Football, Stats | June 24, 2020

More Hawk Football Records for Rushing

Canyon Lake High School Quarterback Peyton McMullen (#12) keeps the ball, falling just short of the end zone.  rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

More Hawk Football Tid-Bits

Another week closer before practice and season comes calling in August.

The ReSporter has compiled some more stats for All-Time and Seasonal Bests since the school started play in 2008 opening campaign.

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Football | June 14, 2020

Canyon Lake Hawk Football Fun Facts

Canyon Lake High School Fullback / Linebacker Patrick Almond (#5) returns the opening half kickoff establishing good field position foe the Hawks.        rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Interesting Facts:
**Of the 6 games that Canyon Lake has failed to score, half of those games came against teams that were a predominantly rushing offense, Navarro, Liberty Hill, and Blanco. Showing how a team that can run has a better understanding of the Slot-T offense.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

**Canyon Lake’s 7 Defensive Shut-Outs have occurred since the 2016 season.

**Last season, Canyon Lake had 3 wins where the offense had their least amount of points scored that is ranked in the top-10 in games played. Two of those contests (Marble Falls 7pts and Blanco 10pts) rank 1st and 2nd.

**The 92 points scored aggregate with Lampasas ranked 3rd all-time in that category behind the 2015 Marion game (105 points) and Taylor (94 points) during the 2016 season. Both were losses. The Smithville battle this past campaign had (83 points) ranking at number 9 on that list.

**Blanco Panthers have 5 of the contests that rank as having the least points aggregate entrenched in the top 10 of Hawk games played.


                        Top 10 Least Points Aggregate
                  1. 07 Marble Falls       2019  Won
                  2. 10 Blanco             2019  Won
                  3. 14 Blanco             2015  Lost
                  4. 19 Blanco             2010  Lost
                  4. 19 Blanco             2013  Lost
                  6. 21 Liberty Hill       2009  Won
                  6. 21 Fredericksburg     2009  Won
                  6. 21 Blanco             2011  Won
                  9. 22 Marble Falls       2018  Won
                 10. 23 Weiss              2018  Won
                 10. 23 Fredericksburg     2015  Won

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

**Canyon Lake has a 33-8 record if they get 20 or more first downs in a contest.

**Canyon Lake has a 41-9 record if they hold opponents less than 300 yards of total offense.

**CL has an impressive, 56-14 record if they hold their opponents to less than a 5.5 yards per rushing attempt. (Since the 2009 season)
Conversely, the Hawks presently stand with a 9-30 record when an opponent gets to 5.9 yards per rushing play in a game.

**The longest Hawk winning streak reached 8 games during the 2017 campaign and had a 9 game losing streak starting in 2012 that stretched into 2013 season.

**The Hawks have had 23 contests with 2 or more running backs reaching the 100 yard plateau in the same contest. Compared to one game with two receivers hitting that same mark. That contest was a win over Llano during the 2009 season when Brody Wisdom (152 yards) and Eric Nelson (132 yards) were on a tear while QB Ross Wagliardo was throwing the rock.

**Canyon Lake presently has 40 scoring plays that covered 60 or more yards from the line of scrimmage. Five of those plays came last year.


                   5 Plays Scoring by 60 or More Yards last season.

                1. James Bates      80 yds  Rushing     Smithville
                2. Nic Rivera       75 yds  Receiving   Taylor      QB Peyton McMullen
                3. James Bates      72 yds  Receiving   Lampasas    QB Peyton McMullen
                4. Jeremy Greene    70 yds  Receiving   Lampasas    QB Peyton McMullen
                5. James Bates      69 yds  Rushing     Lampasas

                   Top 5 All-Time Longest Scoring Plays
                1. Chance Martelli  93 yds  Receiving   Wimberley   QB Peyton McMullen
                2. Austin Brennan   90 yds  Rushing     Blanco
                3. Matt Magness     88 yds  Receiving   Luling      QB Jeff Nabors
                4. Austin Brennan   87 yds  Rushing     Billies
                4. Trenton Lorett   87 yds  Rushing     Austin Reagan

Eleven Weeks before your Hawks travel the Devil’s Back-Bone to start their season against Wimberley.

Hope these tid-bit Stats were enjoyable and will help as we wait for practice to start in earnest in August.

Go Hawks!!

Sport News | May 16, 2020

CL Hawks Coaches and Seniors Broadcast Today Starting at 12:00 Noon

Track Star Madison Churbe will be one of several Seniors to share at the CLB Senior Blast.    rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake Broadcasting and The Hilltop ReSporter wants to celebrate and catch-up with the Hawk Community after a shortened Spring Sports season due to the Wuhan China Wall Virus.

There will a conversation 12 students and 6 coaches this Saturday at the Baja BBQ or you can tune in live on the link below.

Senior Blast Link for a 12 Noon Start

Just hit the link above and you will see a Green Box with Canyon Lake that will get you hooked up to listen bout the future and past with players and coaches.

Remember that this is possible by our advertisers and we ask that you help our local businesses and if you can remember, let them know that Canyon Lake Broadcasting and The Hilltop ReSporter is where you saw their Ad.

That helps tons and as always, enjoy the Broadcast and GO HAWKS!!

Sport News | May 14, 2020

Senior 2020 Broadcast Blast!!

                                    Mason Lee making contact on a fastball and another Hawk Win. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

CLB will host a live broadcast from BAJA’s back patio on the lake Saturday May 16th from 12-3 pm overlooking the marina in front of a live audience.

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Football | May 9, 2020

Week 4 on the Hawk’s Football Schedule for 2020: Alamo Heights

Canyon Lake High School Fullback / Linebacker Patrick Almond (#5) pressures Fredericksburg’s quarterback Tucker Elliiot (#2).    rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

by Cory Martelli (The Voice of the Hawks) and CLB

When CL’s coaching staff went looking for schools to play for the 2020 season they found a gem of a school in Alamo Heights in just about every way.

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Track & Field | May 7, 2020

Hawk Ladies, Virtual District Track Meet has 4th Place Finish


Alyssa Strickland taking a first place in earlier meet this year.      rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake’s Girls Track team finished in 4th Place in a virtual District 28-4A Track Meet.

The ReSporter has compiled all the meets for the schools in district before China got in our way and postponed the Spring Sports for this season.

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Sport News, Uncategorized | May 6, 2020

Mountain Valley is Consistent in Sports

Mountain Valley Middle School finishing up Basketball before Wuhan Virus stopped competition. (photo by Jill Coffee)


Mountain Valley has always been that last step for potential athletes ready to see what can be done when they are ready to start their last 4 years of school and compete in sports.

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Football | May 5, 2020

Hawk Football 2020 Schedule

Canyon Lake High School Running Back James Bates (#28) is tackled as he rushes into the end zone scoring a Hawk touchdown.  rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The official Hawk Football Schedule is out as the Hawks will be working on having their 5th straight winning season this year which started back during the 2016 campaign.

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Game Article, Track & Field | April 26, 2020

CL Hawks Boys Finish 3rd in Virtual Dist. 28-4A Track Meet

                     Nic Rivera was always scoring points in hurdles for The Lake.       rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson /   MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The ReSporter had an exhaustive search for District 28-4A schools in searching for Track & Field results in order to have a virtual district track meet.

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Baseball | April 20, 2020

CL Hawk Baseball & What Could Have Been with Season Stats

                              Caleb Williams and Hawks finished season with a .962 Fielding Percentage.
rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

First off The ReSporter will start off with the team stats to help put in perspective how this Hawk team compared to past Canyon Lake teams. With a caveat for the future as The ReSporter has both Varsity and Junior Varsity season stats.

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Football | April 19, 2020

The ‘Ridiculous Six’ & WOW

From (L-R), Derek Wiatrek, Ben Crisp, Jesse Horner, Eric Nelson, Partick Almond, and Peyton McMullen. (Ryan Rivali is not in picture)


Governor Greg Abbot and the UIL may shut down the schools and the rest of spring sports for all high schools, but the “Ridiculous Six” as they are known, have not let that dictate slow them down in their efforts preparing for this falls football season.

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Football | April 10, 2020

CL Hawk’s FreshMan are a Special Group

                                                                                  District 28-4A Champions!
                                                                                             Enough Said!


As the one month of no sports approaches, The ReSporter would like to accent an event that had transpired this season that had not been done to this height before.

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Football, Volleyball | February 20, 2020

Canyon Lake’s Sports will Have Some Changes after Alignment

Canyon Lake High School Strong End / Defensive End Kolton Ramey (#88) and Center / Defensive Tackle Brayden Hodge (#64) rushes the Lampasas offensive line. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The UIL Alignment has Canyon Lake with some new neighbors for the upcoming two years in Football.

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Football | April 28, 2020

CLB’s, Georgetown East View Football Preview

Canyon Lake High School Swingman / Cornerback Tyler Pauly (#6) returns the punt before being brought down by a Needville defender.    rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

               Story by Cory Martelli-(The Voice of the Hawks)
               Week 3 - September 11th @Georgetown East View
               CLHS Hawks will be on the road and take on the
               Georgetown East View Patriots (Away)

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