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VOLLEYBALL: Coaches Corner, District Awards

The ReSporter: Wow!! This was a weird year for Volleyball especially with COVID protocol having a magnifying glass on team rosters and other items. What are thoughts that you took away from this past season?

Coach Clemons: “Offseason is a VERY IMPORTANT!!!! – We were cut off in the offseason journey, on March 6th 2020. When we reopened June 8th with Summer S&C camps, we had to dig deep! Our offseason is vital to our development as far as conditioning, weightlifting and touches on a ball. The lack of these items mentioned affected our Middle School and High School programs. Having COVID protocols involved, highlighted some adjustments needed to be made throughout our season, with things like wearing masks, extra cleaning/sanitizing duties, change of pace in practice routines, loss of offseason, change in general athletics atmosphere, etc. It made the year different, but we pushed through it and we strongly feel the protocols/guidelines that Comal ISD put in place alongside UIL, were affective and ensured our safety for coaches, trainers, managers, and players.”
The ReSporter: A very small Senior Class in retrospect to previous seasons. What is the pros/cons, and how that played into this year’s battles?
Coach Clemons: “Our Senior classes (small or large) have always been impactful and vital to our team and programs success. Our senior class was small this year, but these three seniors were very committed and influential to this year’s team. The only con to losing any senior class, is losing their vital leadership and traditions they contribute to the program over the years. Each Senior class is special in their own unique way! We are always sad to see them go, but always wish them the BEST in their future endeavors. With that being said, we are excited and look forward to our upcoming seniors and their leadership they will bring to next season!”
The ReSporter: Give the Hawk Nation on those Seniors that played on this year’s team.
Coach Clemons: “Shout out to our 2020 Seniors: Kaylee Moore, Kaitlyn Cox, and Kylie Morgan!!! We understand this season was different in many ways, but we are so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to coach you and to have watched you all grow not only into good volleyball players, but outstanding young women.”  
                            2020 District 28-4A Honors:
    1st Team All-District - Kaylee Moore
    2nd Team All-District - Hannah Harrison
    Honorable Mention     - Kaitlyn Cox 
                            Olivia Robinson  
                            Addyson Andrews

Congratulations Ladies!!! 😊
The ReSporter: One stat that does not get much publicity would be the number of young ladies that excelled in the classroom. Gives us thoughts on how students can balance out the time put into sports and classroom work.
Coach Clemons: “We are very proud of our girls, and their hard work they put into academics while they balance sports and many other various activities on campus. It is always about time management, and these young ladies excel very well in that area! We have ALWAYS had excellent academic performance from our players! We are proud as a coaching staff and school to have such dedicated student-athletes in our program!”

2020 District 28-4A Academic All District Team: 

(90 or higher for the 1st Nine Weeks - all classes averaged together)
                          Emily Pena
                          Claire Schroeder
                          Addyson Andrews
                          Macie Goodson
                          Hannah Harrison
                          Olivia Robinson
                          Cassandra Wheat-Bourgeois
                          Kaitlyn Cox
                          Kaylee Moore
                          Kylie Morgan 

The ReSporter: Tell us your thoughts on the future as August draws nearer.
Coach Clemons: “We as a coaching staff are excited for the 2021 season! We have been informed that UIL has allowed tournaments for the 2021 season, but of course, with specific stipulations, due to COVID. Details to come from the UIL. We are aware that schedules, dual matches, regular matches, and tournaments included, are all subject to change. We are ready to see what the future brings! We are excited for the chance to play in tournaments again, for these are vital opportunities toward our growth as a team in the preseason and preparation for district.”
The ReSpoter:  Thanks Coach and look forward to covering the team next season and Go Hawks!!