Football, Player Profile | May 11, 2021

Football: Forgotten Running Back Cole Cason Returns for Championships!



                        Linebacker Freshman Cole Cason puts finishing touches to Panthers in win, 44-6.

Forgotten players can many times be that main player in those following years that can help propel a team to new heights after being missing in action.

       Let’s Go Casen & Hawks!!

Those forgotten students might have decided to forgo a season of playing or in the case with Cole Cason having his season halted due to an injury.

Cason is one of many players in that Sophomore class that are in a position of transforming sports at The Lake as this class has won a District Championship with each stepping stone taken from Mountain Valley Middle School in both the ‘A’ & ‘B’ squads.

That has not stopped and in the last two seasons that streak has continued with a championship coming during their Freshman and this year for the Junior Varsity team.

That JV club does have some other grades playing but this Sophomore class had several players promoted to the Varsity this past season. So, that streak stays in a continuing state for 4 years now.

Cason had a short stay on the Varsity this past year after scoring on a 2 yard run, his only carry, before finding out that he was injured on that play and has since been sidelined for the remainder of his Sophomore year.

Not a bad stat to have when you can boast that every carry you had resulted in a touchdown.

          Way to Go Cole Casen!!

During his Freshman season, Cason finished with 471 yards rushing while averaging 18 yards per rush and scored 8 touchdowns.

“This could be the start,” Cason thought after scoring on what would be his only run of the year. “I think my adrenaline was pretty high because I did not think I was hurt until I got back to the sideline.”

The injury would become a season changing event for what would have been another rusher for a potent slot-t offense. As the season panned out, Canyon Lake had to reach deep into the well to continue to field running backs after having several players missing in action throughout last year’s season.

“After that play happened they put a sling on me and we went to 3 places to get doctors opinions the next week and found out it would be a lot worse than I thought it would be,” Cason recalled. “I was upset but I kept running it through my mind that it was not the end of my career, it was just a set back.”

Cole Cason is ready to get started!!

“I ended up getting two surgeries back to back (his shoulder and leg) and I thought this was best to get both over with at the same time,” Cason continued as if he was in a waiting room.”

On what Cason’s thinking was while watching games from the sideline, “I was wishing I could play and get better and started doing mental reps and thought of it right away after each play….I was watching the running backs more and that helped when I come back and knew that I would have to work harder and be more dedicated.”

This Sophomore class has been dominant ever since Cason was in the 7th grade what happens next?

“Our Junior and Senior year will be strong and exciting to watch,” Cason said with bated breath. “I’m excited to see where we can be…we have a picture of Jerry World (where the State games is played) in our work-out area.”

How hesitant do you think you will be when practice starts up in 3 months?

“I’m not afraid but I need to be hit again and then that will help me come back faster and faster….but it should not take long, but I am excited for the new season and I cannot wait to see how far we can go!”

Cason will be joined by a bus load of Hawks soon to be Juniors and the question will be if this group will be able to continue to keep that Championship streak in tact.

If that pans out, then Cason nor your team will be forgotten again!

Good Luck Cason and Go Hawks!!