Football, Player Profile | May 24, 2021

Eric Teutsch Signs Letter of Intent for Northeast Georgia Prep Academy

                              Eric Teutsch signs with Northeast Georgia Prep. Academy


Eric Teutsch will continue his football dream as he signed his letter of intent for NE Georgia Prep Academy last week.

Offensive Lineman Brett Harwell & Eric Teutsch plowed holes against La Vernia win.

“Football is a violent game and Teutsch loved it,” Head Coach Charlie Drum started. “When the lights turned on for Friday night Eric would become a different person as opposing coaches noted that they did not like to face this player. Eric loved the physicality of the game.”

Coach Robert Soza also paid tribute to Teutsch, “This is what hard work is all about…I will miss how he would make pancake blocks he did that well.”

Pancake blocks for an offensive lineman is one of those ultimate goals and for a slot-t offense that would give a lineman many opportunities for achieving that goal.

Mr. (Dad) Eric Teutsch was poignant when asked about this chance for his son, “I used to be Big E and Eric was little e but as he got into high school, I became the little e and now Eric is the Big E.”

“I am very proud of Eric…he has put in a lot of work and a lot of time for this and to see him have this moment is great. He started football in the 3rd grade and he was a big boy then too.”

“Yeah, my first year we finished undefeated,” Eric (son) said with a smile. “Sometimes football will have it’s hurts but this is a redemption for me after getting an opportunity to go this route,” Big Eric said in response to going the Junior College way to have a chance for a D-1 school later on.

Eric Teutsch ready to sign with sister Adrianna and E(e)ric Dad.

This year was tough for graduating seniors that want to keep playing their sport at the next level due to covid allowing present college players to stay another year and not lose a year of eligibility.

On all the Coaches speaking about those pancake blocks, “Yeah, I am more of a waffle guy.”

That should not be a problem for Eric as he will be going to the Southeast where Waffle Houses are as plentiful as Whataburger’s are in Texas.

“I will put a chip on my shoulder and be a soldier in moving forward,” Teutsch said in response for needing to go the JC route and wanting a chance take that next rung up the ladder.

Sister, Adrianna Teutsch will be glad that her brother will not be able to block her when she wanted to get around him to arrive at her destination….”Yeah, he was hard to get around!!”

That will be how Eric will make his mark this next football season as making those defensive lineman tough to get around him will have this young man making several trips to a Waffle House for more ammo.

Congrats Eric and use some sugar free syrup and The Hawk Nation will keep an eye out to see just how far you can Go…Hawks!!