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Sunday, September 15th, 2019


                                      Hawk Cross Country Taking home some hardware.

                      THIS WEEK      @     CANYON LAKE        September 16th - 20th

Tue. Sept. 17th       CL Hawks       @     Boerne                  400p   Tennis
                      Buda Johnson   @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p   Volleyball
                      Johnson JV     @     CL Hawks JV             600p   Volleyball

Wed. Sept. 18th       CL Hawks       @     Billies Invitational    200p   Cross Country
                      Hays Freshman  @     CL Hawks Gold           530p   Football

Thu. Sept. 19th       Smithville Fr  @     CL Hawks Freshman       500p   Football
                      Smithville JV  @     CL Hawks JV             700p   Football

Fri. Sept 20th        CL Hawks       @     Smithville              730p   Football


      Way to Be Heroes Hawks!!

The Hawks continues their busy Fall after celebrating Homecoming last week-end. The Student section was the best The ReSporter can ever remember with the stadium packed.

CL’s game did not go as expected but it was just the first loss and there are many more games coming up with the Football Team heading to Smithville as there will be just one more game before District 28-4A gets going after the Blanco home game in two weeks.

This week will have Wednesday and Thursday with the Hawks hosting games at the Hawk Nest. CL’s Gold team will be in action starting at 530pm against Hays Freshman. Then on Thursday, the Junior Varsity will play Smithville along with the Freshman team.

Tennis keeps up their schedule on Tuesday when they make a rare road game to Boerne with the first serve coming at 400pm.

Cross Country will be in action during the week and not on a regular Saturday. They will be in Fredericksburg for their Invitational run starting at 2pm. That might be a hot day for those runners.

Volleyball’s Varsity will be practicing this week without any games as they have just one more non-district date with Marion on a week from this Tuesday before a road game to Boerne to start district play.

         Way to Get a lot of Hits!!

This group is on a 6 game winning streak and will have their work cut out for them when the games that count get going.

If you find yourself needing to enjoy some Hawk sports then get to the High School or take a road trip to root for the CL students.

And Always….Go Hawks!!

THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE Sept 3rd -Sept 7th

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

                                                                                                       Hawk Tennis is HOT!!

                THIS WEEK     @     CANYON LAKE      September 3rd —- 7th

Tue Sept 3      Wimberley     @     CL Hawks               400pm       Tennis
                CL Freshman   @     Austin Crockett        500pm       Volleyball
                CLJV          @     Austin Crockett        600pm       Volleyball
                CL Hawks      @     Austin Crockett        700pm       Volleyball

Thu Sept 5      CL Fr. & JV   @     Tex-Fest Tourney       TBD         Volleyball
                Weiss Wolves  @     CL Gold                430pm       Football
                Weiss Fresh   @     CL Freshman            530pm       Football
                Weiss JV      @     CLJV                   700pm       Football

Fri Sept 6      SA Judson Fr  @     CL Freshman            500pm       Volleyball
                SA Judson JV  @     CLJV                   500pm       Volleyball
                SA Judson     @     CL Hawks               600pm       Volleyball
                CL Hawks      @     Weiss                  730pm       Football

Sat Sept 7      CL Hawks      @     Llano                  830am       Cross Country
                CL Fresh & JV @     Tex-Fest Tourney       TBD         Volleyball



THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE August 27th-31st

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

                                                    Caroline Kullberg getting her point across.                   (photo by Hayley Melone)

                   THIS WEEK      @      CANYON LAKE          August 27th-31st

   Tue. Aug 27th   CLHS Fresh     @      Johnson City Fresh   500p    Volleyball
                   CLHSJV         @      Johnson City JV      500p    Volleyball
                   CLHS           @      Johnson City         600p    Volleyball

   Thu. Aug 29th   Marble Falls   @      CLHS Fresh           500p    Football
                   Marble Falls   @      CLHS JV              700p    Football

   Fri. Aug 30th   Blanco Fresh   @      CLHS Fresh           500p    Volleyball
                   Blando JV      @      CLHS JV              500p    Volleyball
                   Blanco         @      CLHS                 600p    Volleyball
                   CLHS           @      Marble Falls         730p    Football

   Sat. Aug 31st   Burnet         @      CLHS                 900a    Tennis
                   CLHS           @      Unicorn Invitational 800a    Cross Country



THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE October 9th-12th

Monday, October 8th, 2018


Canyon Lake High School Tailback / Cornerback Nic Rivera (#15) picks up a block from Fullback / Cornerback Caleb Almond (#5). [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

                   THIS WEEK        @     CANYON LAKE            October 9-October 12

 Tue Oct.  9       CL Hawks         @     District Meet          am         Cross Country
                   CL Hawks         @     Fall Novice Tourn           Boys  Golf
                   CL Freshman      @     Boerne                500p        Volleyball
                   CL Hawks JV      @     Boerne                500p        Volleyball
                   CL Hawks         @     Boerne                600p        Volleyball

 Thu Oct. 11       CL Freshman      @     Taylor                500p        Football
                   CL Hawks JV      @     Taylor JV             700p        Football

 Fri Oct. 12       Llano Freshman   @     CL Freshman           500p        Volleyball
                   Llano Varsity    @     CL Hawks Varsity      500p        Volleyball
                   Llano JV         @     CL Hawks JV           600p        Volleyball
                   Taylor           @     CL Hawks              730p        Football


North Shore UMC invites you to 5th Quarter for all Home Games this Year!

Canyon Lake had light schedule this past week with Football enjoying their mid-season bye week. During the last two seasons this break had come late in the season due to an uneven amount of schools that were the district.

The Hawks have not lost and will now try to repeat that same mantra for the next 5 weeks and if that quest can be met then CL would be a No. 1 seed for the 2nd year in a row with their another District Championship.

Taylor will be the first hurdle and this has proven to be a tough out for the Hawks and the Coaches can show you their bruises from those previous years of set-backs.

Those heart-breaking years spanned 3 years until the Hawks were able to break that jinx in a win last year on the Duck’s home field.

Don’t be lazy and be sure to make the Nest this Friday and come early to support this year’s Volleyball team.

Canyon Lake will be in their 2nd round of contests and are presently in 2nd place chasing Wimberley. This Friday the Hawks will be hosting the Llano Yellowjackets.

                   Go Hawks!!

This Tuesday will be the first battle as The Lake will travel to Boerne which was a very tight contest in the first round. A win would be a good start for a head of steam to run the table and win their second district championship if that becomes a truism.

Cross Country will be the first Fall Sport to finish with their District 28-4A Meet this Tuesday. Some of the same cast of characters for CC as Bandera/Fredericksburg/Boerne have been tough these past few years and some unknowns for Llano and Wimberley.

The Hawks will hope to bring some surprises this season and hopefully get some student’s qualified for that next round.

Go Hawks!!

THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE September 4th-8th

Monday, September 3rd, 2018


                This Week           @    Canyon Lake Sept 4-8

   Sept 4 Tue   CL Freshman         @    Austin Crockett      500p    Volleyball
                CLJV                @    Austin Crockett JV   600p    Volleyball
                CL Hawks            @    Austin Crockett      700p    Volleyball

   Sept 6 Thu   CL JV               @    Tex-Fest Tourney     All Day Volleyball
                CL Freshman         @    Pfluggerville Weiss  500p    Football
                CLJV Hawks          @    Pfluggerville Weiss  700p    Football

   Sept 7 Fri   CL Fresh            @    Kerrville Fresh      530p    Volleyball
                CLJV                @    Kerrville JV         530p    Volleyball
                CL Hawks            @    Kerrville            630p    Volleyball
                Pfuggerville Weiss  @    CL Hawks             730p    Football

   Sept 8 Sat   CL Hawks            @    Liberty Hill         AM      Cross Country
                CLJV                @    Tex-Fest Tourney     All-Day Volleyball



THIS WEEK @ CANYON LAKE August 28 – September 1

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

  Let’s Go Hawks!!

                      THIS WEEK               @    CANYON LAKE

    Aug 28 Tue        Johnson City Freshman   @    CL Hawks Freshman   500p Volleyball
                      Johnson City JV         @    CL Hawks JV         500p Volleyball
                      Johnson City            @    CL Hawks            600p Volleyball

    Aug 30 Thu        CL Hawks Freshman       @    Marble Falls Fresh  500p Football
                      CL Hawks JV             @    Marble Falls JV     700p Football

    Aug 31 Fri        CL Hawks Freshman       @    Blanco Freshman     400p Volleyball
                      CL Hawks JV             @    Blanco JV           400p Volleyball
                      CL Hawks                @    Blanco              500p Volleyball
                      Marble Falls            @    Canyon Lake         730p Football

    Sept 1 Sat        Canyon Lake             @ New Braunfels Fair     TBA  Cross Country



2nd CL Hawk’s Decade starts Next Week!!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

J. T. Greene and Greyson Lee will be returning as these two celebrated after a win over Gatesville (photo by Karen Holmes)

Another Hawk season is looming as Volleyball, Football, and Cross Country start their preparation for competition.


Another Year with the Best Plumber in Canyon Lake!!

Volleyball will have their regular season starting off first at home with a 3 team get-together at the Hawk Nest next Tuesday when Clemens and Liberty Hill comes to town with these schools starting their season openers. This round robin affair will start at 10am with sub-varsity and varsity using both gyms.

Coach Kim Paisley has had CL’s Volleyball settling in with several good years as this group of ladies have catapulted this sport to an all-time best record since the Canyon Lake started ten years ago.

Since Coach Paisley’s 2nd year of coaching the Hawks, this team, has not finished below a 2nd place finish with a high water mark, 3 years ago winning CL’s first district championship for any sport.


                               Canyon Lake Record Last 5 Years
            Year          Overall        District           District Finish
            2013           19-22           1-9              Last
            2014           31-12           9-3              Second (Wimberley Won)
            2015           33-09          12-0              First
            2016           26-13           6-2              Second (Freddie Won)
            2017           23-12           6-2              Second (Freddie Won)
                          132-68          34-16

Canyon Lake will for the next start two year’s with some different schools as Hondo will no longer be around while adding Wimberley and Llano to a 6 team District with Bandera, Boerne, and Fredericksburg continues, as partners.

Cross Country will have some work again this year as perennial powers with Bandera, Boerne and Fredericksburg having a ton of talent and the Hawk’s will be looking to make a dent against those powerhouses.

Hit Man says, ‘Do it Again Hawks!!’

Football is coming off their first District Championship and will have a tough district with new-comers in Liberty Hill, Burnet, and Lampasas joining up with Taylor, Fredericksburg and your Hawks.

CL will be working on replacing an offensive and defensive line that dominated enough for a 10 win campaign and finishing their season in the month of December.

This year’s Senior Class is not low on talent as this group of players have dominated since middle school and will supply this year’s team with some leadership that was a major ingredient to last seasons banner year.

Canyon Lake will have their first scrimmage on the road against Cuero, August 18th starting at 5pm.

The Hawks will return to Cuero the next week with a scrimmage with Orange Grove. Why two road scrimmages?

Not that bad of a situation, since your Hawks have 6 home tilts with 4 road games this coming campaign. So some home-field advantages will have CL saving those school buses gas bill.

Have Another Great Year Hawks!!

Road games to Wimberley and Blanco for the pre-district contests will feel like two more home games with those two schools with a less than 30 minute drive.

Should be another good season for all the Hawk Sports as Canyon Lake starts their second decade of competition.

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Go Hawks!!



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Canyon Lake’s New District Alignment for 2018-19 is Now in the Books!

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

CL Hawks are ready for a new district for next 2 years.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)


February 1st is upon us and this is the date set for announcing what district a school will be a part of for their next two seasons.


One Semester Down & One to Go for Hawks Sports

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Canyon Lake High School Defensive End Richard Rosas (#90) corrals the Taylor High School running back.                     (mjrphotog.com)

Canyon Lake had a successful first half of the year with CL’s Football team taking the next step with a 2nd round win during the playoffs that had this team playing on the first day of December which is a big step for the Hawks.


Coaches Corner with Boys Basketball’s Lucas Chapman

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Coach Chapman planning strategy in Hawk Victory

The ReSporter: How many new guys are around that were not here last year that will help fill out your roster?

Coach Chapman: “This one’s easy…zero. Well at least at the varsity level. We do have three sophomore move-ins that will help the JV out tremendously though.”

The ReSporter: With the type of team you are looking at, how will that dictate your offense and defense for this year?

Coach Chapman: “We are going to be even bigger than we were last year, and we will use that to our advantage.”