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Hawk’s Aren’t Lampasas Badgered in Bi-District Win, 3-2

Friday, March 29th, 2019

                                                                         Hawks Win with Bellville coming up next.

Canyon Lake Boys Soccer overcame the Badgers in a come-back win in this Bi-District battle and will now go another step on the ladder after surviving with a, 3-2 victory.


Boy’s & Girl’s Soccer Playoffs in Burnet

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

                                                                   Trenton Lorett & Hawks Take Down Freddie, 5-1.
(photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake will have a double-header on Thursday when the Lady Hawks kick-off the action at 5:30pm and then will have the Boys waiting on deck.



Sunday, March 24th, 2019

                THIS WEEK     @    CANYON LAKE         March 25-29

Mon Mar 25    CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg      900a  Girls     Golf

Tue Mar 26    CL Hawks JV     @    Fredericksburg      900a  Boys      Golf
              CL Hawks JV     @    Fredericksburg JV   500p            Softball
              CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg      700p            Softball
              CL Hawks        @    Boerne              700p            Baseball

Wed Mar 27    CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg      900a  Boys      Golf

Thu Mar 28    Liberty Hill    vs   CL Hawks            530p  Girls     Soccer
              Lampasas        vs   CL Hawks            730p  Boys      Soccer
              Soccer Games    @    Burnet High School
              CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg      All Day         Track & Field

Fri Mar 29    Bandera JV      @    CL Hawks            500p            Softball
              Bandera         @    CL Hawks            700p            Softball
              Wimberley       @    CL Hawks            700p            Baseball



CL Hawks Boys Soccer Leaving a Legacy in Win over Billies, 5-1

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Another Hawks Goal as the dejected Billies leave the field after a complete game, 5-1 win. (photo by Lynne Carpenter)


Canyon Lake Boys Soccer beat Fredericksburg, with 5 unanswered goals after spotting the Billies to a, 1-0 lead before closing with a blitz and a win, 5-1, to clinch a 2nd seed for the Post-Season.


Hawk Soccer Teams have Play-off Hopes in Games with Billies on Friday

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

       Midfielder Matthew Bell fights for position in win over Bandera.                       (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake’s Soccer teams will be in action for their last regular season game this Friday when the Hawk Boys host Fredericksburg while the Ladies finish on the road in Billie Land.



Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Ethan Slater chases down the ball for an out in game with Luling. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]


                 THIS WEEK       @     CANYON LAKE          March 18-23

Mon. March 18     CL Hawks        @     SVHS River Crossing   All Day      Golf
                  Wimberley JV    @     CL Hawks JV           500p         Baseball

Tue. March 19     CL Hawks JV     @     Bandera JV            500p   Boys  Soccer
                  Bandera         @     CL Hawks              600p   Girls Soccer
                  CL Hawks        @     Bandera               700p   Boys  Soccer
                  Wimberley       @     CL Hawks              600p         Softball
                  SA Christian    @     CL Hawks              700p         Baseball

Thu. March 21     CL Hawks JV     @     San Marcos            TBD          Softball
                  CL Hawks        @     Wimberley             400p         Track & Field

Fri. March 22     Blanco          @     CL Hawks              100p         Tennis
                  Llano JV        @     CL Hawks JV           600p         Softball
                  Jourdanton JV   @     CL Hawks JV           430p         Baseball
                  Billies JV      @     CL Hawks JV           500p   Boys  Soccer
                  CL Hawks JV     @     Llano JV              500p         Softball
                  CL Hawks        @     Fredericksburg        600p   Girls Soccer
                  CL Hawks        @     Llano                 700p         Softball
                  Jourdanton      @     CL Hawks              700p         Baseball
                  Fredericksburg  @     CL Hawks              700p   Boys  Soccer

Sat. March 23     CL Hawks JV     @     San Marcos            TBD          Softball



CL Boy’s Soccer have Important Battle this Friday against Texans

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

                                          Austin Stahura going high in hopes for a Hawk Win!!
                                                                  (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

Canyon Lake’s Boys Soccer will have their most important battle this Friday at the Hawk Nest when the Wimberley Texans come calling as the district race moves closer to the finish line.


Coaches Corner with Boy Soccer’s Ryan Tierney

Monday, March 4th, 2019


James Mason helping Goal Keeper Brayden Damico with some great Hawk Defense.      (photo Lynne Carpenter)

The ReSporter: What is the difference in this Hawk Team today vs. the one that started District 28-4A, three weeks ago?

Coach Tierney: “Our mentality has changed. We have taken a never back down approach. We know every game is going to be a fight or brawl and we are going into it with one another.” (more…)


Sunday, March 3rd, 2019


Hawk’s Defense by Goal Keeper Brayden Damico, #15 Andrew Pipkin, #22 James Mason, and #9 Joshua Sczech will need to be solid during the Hawks next 3 games.                            (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

               THIS WEEK      @     CANYON LAKE            March 4-9

  Mon. Mar 4   CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              All-Day Girls  Golf
               CL Hawks JV    @     Devine JV              430p           Baseball

  Tue. Mar 5   CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              All-Day Boys   Golf
               CL Hawks JV    @     Burnet JV              500p           Softball
               CL Hawks       @     Burnet                 700p           Softball

  Thu. Mar 7   CL Hawks       @     Kerrville              All-Day        Track & Field
                                    Antler Relays
               Brentwood      @     CL Hawks               430p           Baseball
               SA Veterans    @     CL Hawks               700p           Baseball
                                    Hawk Tournament

  Fri. Mar 8   Taylor JV      @     CL Hawks JV            430p           Softball
               Wimberley JV   @     CL Hawks               500p    Boys   Soccer
               Taylor         @     CL Hawks               600p           Softball
               CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              630p    Girls  Soccer
               Wimberley      @     CL Hawks               700p    Boys   Soccer
               SA Burbank     @     CL Hawks               700p           Baseball
                                    Hawk Tournament

  Sat. Mar 9   TBA            @     CL Hawks Tourney       TBD            Baseball



CL Hawks Boy’s Soccer Beats Boerne, 3-1 & Standings (Updated Standings)

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Trenton Lorett showing good form in scoring on the Texans.             (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

                                 CANYON LAKE BOYS SOCCER STANDINGS
          Overall          W   L   T    Pct       District         W   L   T
          CL Hawks        12   4   2   .722       Fredericksburg   4   1   1    .818
          Fredericksburg   9   6   3   .636       Boerne           4   2   0    .667
          Wimberley       10   9   1   .513       CL Hawks         3   2   0    .600
          Boerne           7  13   1   .366       Wimberley        2   3   1    .455
          Bandera          4  18   0   .182       Bandera          0   5   0    .000

                                      Last Week’s Results
          Tuesday Feb. 26     CL Hawks        4     Fredericksburg   2
                              Wimberley       6     Bandera          1

          Friday  Mar. 1      CL Hawks        3     Boerne           1
                              Fredericksburg  1     Wimberley        0
                              Beeville Jones  2     Bandera          1

                                      This Week’s Games
          Tuesday Mar. 5      Fredericksburg  4     Bandera          1
                              Boerne          4     Wimberley        0
                              CL Hawks Off

          Friday  Mar. 8      Wimberley       @     CL Hawks
                              Bandera         @     Boerne
                              Fredericksburg  @     Brownwood