Baseball, Game Article | May 18, 2021

Pre-Series Synopsis Against Navarro

                                              Griffen Williams gets royal treatment after home-run.                 (photo by Dennis Rohlmeier)


Canyon Lake will be in a battle this week against Navarro starting on Thursday at 4:30pm at the NEISD Sports Complex in San Antonio. The next contest will follow on Friday at the same time and place and then if needed a clinching game on Saturday being that same Complex, repeat and rinse.

          Way to Go Area Champs!

The Lake has an All-Time record of 5-9 against the Panthers and the last time these two schools met was when both teams shared the same district during 2016 and those Panthers won both games that season, 10-0 and 11-0. Canyon Lake will go into this Regional Quarterfinal game on a 5 game losing streak against Navarro.

Both schools have played several common opponents which should provide a better idea of how this week’s games might turn out.

The Panthers are enjoying a banner year with a 29-3 record and their last loss being 18 games ago during the March spring break period.

NHS has played 13 schools that made the post-season and 10 of those teams finished in the top 2 in their district with two of those schools won a championship.


By Classification       6A   5A   4A   3A
Navarro                  1    4   12    4   21
Canyon Lake              6    6    9    3   24

Playoff Seeded          1st  2nd  3rd  4th
Navarro                  2    9    3    3   16
Canyon Lake              4    6    2    6   18

Teams still in Playoffs?
Navarro        1
Canyon Lake    3

Winning % of Teams Played. (ex. CL played Bandera (0-23) twice 0-46 = 00%
Navarro              47%
Canyon Lake          53%

                   BEST WIN(s)                 WORSE LOSS(es)
Navarro            Medina Valley               Madisonville
Canyon Lake        Boerne & SA East Central    South SA & Fredericksburg

                                               Winning Percentage of Teams
                   Present Winning Streak      Played during Streak
Navarro                  18                           49%
Canyon Lake              12                           45%

COMMON OPPONENTS   Panthers Scores             CL Hawks   Score                       
Marion             1-0      4-1                1-0         8-2
Fredericksburg     3-0     18-2, 3-1, 4-1      1-1         3-4, 10-0
Hondo              1-0      5-4                1-0         9-3
Davenport          2-0      9-1, 19-7          2-0        12-2, 13-1
Gonzales           2-0      8-0, 8-2           3-0        14-8, 13-1, 14-3

A lot of dissecting with those numbers but this will allow you to get a better handle for both of these teams.

   Let’s Go Hawks & Beat Navarro!

Navarro has two dynamite pitchers that have helped them this season in #1 Bryce Nall and #2 Jaxen Monkerud.

Nall did not pitch against Calhoun but before that series this pitcher had some remarkable numbers with 4 consecutive shut-outs and his last outing with Fredericksburg showed that he might be human in giving up one run to the Billies. There are everal pitchers on this Panther team as Boswell pitched a shut-out in Nall’s rotation.

In those 3 Panther losses their opponents scored 8 runs and 7 runs twice. This team has some lethal bats to go along with their pitching.

Navarro is averaging 8 runs, 8 1/2 hits, and just one error per game for this season.

This series will be an arms race based on CL’s one-two punch on the mound who have also pitched a good season thus far. The main difference that The ReSporter has noticed are the amount of walks that the Panthers can give up while The Lake has given up 2 walks per 7 innings while striking out 8.3 batters on average in a 7 inning contest.

Canyon Lake’s has had a tougher schedule this season and was in a better district which was shown in those Bi-District games two weeks ago. Navarro was the only victor for District 27-4A when pitted against CL’s District 28-4A.

The Panther’s district had just 4 teams which had NHS having to schedule opponents that were in the same situation of having only 4 teams. Those other 4-team districts were in two of the weakest in Region IV and that did not do justice in upping that competitive edge that teams need as a season matures.

Navarro is ranked 5th which does carry some weight for that intangible called confidence. CL has had that middle of the season batting slump which came, in part, from playing teams that had some great pitching. The Panthers pitching staff will not be a pushover but having faced other good pitchers during the season should be a benefit for the Hawks..

Anyone’s game and two good teams that will give it their all starting this Thursday.

And as Always: Let’s Go Hawks!!