Hawks Welcomes Cody Schroeder as Cross-Country & Boy’s Soccer Coach

The ReSporter wants to introduce the new Cross Country & Boys Soccer Coach, Cody Schroeder to the Hawk Nation after finding this busy Coach before his daughter (Claire) played in this weekend’s volleyball match.

Head Coach for CL’s Cross-Country & Boy’s Soccer

Coach Schroeder was thrown in the fire quickly as the cross country teams prepare for their season. His main chore will come later this year as he starts his first campaign with the Hawk Soccer team.

“I was at (Denton) Guyer for 15 years when the school started,” Coach Schroeder started. “We had been through a lot of good times and down years but I see where we will have a lot of talent right now at Guyer.”

So coming to another school, while the team in Denton having a chance to go far in the playoffs, had to be a tough decision. What was the pros/cons coming to the Hill Country?

“My Father-in-Law found Canyon Lake’s vacancy on a website job board and we knew that this would be a profound change for our family,” Coach Schroeder continued. “I was thinking about leaving for a smaller school and we had admired the hill-country and felt that coming to the hill-country outweighed staying in Denton Guyer.”

When Coaches spend so much time with students it does and can become a tough decision to leave a promising group of players. Schroeder led the Wildcats starting in 2006 and had three straight years of district championships during the 2008-09-10 seasons. The school continued to grow and with that came larger schools that made that earlier success having to be built up again.

Guyer’s Soccer team suffered like everyone else with the Wuhan Virus and lost a chance of making the playoffs with just two games remaining and in a position of going to the post-season.

     Way To New Hawks Coach!!

Coach Schroeder will enter his 3rd School as a Head Coach after starting his career at Justin Northwest High School in the north Texas area before taking over at Guyer.

What has been the biggest change you have noticed as you reach a month of being at The Lake? “This is a laid back and easier lifestyle but their are still high expectations.”

What were you basing your decision to make this jump down south? “I looked at academics and looked who was coming back to play soccer for the Hawks. But it was the beauty of the area and getting into a smaller school for Claire.”

Was Claire excited? “Yes, she was very excited!!”

Thoughts on CL’s Soccer team, “A really good core group of players the main difference between Guyer and Canyon Lake is depth. Guyer was a 6A school compared to here where there are right at 1000 students. But this is just as competitive and I feel strategically we will have a chance to be competitive in district and if this team can find a rhythm then we can have a chance to get on a run!”

Speak about your thoughts on CL’s Cross Country team. “We need to grow the program and get more kids involved and make it enjoyable and sell the idea that you can come in and make an impact.”

“Most students thank that cross country is dreadful but we know we have to share athletes and there are a few cross country runners who will surprise this year,” Coach Schroeder finished. “We have a unique chance for playing more than one sport and we can improve all of our sports.”

Thanks Coach and The Hawk Nation Welcomes you and your family to the hill-country.

Go Hawks!!