Coaches Corner, Football | August 5, 2020

Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses Talks Football

                               Hawks Offense hopes for a fast start in first game against Wimberley.


Canyon Lake football will be here before we know it and The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Offensive Coordinator Troy Moses as practices started up.

Feast or Famine could be the theme of last year’s offense with games that either excelled in yardage gained or never could get traction.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake had, great and pedestrian, games last year as there were 4 games with 400 or more yardage with that high game racking up 550 yards in a battle with Smithville which ranked as the 3rd all-time game for yardage.

Conversely, the Hawks, had 5 games that did not reach 300 yards with a low of 117 yards against Liberty Hill. As the Hawks seem to have a weakness in playing contests against other slot-t opponents. This Panther school has held CL to 3 games under 126 total yards and Navarro another slot-t school has kept the offense in check.

A slot-t team knows the plays and that can take the Hawks out of their comfort zone. LH has been able to hold Canyon Lake under 200 yards 4 of the 15 times the Lake has been held under that mark.

It seems as though the Slot-T offense is not as rare as a few years ago and now more schools have put this running offense into their arsenal. Teams like Wimberley has faced enough slot-t opponents that has given them a chance in not be surprised when facing Canyon Lake.

“This offense can help schools become more competitive,” Coach Moses assessed. “When we first started at Canyon Lake we would use the A-Set 80% of the time and last year we ran that same version only 40-50% of the time. We have to make this offense our own and we will use a multiple slot-t and base it off the players we have.”

Canyon Lake has had an upgrade from last year’s sub-varsity teams and that should give the Hawks a lot of players vying for playing time. Competition is a good thing for any team as that becomes an asset as schools prepare for the start of their season.

      Go Hawks!!

“This is the first year that we will have more skill players,” Coach Moses parted. “We used to be lineman driven. So we will be working on basics because we have to be good in the power game for those plays to be able to do things that can help us take advantage of our skill players.”

The Lake’s Freshman team averaged 44 points per outing last year and had 6 to 7 games with a running clock instigated for the 2nd half of action. A scoring play that took 5 or more plays was the exception and not the rule. There were multiple scoring drives with just one, two, or three snaps.

That resulted in having a team getting more playing time on the defensive side of the ball. The Junior Varsity was more methodical but this group of players lost some key offensive bodies taking away some of those quicker strikes. James Bates was moved up after the first game and finished his varsity year rushing over 1000 yards.

Skill players will be plentiful which will result in a bottle neck for playing time. That circumstance might have many of those players taking their skills to the defensive team.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

“We have to control up front,” Moses said in talking about the importance of having the lineman taking care of business. “We will make decisions earlier with only having one scrimmage.”

With a much tougher opening contest to open the season in Wimberley will necessitate the Hawks firing on all cylinders when teams line up for that first kick-off.

“Wimberley throws a wrench starting the season,” Coach Moses said. “We will focus early and our offense will have to be based on our personnel. We want to execute, as last year, they (Texans) took away our game (plan) and this game always becomes a chess match.”

“We will keep it simple up front,” Moses closed. “We are pretty quick but overall we (coaches) will keep it simple, have fun, and play hard.”

Canyon Lake will be a fun team to watch with all the new blood working up the food chain and hopefully that will result into a Feast instead of a Famine.

Good Luck Coach Moses and Go Hawks!!