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This Month @ Canyon Lake

Monday, December 18th, 2017

                     Head Coach Zach Burleson talking strategy in recent win as CL plays Navarro Tuesday.

                          This Month   @   Canyon Lake

 Tuesday   Dec. 19  Navarro Freshman   @   CL JV1               5pm  Girls Basketball
                    Navarro JV         @   CLJV2                5pm  Girls Basketball
                    Navarro            @   CL Hawks             630p Girls Basketball
                    CL Hawks           @   Sunnybrook           7pm  Boys  Basketball

 Thursday  Dec 21   CL Hawks Freshman  @   La Vernia            3pm  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks JV        @   La Vernia            3pm  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks           @   La Vernia            430p Boys  Basketball

 Wednesday Dec 27   CL Hawks           vs  Burnet               9am  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks           vs  Hildago              6pm  Boys  Basketball
                    Fredericksburg Tournament

 Thursday  Dec 28   CL Hawks           vs  Cleburne           1030a  Boys  Basketball
                    CL Hawks           vs  Graham              130p  Boys  Basketball
                    Fredericksburg Tournament

 Friday    Dec 29   CL Hawks           vs  Pearsall           1030a  Girls Basketball
                    CL Hawks           vs  Nueces Canyon        6pm  Girls Basketball
                    Comfort Tournament

 Saturday  Dec 30   CL Hawks           vs  TBD Based on Brackett     Girls Basketball
                    Comfort Tournament



Hawks Lose Traction in 4th Quarter in Loss to Jourdanton, 70-58

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Michael Harwell sets a screen for the cutting Parker Mott     (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake lost their traction in the final period losing to Jourdanton, 70-58 at the Hawk Nest.


CL Hawks Boys finish 2-2 at Hawk Classic Tourney

Monday, December 11th, 2017


                                   Jarred Rollins and Zach Griffin voted All-Tournament at Hawk Classic.


Canyon Lake started their Tournament with a 61-41 win over Ingram on Friday afternoon. The weather delayed the start times and CL was also frigid starting the contest, but a huge day on the board helped jettison the Hawks.

CL’s leading scorer, Parker Mott did not finish the game but The Lake was still able to get over 60 points which was an important item to help pull this year’s club one game off of a .500 record, 5-6.


CL Hawks Boys Basketball Top 3 and All-Time Top 10

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

2017 Graduate Rory Preiss had stellar career for Hawks

                      Top 3 Hawk Boys 2017-18 Basketball Season

         points                3pt goals             free throws
         Parker Mott     167   Parker Mott      24   Parker Mott       43
         Jarred Rollins   73   Jeremy Duncan     7   Jarred Rollins    17
         Zach Griffin     44   Sam Schimank      7   Zach Griffin      12

         offensive rebounds    defensive rebounds    total rebounds
         Jarred Rollins   31   Jarred Rollins   56   Jarred Rollins    87
         Zach Griffin     20   Zack Taliaferro  34   Zach Griffin      50
         Noah Gray        17   Zach Griffin     30   Zack Taliaferro   47

         assists               steals                blocks
         Zack Taliaferro  23   Parker Mott      28   Jarred Rollins     5
         Jarred Rollins   14   Zack Taliaferro  12   Zack Taliaferro    4
         Parker Mott      13   Jarred Rollins   11   Zach Griffin       3


                   All-Time Top 10 Hawk Boys Basketball

          Total Points          3pt Goals             Made Free Throws
          Rory Preiss      760  Andrew Riali     122  Rory Preiss       154
          Andrew Rialii    594  Chris Green       77  Andrew Riali      121
          Matt Magness     555  Jacob Ramirez     76  Matt Magness      120
          Brandon Ward     498  Garrett Winters   71  Tyler Williams    105
          Stuart Lowry     407  Matt Magness      52  Christian Pena    102
          Caleb kreiger    406  Brandon Ward      49  Brandon Berger     90
          Jacob Ramirez    363  Will Gray         37  Gerrit Wilkins     82
          Skyler Tschoepe  362  Parker Mott       35  Doug Hubnik        80
          Christian Pena   356  Rory Preiss       35  Brandon Ward       74
          Tanner Jones     348  Skyler Tschoepe   34  Caleb Kreiger      72
          Chris Green      348  Paul Davis        34

          Total Rebounds        Steals                Assists
          Rory Preiss      499  Rory Preiss      123  Doug Hubnik       187
          Sean Nolan       368  Neal Whitehead    78  Matt Magness      136
          Tyler Williams   357  Tanner Jones      76  Rory Preiss       113
          Heath McDonough  338  Matt Magness      69  Gerrit Wilkins    113
          Andrew Riali     296  Skyler Tschoepe   69  Tanner Jones       90
          Skyler Tschoepe  249  Doug Hubnik       62  Brandon Ward       87
          Caleb Kreiger    218  Brandon Ward      58  Brandon Berger     78
          Neal Whitehead   203  Javier Mendez     58  Garrett Winters    77
          Eric Nelson      184  Brandon Berger    56  Will Gray          72
          Joseph Boyd      174  Heath McDonough   56  Jacob Ramirez      61

          Blocks                Season Points      #        Year
          Tyler Williams    96  Caleb Kreiger    406        2012
          Sean Nolan        85  Rory Preiss      406        2017
          Caleb Kreiger     59  Christan Pena    356        2009
          Neal Whitehead    47  Tanner Jones     348        2009
          Rory Preiss       35  Andrew Riali     328        2014
          Skyler Tschoepe   29  Stuart Lowry     282        2010
          Eric Nelson       29  Matt Magness     278        2012
          Heath McDonough   25  Andrew Riali     267        2013
          Joseph Boyd       18  Paul Davis       259        2013
          Ancel Morel       15  Brandon Ward     256        2015
          Kevin Nolan       15

CL Hawks Play at Full Strength in Win over Luling, 63-36

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Canyon Lake had all hands on deck with their win over the Luling Eagles on Tuesday night at the

Coach Chapman planning strategy in Hawk Victory

Hawk Nest, 63-36.

With the Hawk football team going further into the season would be a detriment for the basketball crew as those weeks practicing outside with an oblong ball would cramp those time needed to prepare for the game that requires a round ball.

Michael Harwell, Ben Fulton, and Andrew Nelson were wearing a different uniform that would help in securing this victory.


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

                  Canyon Lake dives into a December Football Contest. Way to Go Hawks!
(photo Karen Holmes)

                 This Week          @       Canyon Lake

Tuesday Dec 5    Luling Fresh       @       CL Hawks Freshman    5pm  Boys  Basketball
                 Luling JV          @       CLJV Hawks           5pm  Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV 2      @       Florence             5pm  Girls Basketball
                 Luling             @       CL Hawks             7pm  Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks           @       Florence            630p  Girls Basketball

Friday Dec 8     CL Hawks JV 1      @       SA Randolph          5pm  Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks Tournament All-Day                          Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks           @       SA Randolph         630p  Girls Basketball

Saturday Dec 9   CL Hawks JV 1 & 2  @       Comfort           All Day Girls Basketball
                 Canyon Lake’s    Boys Tournament    All Day Basketball



This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Canyon Lake High School Middle Linebacker Greyson Lee (#8) pressures the Pleasanton High School quarterback.                (mjrphotog.com)

               This Week           @    Canyon Lake

Tue Nov. 28    Eagle Pass Winn Fr. @    CL Hawks JV 2      5pm  Girls Basketball
               Eagle Pass Winn JV  @    CL Hawks JV 1      5pm  Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks Freshman   @    Somerset           5pm  Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks JV         @    Somerset           5pm  Boys  Basketball
               Eagle Pass Winn     @    CL Hawks           630p Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks            @    Somerset           630p Boys  Basketball

Thu Nov 30     CL Hawks            vs.  Stony Point        430p Girls Basketball
               Canyon/New Braunfels Classic                Games @ NBHS
               CL Hawks Fr & JV    vs.  Burnet Tournament  TBA Boys  Basketball

Fri. Dec 1     CL Hawks            vs.  Lose 1st Game     1200N Girls Basketball
                                        Win  1st Game      130p Girls Basketball
               Canyon/NB Classic                           Games @ NBHS
               CL Hawks            vs.  Marion            1200n Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Somerset           130p Boys  Basketball
                                        Marion Tournament
              *Waco La Vega        vs.  CL Hawks           730p       Football
                                        Kelly Reeves Stadium in Round Rock

Sat. Dec 2     CL Hawks            @    Burnet            All-Day     Swimming
                                        4A & Under Invitational Burnet YMCA
               CL Hawks            @    NBHS               TBD  Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Wimberley          315p Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks            vs.  Devine             615p Boys  Basketball

              *CLB will Broadcast this contest go to the Resporter Link.



CL Hawks Put Yellowjackets in a Straight Jacket in Win, 59-39

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Canyon Lake took the lead for good with 1:50 on the 1st quarter clock for a 20 point win over Llano, 59-39.

“We started off slow,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman stated. “We looked tired coming out in the first half but we continued to play hard and then we found lots of energy as the game progressed.”


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Hawks will be storming the field, when they battle Pleasanton this Friday!               (photo by Karen Holmes)

                This Week          @     Canyon Lake

Nov 20 Mon    Somerset Fresh       @     CL Hawks JV 2       5pm  Girls  Basketball
              Somerset JV          @     CL Hawks JV 1       5pm  Girls  Basketball
              CL Freshman          @     Fox Tech Fresh      5pm  Boys   Basketball
              CL Hawks JV          @     Fox Tech JV         615p Boys   Basketball
              Somerset             @     CL Hawks            630p Girls  Basketball
              CL Hawks             @     Fox Tech            730p Boys   Basketball

Nov 21 Tue    Boerne Champion      @     CL Hawks JV 2       10am Girls  Basketball
              Boerne Champion JV   @     CL Hawks JV 1       10am Girls  Basketball
              Boerne Champion      @     CL Hawks          11:15p Girls  Basketball
              Llano Freshman       @     CL Hawks Fresh       2pm Boys   Basketball
              Llano JV             @     CL Hawks JV          2pm Boys   Basketball
              Llano                @     CL Hawks            330p Boys   Basketball

Nov 23 Thu                     Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 24 Fri   *CL Hawks            vs.    Pleasanton         7:30p        Football
              Area Playoff               Gustafson Stadium San Antonio
             *CLB will be 'On the Air' this Friday and come to The Resporter for 
              getting your link if you will not be able to make game. 


This Week @ Canyon Lake

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Canyon Lake High School Linebacker Nathan deLeon (#56) and Defensive End Clay Weber (#52) pursue the Taylor High School running back.  A District Champion JV squad chases and caught a Duck!!    (mjrphotog.com)

                  This Week          @    Canyon Lake

Tue Nov 14        CL Hawks Fresh     @    Lampasas        515p  Boys  Basketball
                  Wimberley Fresh    @    CLJV 1          530p  Girls Basketball
                  Wimberley JV       @    CLJV 2          530p  Girls Basketball
                  CL Hawks JV        @    Lampasas        630p  Boys  Basketball
                  Wimberley          @    CL Hawks        700p  Girls Basketball
                  CL Hawks           @    Lampasas        745p  Boys  Basketball

Thu Nov 16        CLHS               @    Austin Crockett  TBA  Girls Basketball

Fri Nov 17        CLHS                @    Austin Crockett  TBA Girls  Baskeball
                 *Gatesville          @    CL Hawks        730p        Football
                  Bi-District Gupton Stadium, Cedar Park
                  CL Hawks            @    Burnet          All Day     Swimming
                  5A & Under TISCA Invitational

Sat Nov 18        CL Hawks            @    Austin Crockett TBA   Girls Basketball
                  CL Hawks            @ Burnet All Day Swimming
                  5A & Under TISCA Invitational

         *Game to be Broadcast via CLBroadcasting (Link to connect on this site)