Game Article, Track & Field | March 16, 2021

Canyon Lake Girl’s Track & Field are Still in Starting Blocks

                                                                                   LET’S GO HAWKS!!


Track & Field has had more Pole Vault Bars to maneuver instead of a much lower hurdle as this season has not had a smooth beginning.

           Let’s Go Fast Hawks!!

Thanks to a snow that would not leave during the start of Track Season caused a back up on other sports like Soccer. That changed scheduled for several games to catch up those lost dates.

Track & Field is one sport that has more athletes to share other sports which in turn will make it hard for students to get enough practice in much less find time to make those early meets.

The ReSporter had some time with Girls Coach John Barthels and below  the best meet results thus far for these Lady Tracksters.

How has the year been so far? “We had a really good outing by our JV Team last week,” Coach Barthels measured out. “These young ladies have been working hard and their times are improving. We added a few names this week and they immediately stepped in and helped the team.”

Claire Schroeder will be ready to jump right into Track & Field after a Soccer run in the Playoffs.

Yeah, the Junior Varsity is coupled with the Varsity on the results below and I remember you mentioning that there are more on JV than Varsity right now.

“Varsity athletes are improving their times and as soccer season settles down to their playoff time we will have more of them coming on and able to join up with their teammates,” Barthels continued. “We had a great showing by Claire Schroeder and Maddie Pipkin in the hurdles. While Claire is continuing to get better each week…she had been in the lead in the 100 hurdles each week but has not finished over all 10 hurdles smoothly yet but she is almost there.”

Barthels kept going like a distance runner, “She (Schroeder has fallen in the last two weeks in the 100 hurdle event that she has been in and has stepped up in the 300 hurdles.”

Schroeder broke the 50 second barrier last week in the 300 meter hurdles and has now latched onto 5th place on the All-Time Hawk List.


                                 300 Meter Hurdles      Time     Year
                              1) Jessica Cunningham     46.90    2010
                              2) Bailey Drum            47.98    2016
                              3) Lainee Moses           48.09    2017
                              4) Alyssa Strickland      48.43    2018
                              5) Claire Schroeder       49.67    2021

Who else has come out strong? “Landry Brown is showing her potential in the high jump after finishing up her Cheer Career at CLHS. She is very close to being one of the best high jumpers we have had in my tenure. The other Varsity Girls are all contributing and improving as well. Kaylee Moore is placing in both Shot and Discus this year and Caitlin Mott and Kaylee Tripp are coming along in their events and Riley Shear did well in her first meet of the year last week. We should be closer to full strength and have a little more depth when we go to Wimberley after the break.”

                   Go Fast Lady Hawks!!

Canyon Lake might have a good addition in the long distance as Cadence Patterson broke the All-Time Hawk Mile Run last week by over 6 seconds.

“Cadence Patterson made a great comeback from injury and placed 2nd in the mile with a new school record running a 5:45 after telling me she would run a 5:45…pretty impressive.”

What would you say about the season overall? “All in all, I am pleased with were we are headed. Will have to kind of start over after having a week off for those that did not come to practice this week, but I have high expectations that we can ruffle a few feathers when district rolls around.”

Depth is the key for sure, “The girls have taken 19 to the first meet and we took 30 last week. Seeing the numbers increase has obviously seen our points increase since week two. There are a total of 41 girls on the track team this year and if we can find a meet that everyone can go to then I expect us to continue to get better.”

Thanks Coach and GO Fast HAWKS!!


                              VARSITY & JUNIOR VARSITY 
                     (Best of the Meets times and distances and heights)
                              100 meter               time    place
                              Eleanor Jones           14.41    2nd
                              Angela Hernandez.       15.98    2nd
                              Logan Andrist           16.05    4th

                              200 meter
                              Caitlin Mott            29.89    5th
                              Kennedy Wear            31.03    3rd
                              Eleanor Jones           31.12    4th
                              Logan Andrist           31.50    6th
                              Givens Taylor           32.74    3rd
                              Madison Vigil-Gafford   33.88    5th

                              400 meter
                              Caitlin Mott            67.63    5th
                              Zoe O’Neal              69.01    2nd
                              Gianna Cortez           69.50    1st & 3rd 
                              Nayelli Ramirez         74.03    4th & 6th

                              1600 meter
                              Cadence Patterson     5:45.26    2nd (1st All-Time)
                              Jazlyn Kearney        6:55.49    4th & 6th

                              100 meter hurdles
                              Lydia Ross              19.19    3rd
                              Sofia George            20.64    4th
                              Claire Schroeder        21.10    4th
                              Savannah Mercer         22.28    3rd

                              300 meter hurdles
                              Claire Schroeder        49.67    1st
                              Maddie Pipkin           53.57    3rd
                              Lydia Ross              58.16    3rd

                              4x100 relay             53.88    3rd
                              Caitlin Mott         Riley Shear
                              Kaylee Tripp         Landry Brown

                              4x200 relay           1:56.96    3rd
                              Caitlin Mott         Kaylee Tripp
                              Riley Shear          Hannah Harrison

                              4x400 relay           4:29.19    3rd
                              Maddie Pipkin        Caitlin Mott
                              Claire Schroeder     Kaylee Tripp

                              Shot Put             Distance   Place
                              Kaylee Moore         28-10.50    6th
                              Shelby Porter        28-09.50    1st
                              Sidney Porter        24-10.00    4th
                              Laney Marmolejo      24-08.50    3rd & 4th

                              Kaylee Moore         88-10.50    1st
                              Olivia Robinson      69-07.50    3rd
                              Shelby Porter        64-10.50    6th
                              Laney Marmolejo      57-00.00    6th

                              Long Jump
                              Sofia George         14-00.50    2nd
                              Sophia Hamilton      13-07.75    4th

                              Triple Jump
                              Sofia George         31-04.00    1st

                              High Jump             Height    Place
                              Landry Brown          4-10.00    1st
                              Madison Vigil-Gafford 4-06.00    1st
                              Hannah Harrison       4-04.00    3rd
                              Amanda Salvatierra    4-00.00    4th