Football, Tennis, Volleyball | August 30, 2020


                                            Hawks will be on the road for two games this week!                        (photo by Hayley Melone)

               THIS WEEK       @    CANYON LAKE         September 1-4

Tue Sep 1      Davenport       @    CL Hawks            400pm   Tennis
               CL Hawks Fresh  @    Somerset Fresh.     500pm   Volleyball
               CL Hawks JV     @    Somerset JV.        500pm   Volleyball
               CL Hawks        @    Somerset.           600pm   Volleyball

Wed Sep 2      Navarro JV      @    CL Hawks JV         430pm   Tennis

Thu Sep 3      CL Hawks Fresh  @    La Grange Fresh     500pm   Football
               Davenport JV    @    CL Hawks Gold       600pm   Football
               CL Hawks JV     @    La Grange JV        700pm   Football

Fri Sep 4      CL Hawks        @    Blanco              430pm   Volleyball
               CL Hawks Fresh  @    Blanco Freshman     530pm   Volleyball
               CL Hawks JV     @    Blanco JV           630pm   Volleyball
               La Grange       @    CL Hawks            730pm   Football


Canyon Lake did not have a very successful week having the Tennis program as the only win over Burnet in convincing fashion.

                 Go Hawks!!

CL’s Tennis team continues to improve with this year’s team being well represented with younger students. In the win over Burnet, it was Canyon Lake’s depth that helped in pulling off that lopsided, 14-6 win.

That depth works much like a track team can pull off a meet win without winning any of the events. That was the case in the match with Burnet.

This week’s Tennis team will have a varsity match with the new school, Davenport. Then the next day a match against Navarro’s Junior Varsity squaring up with both matches taking place at the Hawk Nest.

Volleyball had a lot of moving parts in their week as there were several key players missing here in there in dealing with possible protocol matters that this year has done with the China Wuhan Virus situation.

Good news for the Volleyball girls is having a chance to see what many of the players can do as many will be preparing their games in different positions.

After a winless week, your Hawks will be traveling to Somerset for a bout and then taking on Blanco again at their house on Friday.

Football had an 0-3 start in those battles against Wimberley last week. Both Sub-Varsity teams were on the shore end of the stick.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Varsity were inches away from a win after an unsuccessful fourth down try with just seconds remaining in the game.

Commendable based on a Texan team that was ranked #4 in the State of Texas. Now a chance to catch this year’s football team with their opening home game of the season when La Grange comes calling.

The Sub-Varsity teams will be on the road on Thursday and then the Hawk Varsity will open the curtains for a season that will have only 4 games this season.

There has been a game added as the Hawks have enough players to form another Gold team this year. There first game will be a home game against Davenport with the kick coming at 6;00 pm. Our Gold team will be playing Davenport’s Junior Varsity.

La Grange has proven to be a tough out after losing a two game battle in their schedule several years ago and then faced up again that one year and losing a Bi-District game in miserable conditions in Georgetown.

Go Hawks!!