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Boys Basketball All-Time Individual Stats

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Andrew Riali holding on to 3point field goal record as Parker Mott is hot on his tail.

The ReSporter has the numbers for what might be in store for this year’s Boy’s Basketball team with the first two games included on the totals below.



Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Canyon Lake High School Swingman / Cornerback Cody Kline (#26) defends against a perfectly thrown Lampasas pass. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]


              THIS WEEK       @     CANYON LAKE          Nov. 13-17

Tue Nov 13    Manor Tech JV   @     CL Hawks Gold      500p  Girls Basketball
              Blanco          @     CL Hawks Varsity   500p  Boys  Basketball
              Blanco JV       @     CL Hawks JV        615p  Boys  Basketball
              Manor Tech      @     CL Hawks Varsity   615p  Girls Basketball

Fri Nov 16    CL Hawks        @     Burnet             All-Day     Swimming
                                    5A & Under Invitational
              CL Hawks Green  @     Poteet             500p  Girls Basketball
              CL Hawks        @     Poteet             630p  Girls Basketball
              CL Hawks        vs.   Needville          730p        Football
                                    Cuero Stadium Bi-District
Sat Nov 17    Hawks JV Fresh  @     Fredericksburg     TBD   Girls Basketball
              CL Hawks        @     San Marcos         All-Day     Swimming
              Texas State Skip Gilkerson Memorial Invitational



Hawks Running on Fumes in Loss to LaVernia, 62-50

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Matt Taliaferro and Pearse McCullagh look to improve their result in game with Blanco this Tuesday at Hawk Nest.

CL’s Junior Varsity had a lead at halftime but lost all of their steam in that last quarter starting their season on the short end of a 62-50 contest to La Vernia.

       Go Hawks Beat Blanco!

“We just ran out of gas,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman quipped. “We did some good stuff and I was very proud on how they competed.”

The season and game started with the Bears scoring the first 10 points before a Tuff Cantu 3 pointer that had a chance for a 4 point play but the free throw fell short. That shot was at the 3 minute mark which helped CL end the first stanza with a 10-4 advantage.

This Hawk JV kept that same energy during the 2nd Quarter with a lead off a Pearse McCullagh drive and score, putting The Lake up, 17-16 with 6 minutes still left to play before halftime.

Canyon Lake scored 19 points during this hot spell. McCullagh shot 50% from the field on 6 shots and made 3 free throws leading the charge. Only 4 turnovers in the 2nd Quarter while taking the lanes with 6 steals helping with some easy lay-ups.

“I was just trying to get to the rim and draw some fouls and get to the free throw line,” McCullagh said.

CL would stay within striking range after trailing, 37-38 after a sweet dish when Cantu found an open Colton Winters for a short jumper.

The Hawks would not get any closer than 6 points until the final horn as this short handed team finally ran out of air.

Matt Taliaferro was an instrumental big man after picking up his brush and lived in the paint affecting shots and cleaning the board with a game high 13 kareems.

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

“When I got a rebound then I would just kick it back out to get some more shots,” Taliaferro said while looking down on The ReSporter. “I will be working on my blocking out and getting better offensively,”

Taliaferro was responding to what he would be working on to improve his game.

A trio of Hawks finished with double digit scoring with McCullagh leaving the contest with 19 points followed by Winters (13) and Cantu (10).

Cantu was nails from the charity stripe and also chipped in with a game high 5 steals.

Canyon Lake will need to cut down on those turnovers hopefully get some help player wise as the season continues.

The Junior Varsity will be in battle with Blanco this Tuesday with a chance to even their record in the Hawk Nest.

Go JV Hawks!!


               1  2  3  4   Final
La Vernia JV  14 14 17 17   62
CL Hawks JV   10 19 10 11   50

                            3pt           tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Dawson Piela        0-1     0-0     0-0    0   1-2   3  0  0  0  2
Pearse McCullagh    6-15    2-4     5-7   19   0-1   1  0  1  1  7
Tuff Cantu          1-9     1-4     7-9   10   2-4   6  2  5  0  6
Colton Winters      5-12    1-6     2-2   13   0-3   3  2  2  0  1
Caleb Schimank      1-5     0-2     0-0    2   0-1   1  0  3  0  2
Charles Schumacher  1-2     1-1     0-0    3   0-2   2  0  0  0  2
Joey Cuellar        1-4     0-1     0-2    2   1-2   3  2  1  0  5
Matt Taliaferro     0-2     0-0     1-1    1   6-7  13  0  2  1  3
Totals             15-50    5-18   15-21  50  10–22 32  6 14  2 28
                    30%     28%     71%

Hawks Lose on Last Second Shot to La Vernia, 67-64

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

The Hawks started their Basketball Season on a Saturday morning when La Vernia paid a visit to The Lake and winning on a 3-pointer with no time on the clock, 67-64.


CL Hawks Basketball Starts their Season this Saturday

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Rico Griffin, Anthony Zavala, and Sam Schimank prepare for the La Vernia Bears this Saturday.


Canyon Lake’s Boys Basketball will get going for real this Saturday at the Hawk Nest for an unusual start with the Sub-Varsity tipping off at 10am.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Nov 6th-Nov 10th

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Canyon Lake High School running back #28 rushes for a touch down. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

             This Week       @    Canyon Lake          November 6-10

Tue Nov 6    CL Hawks Green  @    Brooks Academy JV   500p Girls Basketball
             CL Hawks        @    Brooks Academy      615p Girls Basketball
             Lockhart  JV    @    CL Hawks JV         500p Boys  Basketball
             Lockhart        @    CL Hawks            600p Boys  Basketball

Thu Nov 8    Lib Hill Fr     @    CL Hawks Freshman   500p       Football
             Lib Hill JV     @    CL Hawks JV         700p       Football

Fri Nov 9    CL Hawks        @    Liberty Hill        730p       Football

Sat Nov 10   La Vernia       @    CL Hawks Sub-Var   1000a Boys  Basketball
             La Vernia       @    CL Hawks           1130a Boys  Basketball



THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Oct. 23rd-Nov. 3rd

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

CL Hawks will be lining it up for their Bi-District game with Burnet this Tuesday.        (photo by Hayley Melone)

               THIS WEEK        @    CANYON LAKE Oct. 30 —Nov. 2nd

Tue. Oct 30    Burnet           vs.  Canyon Lake         630p      Volleyball
                                @    Dripping Springs Bi-District

Thu. Nov 1     CL Hawks         @    Bandera             All-Day   Golf
                                   Day 1 of the District Tournament
               CL Hawks Fresh.  @    Lampasas Fresh      500p      Football
               CL Hawks JV      @    Lampasas JV         700p      Football

Fri. Nov 2     CL Hawks         @    Fredericksburg      All-Day   Golf
                                     Day 2 of the District Tournament
               Lampasas         @    CL Hawks            730p      Football

Sat. Nov 3     CL Hawks Alumni  @    CL Hawks           1000a Boys Basketball
               CL Hawks         @    Burnet             All-Day    Swimming
                                     Small Team Invitational

** Volleyball Area Playoff Date & Time will be announced after Tuesday night.



Boy’s Basketball is Next for #13 on Countdown after Win over Wimberley, 48-46

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Caimen McDonough glides in for 2 points in Win over Wimberley, 48-46.           (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Boy’s Basketball squad were wanting a more rewarding season, but they will certainly hang their hat on beating Wimberley 2 out of 3 games this year and making the playoffs for their 3rd consecutive season.


CL Hawks Basketball Win Best of 3 Series with Wimberley, 2-1

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

          Caimen Finished his Senior year in grand fashion.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake Hawks won the Best of Three this year against the Wimberley Texans after suffering their first loss in a Bi-District game, 60-51.


THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE February 19-24

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

     Sophomore Jessie Melendez going to battle after a field goal try.              (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 This Week         @       Canyon Lake

Monday  Feb 19   Llano JV          @       CL JV           500p          Baseball
                 CL Hawks          @       Llano           600p          Baseball

Tuesday Feb 20   Canyon Lake       @       Marion          All-Day Girls Golf
                 CL Hawks JV       @       Marble Falls    500p          Softball
                 Bandera           @       CL Hawks        500p    Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks JV       @       Bandera         500p    Boys  Soccer
                 CL Hawks          @       Marble Falls    700p          Softball
                 CL Hawks          @       Bandera         700p    Boys  Soccer
                 CL Hawks          vs.     Wimberley       800p    Boys  Basketball
                 Bi-District New Braunfels High School
               **CL Hawks          vs.     SA Veterans     800p    Girls Basketball
                 Quarterfinals Canyon High School

Wednesday Feb 21 CL Hawks          @       Marion          All-Day Boys  Golf

Thursday Feb 22  Hallettsville     @       CL Hawks        100p          Softball
                 Yoakum            @       CL Hawks        300p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney  TBA           Baseball

Friday Feb 23    Navarro           @       CL Hawks        100p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tournament
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney  TBA           Baseball
                 Fredericksburg    @       CL Hawks JV     500p   Boys   Soccer
                 Fredericksburg    @       CL Hawks        700p   Boys   Soccer
                 CL Hawks          @       Fredericksburg  700p   Girls  Soccer

Saturday Feb 24  Luling            @       CL Hawks       1000a          Softball
                 Flatonia          @       CL Hawks        200p          Softball
                 Hill Country Tourney
                 CL Hawks          @       Marion Tourney TBA            Baseball
                 CL Hawks          @       Lobo Relays    All-Day        Track
                 Hays High School

**CLB will be Live Streaming this Quarterfinal Match-up with Pre/Game 7:30p