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Coaches Corner With the Girl’s Team Zach Burleson

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

The ReSporter: Give us your overall feel bout this year’s team at this time of the season.

Coach Burleson: “I feel like we are better than we were last year.  But we still have to get better.”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on being ranked in the TABC and TGCA Polls.

Coach Burleson:  “It shows that others are taking notice of us and that we are a team to be taken seriously.  There will be no sneaking up on anybody this year.”

The ReSporter: How do you see the district and region schools and how your team stacks up with those teams?

Coach Burleson: “I don’t think there is much difference in this district 1-5.  Every game will depend on if we bring our ‘A’ game.  Could win any game and could lose any game and most everybody in our district is in the same boat. It’ll be a dogfight.”

The ReSporter: Which part of your defense is at it’s best?  Before the opponent gets in their half court offense or during that time of play?

Coach Burleson: “When we are playing good, our rebounding % is over 70%.  That is vital for us.  We really want to contest shots and grab boards.”

The ReSporter: What challenges do you have when you have a team that is half sophomores and half seniors?

Coach Burleson: “We are still trying to gel more.  We have a seasoned group and a group that is gaining valuable experience.  Sometimes we aren’t on the same page, sometimes we are.”

The ReSporter: How do you feel your level of play will improve as you get closer to your district starting?

Coach Burleson: “We are going to continue to try and get better, knowing that our district is still tough and we have to be on our ‘A’ game to win.”

The ReSporter: You have gone 20 games now, as you approach district play. What are you wanting to see from this crew before that part of the season comes calling?

Coach Burleson: “We must continue to be more intense on loose balls and rebounds.  We have to improve in that area.”

The ReSporter: If you had one wish, which game would you like to play again and why?

Coach Burleson: “St. Michaels, cause we didn’t play that game.  We were just in the gym.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach we hope to see you and the team this Friday in the Hawk Nest when Austin Travis comes to town this Friday.

Coaches Corner with CL’s Charley Drum

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Canyon Lake’s Head Football Coach Charlie Drum talk’s Waco La Vega this week as the Hawks play their Sweet 16 contest. CL will be in action in Round Rock with the game starting at 7:30 and if you cannot make the game, then go to the CLB Link on the home page with the pre/game starting at 6:30pm and a chance to win prizes including an Echo presented by Sonora Insurance. You will need to be tuned in early to hear the phrase that pays and then during the game you will have a chance to win.

Beat the Pirates &  Go Hawks!!

Coaches Corner with Coach Charley Drum

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Head Coach Charley Drum talks about upcoming contest with Pleasanton Eagles.

Go Hawks and Beat the Eagles!!

Football: Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Friday, November 10th, 2017

 Coach Drum talked with the ReSporter about the Taylor game as this battle will determine the District 14-4A Championship.

Gordon says Go Hawks and beat the Taylor Ducks!!

Lady Hawk’s Basketball Season Tips-Off this Week

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Head Basketball Coach Zach Burleson

Canyon Lake will start their 2nd Season, under the helm of Coach Burleson,  this week on Friday when San Antonio Brooks Academy comes to the Hawk Nest to open the season.

Last year’s team had a lot of young players and you could see players Freshman on Varsity/Junior Varsity/Freshman teams. All three groups of players upped their game as you could see a smile on Coach Zach Burleson’s face, knowing that the future could bring some much needed infusion for Basketball.

A year later and seeing improvement will be good to see as the proverbial, lot’s of potential, will be on stage this season to see if that potential can be translated to wins.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Coach Burleson for a Coaches Corner.


Coaches Corner with Football’s Charley Drum

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

 Coaches Corner with Charley Drum

Gordon says way to Stop the Leaks. Go Hawks!!

Coaches Corner with Vollyeball’s Kim Paisley

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

The ReSporter: With the Regular Season ending in Bandera, give us your opinion on where this team is as the next rung on the ladder enters with playoffs?

        Head Coach Kim Paisley

Coach Paisley: “We are prepared for a fight! We know nothing is handed to us and we must give it our best every point! We have been battling it out in practices and pushing our game to the next level. This is what we have been working towards. Everyone on our team is a contributor and we all have a job to do!”

The ReSporter: You will be facing a foe for the third time when you match-up with Wimberley, is there any truth to the 3rd game being the toughest when one team has a 2-0 lead going into that third match? (more…)

Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Charley Drum

Friday, October 20th, 2017

        Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of where this Boerne game stacks up with previous Hawk battles?

Coach Drum: “It is right up there with our district championship game last year and also our game with Boerne last season….we don’t know where the chips will fall but we have 3 teams that can make it.”

The ReSporter: How is the team with their health issues as we have had several players out this year? (more…)

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

The ReSporter: Give us your overall impression of the pre-district games you have just completed.

            Head Coach Kim Paisley

Coach Paisley: “Our PreSeason schedule ended with three tough teams from our neighboring district. The competition is good for us as we head into district play. These last three teams, Wimberely, Navarro, and LaVernia, are our first possible round in playoffs.”

The ReSporter: How will this year’s District 28-4A group of schools look in comparison to last seasons?

Coach Paisley: “I know Fredericksburg will be tough, along with Boerne. I know Boerne has stepped it up a notch from last year, and they have some new young players looking to lead their team. As far as Bandera and Hondo, I do not count them out for a competitive game, because we are all fighting for district titles and playoffs!”

The ReSporter: You have played the top 3 teams with the district that would be our first round of games….how does that group of schools stack up overall? (more…)

Coaches Corner with Charlie Drum

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

       Head Coach Charlie Drum

The ReSporter: You always here that the best improvement for a team comes between the first and second week of games. What will you be working on this week to see if the team is getting better?

Coach Drum: “Team speed and athleticism stuck out for me. Using some offensive players on defense has definitely helped in those two areas.”

The ReSporter: What part of the Defense showed the most improvement from last year and why? (more…)