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Final Coaches Corner for Softball’s John Gallagher

Friday, June 15th, 2018

The ReSporter has learned that Head Coach John Gallagher will be stepping down as coach of Canyon Lake’s Softball team for this coming school year.

Here is an informational Coaches Corner for Mr. Gallagher to help inform you of his plans and thoughts.


Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

The ReSporter: Do you change things up, or do you keep to the same type of regiment in between your seasons?

Coach Paisley: “I am always a believer in consistency and especially with the conditioning and weight room regiment, along with expectations during the off-season. As for skills, we adapt to what group of kids we have returning, and need to focus on most. Passing and defense is always a must and is a skill we try to perfect every season.”


Girls Track: Coaches Corner with John Barthels

Friday, April 6th, 2018

        Senior Skylar Hurst prepares for District 28-4A Meet next week.


The ReSporter: You have Skylar and Alysha that have been involved with Track for 4 years now, what has these two athletes meant to the overall group of ladies that are participating?


Boy’s Track: Coaches Corner with Troy Moses

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018


Caimen McDonough working on a landing spot. Make sure your treys are in the upright & locked position. (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on how this season has gone up to the week before the District Meet?

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Coach Moses: “We have had a very successful season thus far.”

The ReSporter: Why do the Hurdle Events have so many Hawk athletes wanting to compete in them?

Coach Moses: “That’s where we feel we can make up points on other teams. We want everybody running the hurdles, then we will move athletes away from them as the coaches figure out what events they’ll excel in.”


Softball: Coaches Corner with Coach Gallagher

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Head Softball Coach John Gallagher

Canyon Lake Softball team will be unveiling their 2018 version this Friday when the Hawks open District 28-4A on the road in Boerne.

The Greyhounds have been a tough out for CL for several years and a good start will be paramount in finishing this part of the season in good shape to be seeded as a higher seed. La Vernia has shown they will have the potential to be the winner of their district with Wimberley in that same running.

Canyon Lake would need to finish 1st or 2nd to avoid having to play those two schools in that first round of playoffs.


Coaches Corner with Baseball’s Victor Escamilla

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Hawks get ready for Season to Start.  Go Hawks!!   (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter: Tell us about your road to Canyon Lake. Where have you been or give us your Coaching Tree. (more…)

Coaches Corner with Softball’s John Gallagher

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Maggie Banks is ready for a strong finish in her Senior Year.              (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter: What are your initial thoughts after your first scrimmages?

Coach Gallahger: “I was happy with how we played for our first scrimmage. Our varsity players played strong defense and all our pitchers threw pretty consistent. We rotated three catchers who did a good job as well. We didn’t hit as well as I would have liked but with a mixture of four lineups going it was hard to get a lot of at bats for any one player. We had some key hits and showed some power early on.” (more…)

Boy’s Track & Field Coaches Corner with Troy Moses

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

The ReSporter: What do you feel will be your strengths this year?

Coach Moses: “Our throwers could wind up being the strength of this team. They are seniors (Jacob Foster, Joseph Crisp, Ross Snowden, Brayden and Bradley Hight)who love to compete and love to see themselves improve. Lester Boehm will be the leader of our sprinters and Caimen McDonough will lead the jumps and hurdles.” (more…)

Coaches Corner with Girl’s Track & Field – John Barthels

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

CL Hawks might be seeing this portrait for many Meets this year, as Skylar Hurst and Audrey Schulze take the podium. (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter: This will be the most anticipated Track Season for the ladies in the past 10 years….give us a reason to be excited.

Coach Barthels: “For starters we only graduated 4 seniors last year. The track program as a whole has slowly, but surely been improving each of the past few years. We have had some individuals that have done well in the past, but this year we have more athletes that are dedicated to the program and the word is spreading that we can compete with anyone we run against.” (more…)

Coaches Corner with Girls Basketball’s Zach Burleson

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

     Head Coach Zach Burleson 

The ReSporter: The Hawks go into their next contest for keeps with a road game in Boerne. Tell us how the District looks as you prepare your Hawks for the ultimate prize of District champs?

Coach Burleson: “District will be real tough again. There will be no nights where you can’t play well. Each team poses different challenges for us. We are ready, but we know it’s going to be a battle every game.”

The ReSporter: This week, Canyon Lake moved up to 12th in the TGCA Basketball Poll, how do you see your team in what they will need to do to keep that same edge going into District 28 play?

Coach Burleson: “We better have an edge or we are in trouble. We must be intense going for loose balls and rebounds. It is something we emphasize. If we don’t have that intensity then we will struggle to do much.”

                Way to go Hawks

The ReSporter: With your last 5 games being played short-handed….How does that help in preparation for your last 8 games in regulation contests?

Coach Burleson: “It has allowed for other players to step up. I’m pleased with their progress(Caroline,Jesse,Marley and Lainee)”

The ReSporter: You very rarely have a chance to play this many games before district starts. How has this group of ladies responded going into next week’s games?

Coach Burleson: “We scheduled it that way in hopes of our sophomore gaining some seasoning. I feel like it will pay off for us.”

The ReSporter: Defense has been consistent this year, what has been the main item seen when these girls go into battle each week?

Coach Burleson: “We have emphasized it. But to be successful in district we must improve our rebounding and off ball coverage.”

                  Go Lady Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Last week you had a chance to finish some contests with your all-Sophomore team. Have they improved enough to see better results as district contests get started? And in what ways?

Coach Burleson: “They have definitely improved. There is no doubt. The district will pose challenges for us, but we are ahead of where we were and that class is a big reason why.”

The ReSporter: You have played Hondo Owls twice with wins already, what do you tell your girls when they meet this same team two more times?

Coach Burleson: “Its real hard to beat somebody 3 times in a row. They haven’t shot well against us and hopefully that continues. But our girls know that Hondo makes life difficult and never lets you comfortable. They are tough and we will have to play good.”

North Shore Pharmacy says Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: With your rankings this year, you know it is easier to go into games as the hunter and not the hunted. How do you feel this group will handle being the team with the ‘bulls-eye’ on their jersey instead of the other way around?

Coach Burleson: “In a way it’s good because it means we have been more successful. The downside is that everyone is gunning for you. Better lace em up and get after it to win.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach Burleson and good luck as this time of the season unfolds….