Baseball, Stats | April 26, 2021

Hawk Baseball Round-Up with Top Season & Career Players

                                                                 CANYON LAKE  DISTRICT  28-4A  CHAMPIONS!!


Canyon Lake’s Baseball team will be in action this coming Friday in Lorena for a ‘warm-up’ contest as this week will be filled with practices as many 4A schools still have a week of games left on their calendars.

        Way to Go District Champs!

A warm-up game will give the Hawks a 30 game regular season with more games when the post-season starts next week.

In District 27-4A, where the top 4 teams composes, all of those schools have each team with an automatic T-Shirt Playoff company being called in February.

Navarro (4-0) and La Vernia (2-2) will have a series this week and the Bears would need a sweep to be a first seed. A similar situation for Gonzales and Cuero both have 1-3 records as they will to go head to head during this final week of action.

To say the least, Navarro has the best chance of staying as a first seed while those other three schools having a chance of being either of those other 3 seeds.

Fredericksburg more than likely will be preparing for Navarro as those next three schools including your Hawks waiting for those games to play out to see who might be that first round battle.

The Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association poll has been released for their Top 10 and Canyon Lake actually received votes. This poll is for 10 schools and then it mentions other teams that received votes.

In this case, there were 6 other schools receiving votes for the 4A classification. So, deducing your Hawks would be listed as a Top 16 team from this publication.

With a 29 game season, The Lake, has several players that are working on moving up some more spots on those All-Time lists. The ReSporter will show below who those players are based on All-Time and Seasonal Records.

Go Hawks!!


        SEASON                         At Bats   ALL-TIME                            Record
        Tyler Pauly        84  1st               Tyler Pauly         195  4th     272 Travis Walker
        Tanner Schultz     78  4th               Tanner Schultz      184  7th
        Hunter Anderson    73  8th               James LaLonde       147 17th
        Chase Anderson     69 11th

        James LaLonde      26  1st               James LaLonde        51  3rd      65 Travis Walker
        Tyler Pauly        22  3rd               Tyler Pauly          37  7th
        Hunter Anderson    22  3rd
        Peyton McMullen    17  5th
        Matthew McLain     16  7th
        Chase Anderson     16  7th

        Tyler Pauly        30  3rd               Tyler Pauly         69   4th      80 Travis Walker
        Chase Anderson     28  5th               Tanner Schultz      49  10th
        Tanner Schultz     25  7th               James LaLonde       48  14th
        Matthew McLain     24  8th
        Hunter Anderson    22 11th

                                                  EXTRA BASE HITS
                                                  Tyler Pauly        20  3rd       26 Travis Walker 
                                                  Tanner Schultz     17  4th
                                                  Griffen Williams    9 15th

                                    RUNS BATTED IN
        Tyler Pauly        29  1st                Tyler Pauly        58  1st    
        Griffen Williams   25  2nd                Tanner Schultz     31  7th
        Hunter Anderson    15 10th                James LaLonde      26 13th
        Tanner Schultz     15 10th                Griffen Williams   25 15th
        Chase Anderson     13 14th
        Matthew McLain     13 14th

                                   BATTING AVERAGE (60 or more at bats)
                                                  Matt McLain       .426  1st
                                                  Griffen Williams  .362  4th
                                                  Tyler Pauly       .349  6th
                                                  Chase Anderson    .349  6th
                                                  James LaLonde     .327 11th

                                    BASE ON BALLS
        Tyler Pauly        25  1st                Tyler Pauly         58  1st   
        Hunter Anderson    18  4th
        Matthew McLain     15  8th
        Tanner Schultz     10 13th

                                    STOLEN BASES
        Tyler Pauly         9  7th                Tyler Pauly         20  4th      39 Daniel Camarillo
        James LaLonde       8  9th                James LaLonde       17  5th
                                                  Jeremy Greene       11 13th

                                   INNINGS PITCHED
        Tanner Schultz   53.0  4th                Tanner Schultz   139.0  2nd    142.0 Avery Montgomery
        Tyler Pauly      49.1  5th                Tyler Pauly      131.1  3rd

        Tyler Pauly        64  3rd                Tyler Pauly        167  1st 
        Tanner Schultz     61  4th                Tanner Schultz     141  2nd

                                                  EARNED RUN AVERAGE (20 or more innings pitched)
                                                  Peyton McMullen   1.59  1st
                                                  Tyler Pauly       1.87  2nd
                                                  Tanner Schultz    2.22  3rd
                                                  Hunter Anderson   2.49  5th