Boys Basketball | December 22, 2020

CL Hawks on Learning Curve as District 28-4A Approaches

                    Tuff Cantu scoring with a Free Throw in earlier game this year.


Boys Basketball will start their stretch run with games after Christmas which should give you an idea of what might be in store for district play.

            Let‘s Go Hawks!!

The Hawks will have a game with Comfort that will give a look into two other teams from District 28-4A that CL will need to win for a chance making a post-season bid.

The Hawks are experiencing some growing pains at the moment with a steep learning curve while this young team tries to get a hold of their Chaos Offense.

That word will come to mind by watching mass substitutions every few minutes after full court pressing to have a chance of converting some easy baskets. This offense is also reliant in making those long range 3 pointers for survival.

By keeping those substitutions constant, the hope comes from getting opponent worn out and allowing the Hawks to overcome those final two quarters.

It has not been an easy go of it yet as this style of play has led to teams scoring at a high rate. If CL can keep teams within striking distance then a more manageable game in the 60’s or 70’s has a chance of pulling off some wins

Either way, The Lake, has a way of putting a lot of effort on the court during the course of a contest that will not allow you to fall asleep since it will seem chaotic. The Coaches will use this term with the word, ‘controlled’ chaos or having the fans eyes not able to follow the game looking at just one part of the court on any one possession.

     Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake has their best offensive output since the round ball was tipped off back in 2008 by scoring 58 points per outing thus far.

The Hawks have Colton Winters averaging 18 points per game which ranks first for that category. True, there are still many more games to play but at this writing, Winters and Tuff Cantu are making waves.


                              TOP 11 Season Point Per Game Averages
                           1) Colton Winters      18.22    2021
                           2) Parker Mott         15.82    2018
                           3) Rico Griffin        15.03    2020
                           4) Christian Pena      13.69    2010
                           5) Caleb Kreiger       13.53    2013
                           6) Rory Preiss         13.10    2017
                           7) Parker Mott         12.48    2019
                           8) Sam Schimank        11.50    2019
                           9) Tanner Jones        11.35    2010
                          10) Andrew Riali        11.31    2014
                          11) Tuff Cantu          10.78    2021

This has also led to a slew of other records that are in the books for three point shooting and assists.

                Lets Go Hawks!!

In that Assist Category, CL’s Doug Hubnik has the record with 187 that was set back during his 2013 season when he had Caleb Kreiger (the best scoring big man the Hawks have ever had) to feed the ball to for instant points. Hubnik dished out 151 assists in 2013 and that will be hard to overcome for Pauly with a season that will not have as many games played due to this China Virus.

This year Tyler Pauly is threatening that all-time and season records. This important stat had Pauly totaling 95 assists last season. With assists, this record needs team work, as those passes will have to be pinpoint on many of those occasions for a good look on offense. Hubnik finished with 187 and Pauly has reached 44 thus far putting him right at the lip of the cup for a chance of besting Hubnik’s all-time records.

In 8 games played this year, Pauly has amassed 44 with 14 more scheduled games to play to take that assist stat over. Pauly resides with the 3rd best going into his next games. Needing 46 seems plausible and an outside chance of reaching that career mark.


             1) Doug Hubnik       187       1) Doug Hubnik       151     2013
             2) Rico Griffin      156       2) Tyler Pauly        95     2020
             3) Tyler Pauly       142       3) Tanner Jones       90     2010
             4) Matt Magness      136       4) Zach Taliaferro    89     2018
             5) Parker Mott       123       5) Rico Griffin       86     2020

Pauly will have a shot (or assist) in reaching a best with an average of 5.5 per game thus far as Pauly topped Hubnik’s 10 assist in a Lockhart game during the 2012 year. Dishing out 11 assists in the Llano game has Pauly joining Hubnik as the only two Hawks to reach that double digit number.

Pauly had 9 and 8 assists in games against Luling and Floresville with more to come earlier this season.

That is not all, with this season raining down 3 pointers out the wazoo, Winters has the best shooting percentage for the team and with that has a chance of rewriting new records. Here is a capsule of 3-pointers made in a game.

                          TOP 9 THREE POINTERS MADE IN A GAME
                     Player              #       Opponent         Date Played
                1) Colton Winters      7       Llano            12.01.20
                2) Colton Winters      6       Luling           12.15.20
                3) Colton Winters      5       Floresville      12.11.20
                3) Garrett Winters     5       Lampasas         11.24.13
                3) Andrew Riali        5       Boerne           02.01.13
                3) Andrew Riali        5       Lampasas         11.24.13
                3) Jacob Ramirez       5       Yoakum           02.17.16
                3) Parker Mott         5       La Vernia        11.11.18
                3) Sam Schimank        5       Fredericksburg   01.17.19

As a team, the Hawks, have made 10 or more in a game 4 times and that has happened only 9 times giving this year’s group of players right at half of those battles. That best outing was against Llano with 14 makes with the next highest of 12 happening back during the 2013 season against Lampasas.

Lets Go Hawks and Hitem Hard!

This year has had some exciting games except for not getting wins for all the effort with this type of offense.

That brings us to what is in store as Canyon Lake comes into a new year with district games to follow with reckless abandon or (chaos).

Two dates with Hondo and Comfort that will tell much on how well CL will be able to reach the post-season. These two schools will happen between Christmas and New Year dates.

Hondo has lost to Wimberley (62-54) and will compete against Bandera after their battle with The Lake.

Comfort will give a better idea of how far CL will need to up their game as this school has played three District 28-4A teams. With losses to state ranked Fredericksburg (75-33) and Bandera (62-55). Comfort beat Davenport 59-56 and in playing Bandera and Davenport will give the Hawks a good view of what needs to be accomplished.

Those two schools for all intense and purposes with be grouped with CL in fighting for that 4th qualifying seed.

                   Lets Go Hawks!!

District 28-4A will have two ranked teams (Freddie & Boerne) with the other being Wimberley that has shown some good outings and will now be joined by some of their football players as the New Year rushes into play.

If CL can get the best against Hondo and Comfort then that will show this team might have a chance of more games after the regular season.

A learning curve for sure for the Hawks as they will need to be more consistent for 4 quarters to have a chance of wins and a chance to order those important playoff T-Shirts.

Merry CHRISTmas & Go Hawks!!