Baseball, Game Article, Stats | May 25, 2021

CL Hawks Bow Out of the Post-Season after a, 3-2 Loss to Navarro

                             Senior Pitcher Peyton McMullen was nails closing games.             (photo by Dennis Rohlmeier)


The Hawks closed their season with a close loss to Navarro but a bright future continues to grow.

CL could not get key hits or combining more than one hit for rallies during this 3 game series and still was in each loss up until their last out.

Hunter Anderson and Peyton McMullen combined on a 4 hitter and a 2 out double drove in the winning runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning.

This was a banner season that had so many records accumulated Canyon Lake would need to bring another bus to carry all those honors back to school.

Going into that final inning, just knowing if The Lake could get Griffen Williams in the batter’s box, then that next towering homer might be coming. That has never been a thought through all these baseball campaigns.

So, what does this year mean for the future of Hawk Baseball? “We will not be a surprised team next year,” Head Coach Victor Escamilla said. “Other programs know that they will have their hands full when facing us and it is all because of all the hard work these guys have put into these past two years.”

Commenting on the seniors, “Tyler (Pauly) and James (La Londe) were our captains and led not only by their words but how hard they worked….James was a quiet leader, and led by his hard work and for both of them it came from their love of baseball,” Coach Escamilla continued. “Tyler was 16-0 these last two years and has meant so much for this team.”

“Peyton (McMullen), just got better each year and will do well as he continues…..Matt (McLain), just found ways to get on base and he could cover a lot of ground in centerfield.”

How about not having one error for the season will show just how much McLain meant for the Hawk outfield.

Those players have certainly made their mark during their days at The Lake and have continued to do the heavy lifting as CL’s pipeline of future players continues to run strong helping to keep what has been started to continue.

“This was the best environment of baseball that I have ever been in,” Matthew McLain stated when asked on how his first and last year as a Hawk went. “We had the most energy in every single game and coming here for my senior season was the best choice I have ever made.”

Just to go over the future for the Hawk Baseball program can be seen by a perusal of looking at Mountain Valley Middle School, who just finished their baseball season with a 4-1 record that has these boys playing those larger Comal Middle Schools.

There was a crew of these future Hawks watching this and many games from the stands.

The ReSporter covered Smithson Valley back in the day and that was what those students did as they wanted to be that next person in that line-up.

Two sub-varsity teams speaks for itself in knowing that replacing these stalwart seniors will be tough, in it’s on right, but having a bevy of players waiting in the wings to enter for a chance to play can only pay dividends for CL’s baseball future.

The ReSporter shares those players that had outstanding season.

There will be a few more posts of other stats for those interested.

**One other note, all Articles on this site can be, cut & paste, if there are some scrap booking people out there that want to show off their players;

Congrats on an unbelievable year and Always….Go Hawks!!


                        SEASON TOP 5
At Bats                 Runs                   Hits
Tyler Pauly       104   James LaLonde     29   Chase Anderson     37
Hunter Anderson    93   Tyler Pauly       29   Tyler Pauly        36
Tanner Schultz     91   Hunter Anderson   26   Matthew McLain     32
Chase Anderson     86   Matthew McLain    23   Tanner Schultz     32
Griffen Williams   80   Peyton McMullen   21   Hunter Anderson    30

RBI                     Doubles                Triples
Griffen Williams   38   Tyler Pauly       12   Chase Anderson      2
Tyler Pauly        33   Tanner Schultz     8   Tanner Schultz      2
Chase Anderson     22   Matthew McLain     6   Tyler Pauly         2
Matthew McLain     19   Griffen Williams   6   Jeremy Greene       1
Hunter Anderson    19   Hunter Anderson    5

Home Runs               Base on Balls          Stolen Bases
Griffen Williams    6   Tyler Pauly       36   Tyler Pauly        13
Matthew McLain      1   Matthew McLain    23   James LaLonde      13
Tanner Schultz      1   Hunter Anderson   19   Matthew McLain      9
Tyler Pauly         1   Tanner Schultz    18   Hunter Anderson     8
Jeremy Greene       1   James LaLonde     18   Peyton McMullen     6
Ty Sellers          1

Hit by Pitch                                   SAC & Sacrifice Flies
Matthew McLain      6                          Chase Anderson      6
Griffen Williams    6                          Tanner Schultz      6
Ty Sellers          6                          Jeremy Greene       5
Tanner Schultz      5                          Dalton Stanley      4
Jeremy Greene       4                          James LaLonde       4

Batting Percentage       On Base Percentage    Slugging Percentage
Chase Anderson   .430    Matthew McLain .581   Griffen Williams .650
Matthew McLain   .421    Tyler Pauly    .518   Matthew McLain   .539
Tanner Schultz   .352    Chase Anderson .510   Tyler Pauly      .529
Griffen Williams .350    Tanner Schultz .482   Chase Anderson   .523
Tyler Pauly      .346    James LaLonde  .457   Tanner Schultz   .516

Innings Pitched          Strikeouts            Wins
Tanner Schultz   75.1    Tyler Pauly      94   Tyler Pauly        11
Tyler Pauly      72.1    Tanner Schultz   78   Tanner Schultz      8
Hunter Anderson  26.1    Peyton McMullen  40   Peyton McMullen     3
Peyton McMullen  26.0    Hunter Anderson  23   Hunter Anderson     2
Griffen Williams 13.0    Griffen Williams 16   Hayden Baker        2

Saves                                          Earned Run Average
Peyton McMullen     2                          Peyton McMullen  0.81
Tyler Pauly         1                          Tyler Pauly      1.17
Hunter Anderson     1                          Tanner Schultz   2.52
Hayden Baker        1                          Hunter Anderson  2.95
Griffen Williams    1                          Hayden Baker     5.60