Boys Soccer, Game Article | March 15, 2021

Boy’s Soccer: CL Dominate 2nd Half in 3-0 Win over Davenport

                      Coach Schroeder will work on his halftime speech and move it to pre-game in the playoffs.


Canyon Lake Boy’s Soccer returned the favor with a win over Davenport as this win closed the regular and district slate as the Hawks will now wait to see who will be their first round opponent when Bi-District starts.

Goalie Shawn Bell takes it in the gut for his final home shut-out.

Davenport was the aggressor in that first round contest in winning 4-2, but CL would not allow that scenario to materialize as the 2nd Half was all Hawks with several close misses but the attack looked like the Texan’s taking on Santa Anna in the Alamo.

“We had a number of chances in the first half,” Head Coach Cody Schroeder started. “We had good runs but not with our service or we had some good service but not with a good run. We just need to play more consistently. We need to be more demanding on ourselves to do the right thing.”

On this season as a whole, “This season was full of ups and downs….we have the ability to make a run but we will need to work on our consistency. We are going into our 5th season and we will need to clean up the little things.”

The Hawks cleaned up their first half and came out blazing in the second half with 3 unanswered goals coming out of a scoreless halftime with a ton of energy.

Collin Pressgrove’s goal in 2nd Half opened flood gates for Hawk win.

Forward Collin Pressgrove was ready for a Josh Sczech’s assist to get the scoring going at the 34:13 mark early in the 2nd Half. Canyon Lake would never trail after that goal.

“Coached talked with me and said I had a good first half of the season but I had been slowing down and I had lost my intensity,” Pressgrove stated with resolve. “We just came out in the second half and wanted to bring it back.”

On how the Hawks will need to start the post-season? “We will have to contribute as a team and bring our team and spin it…we weren’t playing the greatest and now we can change it!!”

Sczech was the energizer bunny on steroids in that second half as Josh was responsible in all the scoring with two goals and that assist on that first goal.

“I could tell during our warm-ups that we were just going through the motions,” Sczech stated. “My mentality after playing 4 years and that I was thinking this was my very last game on this field and I was not going to end this game with a loss.”

Senior Josh Sczech ended his last game at the Hawk Nest with 2 Goals and an assist.

On what this win means as CL prepares for the most important part of the season? “This win will help with us going into the playoffs and we will need some time off but with this win we will come out strong because we control our own destiny now!!”

Canyon Lake was the aggressor throughout that second half which left Goalie Shawn Bell coming to the rescue with a Hawks holding onto a 2 goal lead. A defining save for Bell as he grabbed the ball that was going to be kicked from 15 yards from the goal.

It was one on one and Bell took the brunt of this save as this collision was brutal but the save gave CL a breath of fresh air to waltz into this win with a shut-out.

“I was thinking either I save it or it goes in,” Bell rang with the obvious. “When I saw no one else around him I knew it was kind’ve a bummer….but I jumped on it and was kicked and lost my breath… it still hurts.” (as Bell was holding his lower ribs while talking)

“Hopefully we can play in the playoffs like we played Boerne,” Bell said like it was time for class. “We played them really good so if we can play our next opponent like that we can win.”

The Hawks will take some time off as other teams catch up with more battles which will decide CL’s  next opponent as this week comes to a close.

Way to Go Hawks!!