Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | February 4, 2021

Boy’s Soccer: Coaches Corner with Cody Schroeder

             Coach Schroder in a teaching moment in recent game with San Antonio Christian.


The ReSporter: The first half of the season is over, what are your takes on the team from the start to the present?

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

Coach Schroeder: “As a coach, you always want more games to use as an evaluation opportunities, but we are seeing progress. We have eliminated some unnecessary mistakes, and been sharper for longer periods of time. Still a long ways to go, but it has been enjoyable to see the progress.”

The ReSporter: You had a decent schedule and played some teams that will certainly be in the playoffs. Was the result a success based on what you were hoping?

Coach Schroeder: “I have never been one to worry about a team’s record in January. Don’t get me wrong, winning early builds confidence, but the fun starts the last week of March (start of playoffs), the real fun is playing in April (making a run). The real work begins now, competing in a competitive district. Hopefully, we will continue to have success, and be one of four teams that get in. We have solidified an identity, created a mindset, yet there is still work to accomplish.”

The ReSporter: What do you do with this off week in preparing for Wimberley and the rest of the district?

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Schroeder: “Emphasize the little things. Defense, transition, offense. Repetition of these principles daily. Prepare ourselves to be mentally and physically ready for the grind of District 26-4A.”

The ReSporter: What is the difference between a 4A school and a Denton Guyer type of program and what have you changed in preparation for this season compared to those years in Denton?

Coach Schroeder: “Not a lot has changed in preparation from 6A to 4A. Same coaching points of emphasis – be organized defensively, create a system of attack that gives the team a chance to create scoring opportunities. There is some really good quality soccer in 4A and the Hill Country. If there is a difference, it is depth and overall numbers, but still some very good quality of soccer.”

The ReSporter: Canyon Lake has made the Final 4 and 1st Round of the Region in the past 4 years. Both of those seasons had a Hawk team that did not win district. What would be the main ingredient for a team like The Lake to take it to the next level?

Coach Schroeder: “Winning a district championship is always a goal, but the ultimate goal to be prepared the moment – the ultimate moment. Not having been with the program for the past success, I can only address the now. Minimize weaknesses, maximize strengths. Know what is right, when it is right, and why it is right.”

The ReSporter: Consistency is the one word that I hear from coaches in all the different sports. How consistent has this team played up to this point?

Coach Schroeder: “2021 Lake has been consistently inconsistent. While there has been some strong play for longer periods of times throughout the nine games, we are going to have to increase those stretches of times.”

The ReSporter: What can you do to improve on that aspect as district starts up?

Coach Schroeder: “Proof is in the pudding as they say, we have significant samples of play in which we did some really good soccer, but we also have found ourselves in some difficult situations. As a program, the staff and players have to be mentally stronger which will lead to being physically stronger, and impose our system on the opponent, regardless of what they are doing to counter our play. And, as a staff we have to be consistent in the message, let the players feed of the excitement, enthusiasm, and enjoyment they bring to the game.”

The ReSporter:  Thanks Coach and good luck as district starts up next week and Go Hawks!!