Baseball, Pre/Game, Standings | April 3, 2021

Baseball: District 28-4A Standings (Updated) & Preview for Boerne Series

                                  Canyon Lake Hawks hoping to plant a W(in) Flag 3 Times this Week!!


               Regular                         District
                           W   L   T    Pct                 W   L     Pct
               Boerne     17   5   1   .761    Boerne       4   2    .667
               CL Hawks   17   7   0   .708    Wimberley    4   2    .667
               Wimberley  11   5   3   .658    CL Hawks     4   2    .667
               Davenport  12  11   1   .521    Freddie      3   3    .500
               Freddie     9  12   1   .432    Davenport    3   3    .500
               Bandera     0  19   0   .000    Bandera      0   6    .000

                                   Last Week’s Results
                            Freddie    4       CL Hawks    3
                            CL Hawks  10       Freddie     0
                            Boerne     5       Davenport   2
                            Boerne    12       Davenport   0
                            Wimberley 14       Bandera     1
                            Wimberley 10       Bandera     0

                                   This Week’s Games
                   Tue      CL Hawks     8     Boerne      7
                            Wimberley    5     Freddie     3
                            Davenport   12     Bandera     2

                   Fri      CL Hawks     @     Boerne      700pm
                            Wimberley    @     Freddie
                            Davenport    @     Bandera

                   Sat      Llano        @     CL Hawks    100pm


Simple math puts Canyon Lake in a must sweep of Boerne for a chance of winning District 28-4A Championship.

      Go Hawks and Take Boerne!!

A sweep does not mean that will get CL in that spot but on the priority list this is #1 on the list.

Wimberley and Boerne are matched up as the last series for both teams. If Wimberley was to win one of those games against the Greyhounds then the Texans would be crowned champion. As long as they take care of business with the other district opponents.

That former paragraph does require those teams taking care of business for those dominoes to fall in order.

A Hawk split or being swept with Boerne will have CL sparring with teams for a 3rd or 4th post-season bid or worse…. not making the dance at all.

Now for a little trivia when speaking of sweeping this Greyhound team.

First: Boerne is ranked in all the major polls with their highest recognition being 4th in the State.

THSBCA Poll: 4th
THSB Poll:  19th
MaxPreps:   23rd

Second: Canyon Lake has a 0-21 All-Time Record with the Greyhounds so thinking sweep might have, The ReSporter, looking for some counseling before being put in a loony bin.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

Third: Look at #1 and #2 above.

The Hawks have started their first two district series with an opening loss leaving, The Lake, being put on the spot these last two weeks with their back against the wall for acquiring a split hence a 2-2 district record at this writing or being successful thus far.

Another split, with Boerne, would be okay however if one of your goals is winning district, then that 1-1 record would require other teams to help in lifting CL to a top spot which is highly unlikely.

Pitching has done their part with an era of 0.58 in those first 4 district battles.

Defense had 7 errors in those first 3 games and that was the main reason for having a loss to Fredericksburg.

Hitting finally woke up in that final Billie game with 10 runs plus 12 hits being a welcome sight by relieving some pressure for the defense and pitching.

Young Life says Lets Go Hawks

To say that Canyon Lake will need all three above facets clicking for taking care of Boerne would be an understatement, but that would be a good formula for pulling off one of the best week’s in Hawk Baseball History and finally giving these Greyhounds a stuffed rabbit after their race around the track.

One other tidbit needed for completing an overall view for this year’s Boerne Greyhounds squad.

The Greyhounds 3 losses were to Antonian Prep (twice) and Central Catholic and one tie against East Central Hornets.

Canyon Lake beat East Central with a walk off triple which still gives you an idea of how close this week’s games could be.

Lastly, In their last 14 games, Boerne is coming into this series, with a 12-1-1 record. The combined records of those 12 schools teams that they played is 103-156-9 and that translates to a .401 winning percentage. Of those 12 schools 5 have a winning record and three of those schools marked up these Greyhounds with those 3 losses and tie.

Yes, some good teams in that group but the majority of those teams were not at the top of any heaps.

Canyon Lake was put in a situation earlier this season facing #1 Ranked Sinton but fell short against that school. Being in school is the operative word in thinking…Did the Hawks learn anything on how to face a top notch competitor?

That answer could come this week when these next two battles are finished and hoping that Canyon Lake will not be standing but Flying High over the Greyhounds!!

Can it be done? Yes

Will it be hard? Yes

The ReSporter is saying, we have a chance!!

Let’s Go Hawks and put some Hawk Nation fans in the stands!!!