowns.

Go Hawks!!

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