Volleyball | August 6, 2020

Hawk Volleyball Update and New Schedule

    Hawks prepare for a new season as practice started in earnest this past Monday.

A new schedule is one of the only knowable aspects to this year’s volleyball season as there has been a lot of changes for this season.

    Practice Hard and Go Hawks!!

A new schedule below now has a 25 game schedule with no tournaments. Canyon Lake had 3 tourneys on their previous docket which can give teams 6 to 8 games. Those battles are best of three, but having them back to back can still give a team a sense of those best of 5 contests that are played when district starts.

“I was in panic mode and did not see the 5A and 6A teams starting later,” Head Coach Kim Clemons stated. “I had a back up plan but that made us needing a back up plan to the back up that we had worked out.”

Coach Clemons was thinking the no tournament situation would play out but not having those larger schools on the same date did away with scheduling with more of those type of schools not in the tournament situation. Two tournaments had the Hawks in San Antonio and San Marcos.

The Hawks usually start their games with a three team round robin but those were against a 5A and 6A schools. The Lake had other large schools on their docket like Smithson Valley which put a lot of question marks back on the games to play list with those lost battles.

           Hawks are the Best!!

“We just have to be flexible but I am still excited about starting the season,” Coach Clemons relayed. “I am just thankful we have a season and we have to be patient and flexible as a bunch of things are changing like the girls wearing masks on the bench.”

When asked about the team Coach Clemons gave her thoughts, “We have some solid returning starters and with K.T. (Kaiityn Cox), Kaylee (Moore), and Kylie Morgan leading the way as Seniors.”

Canyon Lake has a slew of Juniors that look to improve their game after finishing last season strong.

Megan Vorhis led CL with 278 kills last year with Olivia Robinson (153) and Addyson Andrews (84) ready to take up the slack after losing three seniors that finished the season with triple digit kills.


                          Last Year’s Seniors      #Kills
                          Caroline Kullberg         267
                          Kayla Wunderlich          163
                          Cassidy Felps             126

Hannah Harrison will have a chance to prove her worth after finishing with 42 assists and Moore led the returning players with 269 digs last year. Robinson was instrumental helping to keep a rally going finished with 248 digs.

    Go Hawks!!

Vorhis increased her blocks from her freshman year (66) to joining Anna Bettersworth as the only other Hawk to reach triple digits in rejections accumulating 104 last season.

On how the freshman look early on Clemons gave a quick response, “There was a majority of those girls that came up this Summer for Strength and Conditioning and they have a lot of size. It is still early but they are bringing some good energy to the gym.”

Hawk Volleyball will look to continue their dominance as the only team sport to have a winning record and with a decent campaign they can reach their seventh post season berth in a row.

Canyon Lake finished last season with a 23-18 record and Coach Clemons brings an impressive 173-106 all-time record for a 62% winning percentage.

The Hawks will have a scrimmage this Friday in Blanco and start their season at Lampasas next Tuesday. The first home game will be a 3 team round robin with Blanco and Peaster.

Go Hawks!!


                                  NEW & IMPROVED 2020 SCHEDULE

       Date                 School                  Time
       August     7th    @  Blanco 10am
       August    11th    @  Lampasas                Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       August    14th       Blanco/Peaster          Varsity  10a/1p

       August    15th       LaVernia/Stephenville   Varsity  10a/1p

       August    18th    @  Poth                    Varsity  630p  JV  530p  Fresh  430p

       August    21st       Smithville/Lago Vista   TBD

       August    25th       Johnson City            Varsity  6p    JV  5p

       August    28th       Ingram                  Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       September  1st       Somerset                Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       September  4th    @  Blanco                  Varsity  630p  JV  530p  Fresh  430p

       September  8th       Cuero                   Varsity  530p  JV  430p  Fresh  430p

       September 11th       John Paul               Varsity  6p    JV  5p

       September 15th    @  Burnet                  Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       September 18th       Navarro                 Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       September 22nd       Kerrville Tivy          Varsity  6p    JV & Fresh Davenport  5p

       September 25th       Fredericksburg          Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       September 29th    @  Boerne                  Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October    2nd       Wimberley               Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October    6th    @  Bandera                 Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October    9th    @  Davenport               Bye            JV  6p    Fresh  5p

       October   13th    @  Fredericksburg          Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October   16th       Boerne                  Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October   20th    @  Wimberley               Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p

       October   23rd       Bandera                 Varsity  6p    JV  5p    Fresh  5p